Three Words, Two Paths

Pat, pat, splash!

Puddles sounding

And pounding

Under running feet.

Pant, pant, bam!

Breathing uneven

Under the fists

of multiple bullies.

Pat, pat, laugh!

The chuckle of victory,

Covering fleeing feet

from a bloody body.

Drip, drip, crash!

The drops of blood,

As the victim heads home,

Value torn and forever murky.

Whisper, whisper, gasp!

The sound of gossip

As the victim walks past.

Point, spit, laugh!

As the kids make fun,

As the victim defeat

Is known by the whole class.

Sadness, pain, hopeless!

There's no one looking

For the males trapped

In trafficking rings out there.

Help, help, Smash!

There's no one to turn to

When a male is crying

Admiration, Envy, Desire!

Of the men

Who all have it so easy.

Silence, tough, Strong!

All thoughts required

to come to mind,

when complaining is a male's intention.

Womanizers, Jerks, Emotionless!

Words used to describe all males

By the opposite sex.

But why would you

Be anything else when

Weak, lame, soft

Were the down the alternate path?