I'm tired of wearing this mask,

Of putting up this façade.

My mind is in fragments,

From a withstanding this identity's beating.

From sealing away my soul,

So this false man can be touched,

Heard, seen from a distance.

Yet there is no friendship to touch

The invisible man within.

No love to quench the

Hungry soul that's locked within him.

How can you say I don't respect your wishes?

I envy you more then any other.

You are a somebody,

And I would give anything to have that.

You want to be someone else,

I would settle to be someone at all.

To wake up in the morning and to say

that I claim someone's thoughts.

To have a choice in whom I got,

But no, I am but an invisible man.

You want me to respect someone I don't even know.

You keep me at arms length

Saying "that's as far as you go."

You wake up as one person

and go to sleep as another.

I wake up invisible

And go to sleep intangible.

I'm no friend to you

Just a kid you keep around.

I'm the Invisible Man,

That imaginary friend people

Keep around just to hear a sound.

I'm invisible,


An unreachable freak of a man.

I exist to not exist,

I am unknown to the rest of my human kin.

My words carry no sound,

My skin no touchable surface.

Heart beats a mute rhythm,

My existence naked to normal vision.

I wander the streets,

Bouncing around here and there.

I'm just a tool,

To be used when convenient at best.

Sometimes I really don't care,

The rest of the time I'm afraid

To say I'm scared.

Scared to be alone,

Crestfallen and cold,

Yet reality reminds me of my circumstances.

I do my best to be there when I can,

I attempt to help at my best.

I keep up a façade to fit your lifestyle to a trump,

But I'm just not really there.

I'm just persona, this being,

Who's around until you need me.

I'm a tool, an item,

To make your life more pleasing.

Then once I'm done,

You disown me,

To become someone else's problem.

So go on ahead and wake up,

I'm nothing more then you dreaming.