War Never Changes

All of Germany's greatest scientists have been gathered together for the last 7 years, planning, predicting, testing, and creating.

"Is it almost ready?" Doctor Oppenheimer,who himself was a traitor to his American background, asked the other scientists. Even though he was born and raised in the United States, he turned on them and helped to create the very thing that would be their downfall.

"Yes, it is finally complete," Albert Einstein confirmed, "after a great many tests, and endless hours of calculations, it has been perfected to Adolf's specifications," Albert concluded as he skimmed over a clipboard of notes and diagrams. Oppenheimer smiled maniacally at his devastating invention.

"This shall bring any of our enemy's countries to their knees, begging for us not to destroy them!" Oppenheimer said with such anger and a deep hatred for every other person on the planet. He stood there and admired the object sitting in the center of the laboratory that had taken the blood and sweat of them all to create.

All of a sudden, with a bang like thunder, the door flew open and rebounded off the wall. A man no older than 20 came into the room huffing and puffing.

"Doctor Oppenheimer, a message from Adolf Hitler," he said in between breaths. Oppenheimer turned slowly with a nastily snarl and glared the boy down.

"Why did you not knock, you insolent little puke?" he shouted at the messenger. Oppenheimer could see the fear filling the boy's eyes like the bottom of an hour glass as they seemed to sink into the back of his head. The hostility in the tiny, bricked room was over-whelming.

"I... I am sorry Doctor. It will not happen again!" the boy stammered in horror.

"You're correct about that boy. It will definitely not happen again,'' The messenger handed Oppenheimer the sealed envelope with a trembling hand. He spun on his heel in a complete 180, and began to march towards the door.

Oppenheimer unclipped the buckle on his holster, and pulled out his Mauser revolver, fully loaded and stocked with a 12 inch barrel. He raised and took aim; a moment later a soul shattering bang echoed off the heavily reinforced bunker walls, followed by the loud thud of his corpse falling down to the cold, hard, stone floor. Blood stained the walls and the floor; the lifeless twenty year old body went almost unnoticed.

"Oppenheimer, was that really necessary?" Einstein questioned, raising an eyebrow.

''Yes. Yes of course it was. Now let's see what Adolf has to say to us today. He says: 'Dear Oppenheimer, Albert, and others, I need you to have my weapon completed within four hours. The foolish American Army is making an advance on one of my troop encampments. My informants and spies state that they have 30'000 troops. Be prepared to launch.'

The scientists took a well-deserved seat on their chairs and smile, already prepared for the task that the Nazi leader Adolf had for them.

About 3 Hours Later.

We've almost arrived at the German border. Sitting in this small cramped vehicle makes me feel so inhumane. Even though my enemies are Nazis I still regret taking so many human lives, and as we get closer to our destination, the feeling only burrows deeper into my scarred soul. We were on our way to take over a large concentration camp, and eliminate as many Germans as we could. Hitler was rumoured to be there as well. I yawned and tilted my head to the left and looked out the window at all the innocent little snowflakes slowly making their way earthbound. I questioned why something so calm in peaceful could be happening while so many countries were at war. Not a whole lot made sense to me; except the fact that I love my country. I am definitely more than willing to fight for the United States of God-Blessed-America. I will not back down, especially not to murderous scum such as the Nazis are.

I looked down to my pack and check inside one last time to be sure I have all of my needed supplies. I brought lots of ammo, my water canteen, and my most prized possession; my Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. I have a skinhead kill-count of about 233.

"Hey, Sargent, do you think we'll win the war?" my youngest private asked me with a voice that sounded as though he questioned his own abilities, and possibly ours too.

"Well, son, that depends on just how much ass we manage to kick," I said in hopes that it would raise the spirits of my troops a little bit. He chuckled lightly and checked the cartridge on his rifle to make sure that it was loaded and ready to go.

"All the other troops and squads have arrived at the border, sir, so I'll take you around to the cliff top for a better vantage point against the enemy," our driver said as he turned to look at me. I gave him a silent nod as we grabbed our gear tried to prepare ourselves for the huge battle that was about to take place.

"Men, are you prepared to fight for your country?" I asked my troops with a booming voice that was barely audible over the tremendous noise of the truck.

"Sir, yes, sir!" The combined voices of my troops rang out strong.

"That's what I like to hear! You've been trained by some of the best special ops in the entire country. You know what to do. Save your ammo and only shoot to kill." I barked out my orders and continued with confidence. "Now, are you all ready to die for our country?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Obedience was the pure definition of my troops. I smiled as we arrived at the point of no return.

We slowly stepped out of the confined truck wearing our Arctic Camouflage. Staying hidden was key to the operation; it would give us the element of surprise. My troops and I all dropped to our stomachs on the uneven ground and pulled out our guns. I set up my 50 caliber sniper rifle and held the cold metal of the scope to my eye so I could scan the area. The concentration camp was in plain view and I could see it was filled with Germans.

To the Far East below us we saw the rest of our army arriving at the main gates of the camp. Their plan was to use fraud credentials saying they were Germans in order to infiltrate the area with ease. The German guards stopped the first of eight vehicles, which held the entire first platoon, to check their I.D. I was scoping out the entire scene. I noticed our plan had been foiled as the guard began to reach for his gun. Before anyone was the wiser of these actions, I heard a single gunshot ring out and watched as his head was blown to pieces by what seemed like no one at all. I pulled back from my scope to look around quickly and I realized it was my youngest private who had taken advantage of a great opportunity.

During the next four seconds, all hell broke loose and set free the burning flames of hatred. Down in the camp bullets were flying everywhere; it was pure chaos. Through the scope I saw men getting torn apart by heavy machine guns. I saw the bodies of men being blown through the air by the scattered explosions of grenades and vehicles being obliterated by Rocket Propelled Grenades.

Taking out the heavier military was our job. All RPG's and other snipers needed to be disposed of. We were doing pretty good until I heard a single, determined shot hit the ground next to us; someone had definitely exploited our position and had taken their first shot at us.

"Holy shit, men, get down!" I screamed at my troops and was nearly drowned out by the hail of bullets that followed the first. I quickly shuffled away from the edge of the cliff, followed by no one. When I looked up away from my scope I realized that my troops had already fled. All but the young private, who remained at the edge of the cliff so I desperately grabbed his ankle to pull him back. When he rolled over, a gaping hole marked his chest. The blood oozed from it profusely and covered the once innocent snowflakes with stains of death. It made them seem so malevolent and destructive.

He looked at me with watery eyes and a bit of blood dripping from his mouth. I instantly pulled him into my lap, no longer caring about the war waging in the background. Tears began to stain my cheeks and I held him closer to me.

"No! This isn't right, this can't be!" I looked into his bloodshot, once enticingly green eyes now. "I'm.. I'm so sorry." I could barely choke out my apology as sadness overwhelmed me.

"Don't... worry, Sarge." His breath was coming in gasps and his voice was faint. "I told you... I was willing... to die for my country." He coughed and blood sprayed my chest and face.

"It's all my fault. I should have been watching you more carefully. I'm always so hard on you..." I let my words trail off. I hadn't much will left to speak.

"No. I am proud... to have been able... to fight by your side." His breathing was slowing and his face was paling even more. "I... love you... Dad," His hand slipped from mine and the rise and fall of his chest stopped. He was gone.

"No!" My blood-curdling scream pierced the unnatural silence that seemed to have surrounded us. I let his body slip from my hands and I pulled off my helmet in pure anger. I gripped a letter and a picture that I had taped to the inside. The picture was of my wife with her small baby bump, our son and myself. It was taken minutes before we had left for the plane that was to bring us to Germany. The letter was one my wife had sent me a few weeks ago. I uncrumpled it once again and read it.

Dear Adam,

Please remember that I love you. Both of you. I can't imagine living life without you here by my side. You made me a promise and I'm holding you to it. Come home safe to me, please, and bring our son with you. I want you both back here in one piece!

Love your adoring wife,


P.S. I felt the baby kicking today. I told her you and her older brother would be here to welcome her into the world.

As I read those last words and they sunk into my brain, I let free my broken sobs once again. I looked to the sky as if I truly believed Leyla could hear me and told her I was sorry. Suddenly, I heard the click of a gun right behind my skull. I quickly turned to come face to face with the worst Nazi of all. Hitler himself.

"How sad. Too bad no one is here to care for you and wipe away your pathetic tears." He said and laughed loudly at me. "Stupid Americans, you have no idea what is about to happen to your pathetic excuse for a country," his eyes seemed to glow with anger. He spat on me and put the barrel of his Mauser revolver between my eyes. I gripped the letter and picture tightly and let the tears stream down my face.

My entire life flashed before my eyes. From the day I met Leyla, to the day I married her, to holding our perfect baby boy. As quickly as it all came, it was gone. I have never feared death, only how much I would be leaving behind. Blackness consumed me.

The Sargent's body crumpled down next to his son's and they were left there to rot. Hitler simply laughed and walked away.

1 hour later

The German Aces had taken their seats in their planes that held the key to world destruction. They began their flight across the huge expanse of the Atlantic Ocean minutes later. When they arrived in America the bombs were dropped. After they conquered their greatest foe, it still was not enough. In their hunger for power they continued their massacre and eventually it grew to become a global nuclear battle. Hitler started a war that could not be stopped, not even with his own demise.

The land was laid to waste as a result of all the radiation given off by the explosions of the bombs that spared no country. The few remaining people now live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Though there is hardly anything left, they have still found something to fight over. It will continue on this way until humanity has been eradicated from the face of the planet... because war, war never changes.