From A Dream

I gaze into the far-away stars,

blazing diamonds of the night.

Warm wind grazes over my skin of ice.

My body welcomes its presence

as it veils my small, frail form

like a supple silk cloak.

I roam over streaks of misty grey clouds with

my featherweight arms spread wide,

my mangled hair thrashing in the air.

Dainty pedals of lilacs and lilies

float gently in the sky,

their sweet aromas blossom

in the eventide.

Faint droplets of cool black rain brush my skin,

as small auras of laughing light

dance all around me.

The jovial songs of white doves

sound from the highest clouds,

and for a joyous moment, I believe

they are winged seraphs

shrouded in pale white robes.

They mask themselves with the

light of the moon,

they are such shy creatures.

A deep, rumbling voice whispers in my head,

the calm, smooth words guiding me to a sun

I have never before seen.

Lightning prances across the heavens

like deer over a stream,

thunder calling out to their fleeting lovers.

As a new dawn breaks over the horizon,

a callous heat rises from the

pit of my stomach to my head.

This heat pains me,

it is a feeling of despair.

The voice overpowers my sense of thought,

ensnaring me to everything it demands

from its high shrieking chords.

The wind encases me like

a cyclone of flames.

The pain inside escapes as burning screams.

I am consumed in fire.

My eyes feast upon the brightness of the new sun,

blinded by the extraordinary force of its being,

and I am, at last,

part of a new world.