Summary:Cybele, along with the brothers of gold and green have discovered a place beyond imagining, another world possessed by oracles and spirits, kings and queens. The land known as Amphire couldn't seem more perfect, except for the fact of a raging war. Now they're trapped in the middle of it, with new identities; the Huntress, the Legatee and finally the Augur. Together the three believe they can stop this battle between frog and toad, but the Parcae have twists in store for the heroes and nothing can be achieved without drudgery.


Before I begin this legend child, I must warn you that this is not a fairytale. Happy endings don't come naturally; no morals are to be learnt, and no songs are to be heard. But what is in this story, my child is the journey of true admiration that follows the tale of three children who discover themselves. So once again I warn you, of the bloodshed, the murder, the lies and deceit. There is torture of the soldiers who fight hard for their people, but are yet only poisoned by the death of their loved ones. Yet there is good in this story, of the adventure and the friendship, maybe even the discovery of love. So here my child is Amphire, battle between Frog and Toad.

We agreed to tell, a story of deceit

Were souls rode the wind and continents would meet

Were continuous trees convicted the sky, of murderous thieves and sickening lies

Our story begins with a child of three

An auburn haired girl, who dared to see,

She ran through the woods with an adventurous heart

Destined for greatness, she would lead to the start

The natives of Amphire, understood her at once

The prophetic child was the guardian of the hunt

She along, with the sons of Nature's light...