Summary:Cybele, along with the brothers of gold and green have discovered a place beyond imagining, another world possessed by oracles and spirits, kings and queens. The land known as Amphire couldn't seem more perfect, except for the fact of a raging war. Now they're trapped in the middle of it, with new identities; the Huntress, the Legatee and finally the Augur. Together the three believe they can stop this battle between frog and toad, but the Parcae have twists in store for the heroes and nothing can be achieved without drudgery.

Chapter two

Alex awoke heaving, from an insidious and black nightmare. Brutal poison ran through his veins and thus caused hallucinations beyond imagining; monsters and ghosts, ghouls and grim, of falling and of death. All he could remember was of the toads bite and watching Consus and himself take victim to their sting. Alex clambered up from the earthy floor and searched his surroundings. It seemed to be a rainforest, with tall, luscious canopies and thick, thorny undergrowth. Each area seemed to gain leverage of a large pond that hid from the arms of the awning, which hid from the claws of the sky. The forest seemed perfect, too perfect.

Alex began to search for his friends, not worrying about where in the world he was. He had to find them; the boy with the notebook Consus, and Cybele, beautiful and independent Cybele. Alex blushed at the thought of the teenage girl but continued moving, glazing his eyes across the watery pond. He noticed that there were quite large lily-pads growing on the placid surface, and in discovery spotted Consus paddling along with a broken reed. "Consus!" Alex shouted, moving towards the boy. "I'm over here!" Consus in response jumped up in fright, and swam away from his lily-pad holding his notebook high.

"I think we've been transported, I don't know where we are," he said growing closer. "And also I didn't find Cybele." Alex's heart sunk at this, but he knew that sooner or later she would turn up. When Consus finally approached, Alex was startled by his appearance. His eyes had grown to a brilliant lime that swirled and twisted as the wits of an oracle. Consus too looked frightened, but pointed towards Alex's eyes and gasped. Alex's eyes too, had grown to a brilliant torchlight that shone throughout the forest. It was as if he radiated power! "Okay, what is going on?" Alex yelped pointing at their eyes. Consus sighed and pulled out his notebook, displaying a small poem which he had written.

Child of natures light

Shall change their eyes, green and gold

Regard them, or sin

Alex frowned at this haiku, and stumbled backwards cowering his eyes. "Why do you know these things? Why can you tell the future?" Consus breathed heavy under his eyesight, and dropped the notebook in the pond. It sunk slowly to the bottom, twisting and turning as it hit the seabed. "Let us not speak of this," Consus whispered. "The book is gone."

Alex had never seen Consus so distressed, as he was shaking in anxiety and twitching in frustration. Whatever was happening it couldn't be good. They continued to search for Cybele along the other side of the pond, and eventually found her lying upon a lily-pad. He auburn hair covered those dark eyes of hers, and her breathing was shallow. "Cybele?" Alex cried, diving into the water. He swam fast, using breastroke as his main key and paced upon the lily-pad so instantly. Cybele's eyes fluttered open and she yawned loudly. "Woke up here last night, but couldn't find you!" She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "I guess I fell asleep."

In reply, both Alex and Consus laughed. "Yeah, well we haven't had such an easy run!" Cybele nodded and splashed into the placid lake, her hair floating around like a jellyfish. She was about to achieve the surface, when something large and sticky consumed her leg. Alex jumped in too, to see what all the fuss was about and when he reached the lakebed he screamed. At the bottom of the lake, wrapped in a cloud of jelly was a cluster of eggs, there produce being a curled and deformed tadpole. Alex and Cybele would have just brushed this off if it weren't for the fact of their size, which was of a human baby!

"Get out of the water", Consus shouted noticing the strange creatures. Alex and Cybele burst from the water and hauled themselves on the surface, huddling in confusion. "There were tadpoles; they were so big, unnatural." Consus grabbed a bunch of reeds and covered the two in them, trying to increase their heat level. If they were to gain hypothermia everything would go wrong, and there would be no hospitals to protect them. When the two finally came back to this world, Consus sat exhausted on the ground. Alex realized how much pressure he had put on Consus, all because of amphibians.

It had seemed that wherever they had landed had been a breeding ground for frogs, which had meant one thing; giant babies equaled giant parents! Alex searched around for any signs of frogs, but nothing could be seen except for the dense foliage. It was becoming dark now, so Alex suggested they make shelter under a dense willow tree, which would protect them from any… visitors. Using logs and sticks they piled up a small shelter to sleep in and covered the roof with waterproof reeds. "How about in the morning", Cybele proposed. "We search around for people, there's bound to be some." Consus usually would protest against decisions, but as he was still distraught due to the book stayed quiet.

Alex kept first watch, scouting the area for any surprises, but for as long as they slept, nothing came. When Cybele turned for her watch Alex could barely sleep, and gazed upon the land in wonder. Where were they? And how did they get here? Why were they here? Consus had always been obsessed with fate and destiny, constantly providing proverbs to describe the events of life. "Alex, Love comforteth like sunshine after the rain!" Was one of his favorites, written by William Shakespeare? Alex eventually drifted off to sleep, but was haunted with dreams of frogs and toads alike, sinking their teeth into Cybele's flesh…

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