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Disc One

Track One

Choi Kwan woke up knowing that this day would be life changing. Colors were 12 times more vibrant and birds' songs sounded so much more beautiful… or at least less annoying than they usually would that early in the morning. Today was going to be momentous, perfect, and the very definition of faultlessly memorable. Yes, on this day, he would meet his idol.

You see, Choi Kwan awoke to the song "Cloudy Pink Sky" by rising K-pop artist, Cheri, which played from a clock where its and Cheri's face were one and the same. Kwan then proceeded to remove his Cheri pajamas and put on his favorite Cheri shirt followed by the Cheri bracelet that he wore every day. He took a second to glance around his room and look at his Cheri posters, Cheri bedding and pillows, Cheri erasers, stationary, stuffed dolls, keychains, stacks of CDs and DVDs, and other various Cheri merchandise and apparel. So, in case you might not have gotten it by now, this loser who works at a friend's small restaurant and dwells in a studio apartment, lives and breathes all things Cheri.

Every dream and aspiration involved her, the only times he's created goals was for the sake of Cheri and today, he knew all hopes would come into fruition.

He checked his cell phone, which had a Cheri charm and background, after getting a text from his best friend, Sang Kyu.

Jeon Sang Kyu had known Choi Kwan since infantry and Sang Kyu had always been the cooler one. At the age of three, he had a preschool infatuated with him. In elementary school, he stole the hearts of each and every one of Kwan's crushes and did the same with Kwan's girlfriends in middle school. In high school, Sang Kyu was famous for dating pretty much the entire female student body and a few teachers. He was also infamous for having amazing sex with all of them. Did he have a job? No. A nice car? Yes. A good personality? Not really. Good looks? Hell yeah.

As soon as Kwan saw Cheri's audition tape years ago, he became obsessed. And as soon as he became obsessed, he began losing friends. And as soon as he began losing friends, Sang Kyu promised that he would never leave his side. And Kwan held him to that promise.

Kwan smiled at the text Sang Kyu had sent which read "Get your ass out here."

He rushed out the apartment and down the stairs, excited for the day to begin.

When he stepped outside, he enthusiastically waved to his buddy who sat smoking in the driver's seat. Sang Kyu reluctantly waved back before Kwan dashed into the passenger's seat.

"Omo, calm down," Sang Kyu demanded, kicking the car into gear and setting off. "Hyped up about tonight?" He took a drag of his cigarette.

"Of course!" Kwan hollered. "Don't you realize what this means? I get to meet her! I get to meet my one and only!"

Kwan couldn't help but blush and fidget and twitch and basically all-out spaz which prompted Sang Kyu to all-out punch his friend.

In reality, Sang Kyu was pumped for the guy too, but he needed to chill out. Today was going to be good - that was for sure - but the squirming was completely excessive.

But how could Kwan not be thrilled? He was anxious and proud all at once. For he had won backstage passes by mastering all things Cheri! Using what others had once labeled "useless knowledge," he granted himself the power to meet his idol!

It was a formidable match against some girl who called herself Cheri's biggest fan, but Kwan sure proved her wrong! And now… all his hard work would lead to major success.

"Today is going to be the greatest day in my whole life!" Kwan shouted from his seat, rolling down the window, feeling the breeze against his face. Everything felt newer, better, more… worth being alive. "In fact, today is going to be so amazing in comparison to every other day that I'll experience that I might as well kill myself after tonight!"

"Hold up, champ," Sang Kyu said, soon pulling up to the restaurant, HOT DISH. "Don't get ahead of yourself. How about you get through work and the rest of the day first?"

Kwan nodded before hopping out the car and energetically waving goodbye.


Throughout work, he knew it'd be better if he just concentrated on the job in front of him, but Kwan couldn't stop himself from thinking of the concert and planning several scenarios in his head. Most of them highly unlikely and somehow entailing marriage. Because of this, there were soggy noodles and burnt meat.

"What's with this?" One man griped quite noisily from his table. "This food tastes strange!"

Kwan gulped after getting a glare from the owner, Dong Min.

At the age of 30, Wang Dong Min owned a successful restaurant and a good heart. He had met Kwan at a bar not too long ago where the young man admitted to being abandoned and homeless with a grin on his face. At first, Dong Min suspected that Kwan had been especially drunk, but as he left the place with a few friends, the bartender spoke to Dong Min.

"Weird kid, right?" he had said. "Didn't have one drink yet you would've thought he was wasted with the way he was blabbing on."

Dong Min then hurried out the bar and caught up to Kwan, asking him to work at his restaurant and stay with him until the guy found another place to go. It wasn't too long before Kwan became an employee at HOT DISH and eventually, former roommate of Dong Min.

Kwan quickly jogged to the complaining man's table and bowed deeply.

"I'm sorry, ahjussi!" he said. "It's my fault! I was distracted because I'm going to a Cheri concert tonight and I've won backstage passes. I'm really sorry! I'll bring you new food and even give you a discount!"

This loud apology earned the stares of other customers causing the man to blush slightly.

"It's fine, young man," he said, motioning for him to stand up straight. "This food is fine."

Kwan nodded politely then turned to walk away, but was stopped when the man called out to him.

"Um, thank you for your honesty," he stated. "It's refreshing to see that in young people today."

"You're welcome, sir!" Kwan replied with a bright smile.

From his spot behind the shop's counter, Dong Min crossed his arms. Even he could feel it. This kid's life would change today.


His black hair fell in front of his dark eyes in long, unruly strands. His glasses fogged up as he gazed at the glowing arena, lights coming from all sides. He gripped his backstage pass in his tanned hand, knuckles paling. He hadn't known bliss like this existed.

"Well, here we are," Sang Kyu sighed, getting out the car and standing beside Kwan. "Your big moment's arrived."

What then escaped Kwan's lips wasn't a sentence or even anything remotely close to words. It was solely joyful nonsense. Sang Kyu was really a bit jealous, he'd never seen happiness so untainted.

"Let's go! Let's go!" Kwan yelled, grabbing onto Sang Kyu's hand and dragging him into the stadium much to the cool guy's chagrin.


Front row. He was in the front row. Some guys might have whined about how loud it was, others might have attempted to lean forward and look up Cheri's skirt. But Kwan was too enthralled. All he could do was gaze up, mesmerized by the colors and lights and shining. He'd never known you could get so close to a star without burning or that a heart could beat so fast without breaking. He believed she sung just for him, winking only at him with her long reddish brown hair twirling like ribbons around her slim body. Her big brown eyes were glistening, locking onto his darker ones which remained hidden beneath his untamed mane and spectacles. He knew people thought he was a loser. He knew his priorities might've needed rearranging or that most reasonable adults frowned upon on his choices, but during that time when she saw him, when she sung to him, danced for him… he knew he was a winner.

He swallowed hard, thoughts wrapped around the idea of getting the chance to be near her without other fans. He clenched onto the backstage passes. Nothing had ever been more precious to him.

"And this'll be my last song," Cheri declared causing the audience to groan and a few even cried. "Here it is, 'Forever My Truth In You!'"

It was her number one hit, the tune everyone had been waiting to hear! Also, this song was Kwan's favorite. He could feel the purity in it when she sung, her voice carrying not just the words, but the emotion. These were lines she wrote herself, a piece of her that she put into the lyrics.

"But honesty's not just for the honest

And keeping's not just for a promise

There's nothing better than when you're true

There's nothing better so I love you!" she sang.

All the background dancers faded away and the rest of the crowd behind him disappeared. There was only him and the perfect Cheri, her heart bared out to him and his in her hands. His body trembled. Could he ever know a more genuine love?


"Wait right here," A security guard said. "You can head to her room in a minute." He then marched off to go report to the celebrity and her manager that the backstage pass winner had arrived.

Little did Sang Kyu and Kwan know that the guard quickly became distracted by a distress call at the main gate. He had run off to attend to this emergency around the same time when Sang Kyu started checking out the make-up girl.

"She's cute, right?" Sang Kyu asked, pulling out a cigarette and tilting is head towards the laughing girl.

"Is that all you think about?" Kwan groaned.

"Mister," a passing trainee called out. He was clearly very young and shook as he spoke. "There's no smoking back here!" he barked.

"There should be a rule about no brats back here," Sang Kyu barked back, scaring the trainee away. The young man scoffed and ran a hand through his hair. "Well, this is boring. I'm going to go get something to drink… or something," he lied as he bee-lined for the make-up girl he had been eyeing.

Kwan snickered at his friend's usual crude behavior. After exactly one minute passed by according to Kwan's Cheri watch, he sprinted to the starlet's dressing room. A white slip of paper on the door read "Yoon Yun" in her own handwriting. Cheri was just a stage name of course, with her real name being "Yoon Yun." Or supposedly it was…


As Kwan opened the door…

He saw a sleek naked body…

With smooth, bright white skin…

And a flat chest…

Big brown eyes on the face…

Short, curly reddish brown locks framing the cheeks…

It was Cheri… It was Yoon Yun… but why… in between her beautifully long legs… were there male genitals?

All color flushed from Cheri's face and into Kwan's. His eyes peeled wide and jaw hung low. He could feel blood dripping from his nose and confusion clattering about in his head. What was going on? He had just walked in on Cheri changing and she was nude and she was also a 'he' and so cute and so sexy and innocent but there was something wrong with Kwan and a boy because there was a boy who was Cheri and the boy was lovelier than anyone Kwan had ever seen but this didn't make sense and what? And what?

"What the hell are you doing?" the singer, "Cheri," finally bellowed, throwing a pillow at Kwan who swiftly closed the door. "GET OUT!"

He stood there. Nose bleeding. Face burning red. Glasses totally steamed up. Heartbeat gone. Body frozen. And mind boggled.

His beloved Cheri… was a guy.

End of Track One!