Forever and Always

Chapter Two

Harry's P.O.V

A gentle drone vibrated through the cabin as the airplane flew through the clouds. The lyrics to Ed Sheeran's new song were like a lullaby; sending me into a deep slumber.

Whilst my eyes were closed, I thought about the things I would do whilst in LA: besides rehearsing our performance 24/7 and promoting our album 24/7, I had wanted to do a few things with Louis whilst in LA. Louis and I had booked to go see a Broadway show, do a tour of LA, a visit to the Grammy Museum and many other things. He said he was going to do all these things because he noticed that my character has changed completely over the past year so he wanted to make me feel happy and like myself again.

Something heavy hit my shoulder, my eyes slurred open and I gazed to my left: it was Louis. He was sound asleep and he wrapped a single arm around my waist. My lips curled into a smile, before I turned my attention to outside the window. As I listened carefully to the descriptive and emotional lyrics, my eyes slowly closed.

. . . . .

My vision slowly faded from the darkness. I looked at my surroundings- where was I? I opened the door to find a classy restaurant, there was gentle music playing in the background. Amid the music, there was the noise of glass clinking, people murmuring, and cutlery hitting the plates. There wasn't a waiter in sight; how odd, the restaurant was packed and I couldn't seem to find a single waiter when I need one.

I walked down the red carpet that separated the tables; at the end of the room was a huge glass window that offered the most breath taking views of London.

The light that streamed through the window highlighted a silhouette: the silhouette had a girl like figure and I could see structure of her face from a tilted angle. The girl turned her head to the right, before she full turned around. Now I had a full view of her.

What, Mae?

A huge smile appeared on her beautiful lips and she ran towards me. Unexpectedly, I opened my arms and predicted that Mae would jump into my arms and apologise for leaving me and, hopefully, forgive me.

Mae sprinted in my direction, but she didn't land in my arms and my body didn't jolt back when she thundered into my chest. Instead, she ran straight through me. My body separated, a hole quickly formed over my torso, before disappearing. What was happening?

Wait, I wasn't dead- or was I?

I turned around to face Mae. She was standing at a table were a couple was sitting. She was chatting to them: giggling cutely at a quote the gentleman had said. Her sapphire eyes glared at me, she looked straight through me: as if I wasn't there.

She turned her attention back to the couple on the table. Suddenly the room started to rumble. I acted quickly, looking around for a decent place to hide. With a flash, each table and person started to vanish so that left me with no chance to cover myself. Now, there were now only two people in the room: Mae and I.

There was a look of hatred etched on her face and there was a hint of disgust in her eyes that shined like two pairs of shiny sapphires. She looked at me, and shook her head.

She shook her head at me, in disappointment and sorrow, and she inhaled a huge amount of air. Mae's mouth opened and she screamed loudly, so loudly that all of the mirrors and windows vibrated before scattering into pieces of glass. Her body shuddered and she looked at her arms. Screams of horror escaped her lips as she tore her jacket off. A number of scars and scratches appeared on her arms, one by one. She ran towards me and pushed me into a mirror that was perfectly fine and undamaged until my body slammed into the glass.

I whimpered, what was she going to do? Mae had never acted this way before.


She raised her hand and in her hand was a shard of glass. Her grip on the glass was so tight, that it cut her hands.


A tear rolled down her cheek. She shook her head, before bowing in sorrow and sighing. I raised an arm to brush her hair back. She placed a gentle hand on my own, before looking into my eyes.

"I'd really love to, but I can't. I'm not that fucking stupid like you said I was!"

Using a strong arm, she pushed my hand away. Her arm glided, so did the shard.

. . . . .

My body flinched and I gasped. All of the lads were asleep; Louis was still fast asleep with his arm around my waist. I gently moved his arm, got up from my seat and ran towards the restroom. I closed the door and punched the wall, before crying. The door opened, but I didn't dare look up to see who it was. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder blade. The hand turned me around and pulled my hands away from my eyes. It was Lou. He smiled at me, sadly and confusingly, before enclosing me in a hug.

"Harry, I know you are a bit worried of moving to LA in case you bump into Maeā€¦ but you shouldn't worry, mate. You'll be fine; you've got me and the boys to watch out for you. It'll be okay."

I nodded my head into his shoulder and took a deep breathe.

Maybe Louis was right; maybe I should just relax and enjoy the little holiday we are going on.

"Mate, we are going to LA for the next three weeks because we doing a promotional tour and also attending an awards ceremony; but you shouldn't forget about the excursions we have booked!"

He smiled, excitedly, which caused me to laugh. Our little moment was interrupted when a loud gruffly voice spoke through the speakers:

"Okay boys, we are ten minutes from LA. Please fasten your seatbelts."

Within seconds, Louis and I ran toward our seats. The lads had only just woken up, and were stirring. Thank god they were asleep.