The longer he runs his hand up and down my arm the more my cock begins to fill. I can't believe I am finally lying in bed next to the man of my dreams. Let me go back a few weeks.

My name is Samuel Levon, but my friends call me Sam. I'm a 24 year old office assistant for Extracurricular Designs. Of course I didn't go to school or aspire to be an office assistant for a web design company, but sometimes you take what you can get. About a week and a half ago I was fired from my job at an accounting firm, granted I hated that job but I had bills just like everyone else, and take my advice when I tell you not to get involved with another coworker, it never ends well. So here I am with rent due and needing money in order to eat and live on and I just couldn't be picky about the job I took. I saw an ad for an office assistant so I applied and crossed my fingers. After 2 days of wondering whether I was even cut out for the position I was called in for an interview. I showed up about 15 minutes early (trying to make a good impression) dressed in grey dress slacks and a white button up dress shirt and black tie and grey suit jacket. I might be a little overdressed for this position but shit I really needed to get a paycheck and figured it was better to be overdressed than underdressed.

I sat there quietly trying to ignore the feeling that I was being watched. I quickly glanced up and noticed the secretary looking at me like I was an appetizer on an all night buffet. She was a very pretty girl, the only problem with that was that I didn't swing that way. I tend to prefer my conquests with hairy chests, not breasts and usually a huge swinging dick between their legs. I simply smile at her trying to put off the vibe of thanks but no thanks. A few minutes later she announces that Mr. James will see me now and directs me to the office at the end of the hall.

I walk down the hall going over all the questions I think they will ask of me. As I get to the office I notice the door is already open and walk in and stop so suddenly that I just about fall over on my ass. Mr. James is absolutely gorgeous, not at all what I expected. Judging from the way he is sitting I'd say standing up he's at least 6' tall and he is huge, not fat huge, but I spend a lot of time in the gym huge. He has dark brown hair and a goatee. I get a brief glimpse of a tattoo peaking out from his sleeve as he reaches out to shake my hand, and holy shit he smells so good. How in the hell am I going to keep from getting a huge boner during this interview little own work with this guy if I get the job. I should just excuse myself now and look for something else.

As the interview starts Mr. James is nothing if not professional. Hell for all I know he's married to some beautiful housewife with 2.5 kids and a dog at home. Aside from his hot as sin looks, Mr. James is a very impressive man. He's smart, funny and very serious about his work. Just as I think I've nailed this interview he asks the one question I was hoping he wouldn't. How in the hell am I supposed to explain why I'm no longer with my previous employment. Damn! Do I tell him the truth about sleeping with another accountant in the copy room and the boss catching Hank with his dick so far up my ass I couldn't even scream? I know he must be wondering why it's taking me so long to answer the question. At this point I figure it's safe to assume he knows I didn't quit my job but was fired. I clear my throat and start. "Mr. James, there really is no good way for me to answer that question, I can only promise you that what happened at Gold & Stein Accounting will never happen here, I learned a very valuable, although embarrassing lesson," I said. Either he didn't believe me or didn't really give a shit because he just moved on to the next set of questioning. When the interview was finally over and I was sure I could safely stand without embarrassing myself I got up to leave. He stood to shake my hand, smiled and told me he'd let me know and that's when I realized that he was indeed over 6' tall, god a tall built man was an absolute turn on for me. I thanked him, and quickly proceeded to leave the same way I came also thanking the secretary on my way out. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

It was 3 days later that I received a phone call from the secretary telling me that I got the job and wanted to know if I could start on Monday morning. I was excited and terrified at the same time. Excited because I would finally be able to pay my rent and terrified because I didn't know how in the hell I was going to work with Mr. James and not want him at the same time. I just knew it was a disaster waiting to happen.

On Monday morning I dressed almost similar to the way I had at the interview except I left the jacket at home. Once the secretary showed me to my office I had to close the door and breathe deeply and count to 10. How in the hell was I going to work like this, my office was right next to Mr. James' office. How could I have not noticed the extra door in his office during the interview last week? And what kind of office has adjoining doors? There was just no way I was going to survive working under those conditions. I was alone in my office and already picturing Mr. James bending me over my desk and fucking me within an inch of my life. Just as I was about to groan from the visual when the adjoining door opened and Mr. Hot as Fuck himself walked in. He just stood there watching me and probably trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

"Good morning Mr. James," I squeaked out. And of course there goes that really great smile.

"Good morning to you as well Sam, but please call me Alex," he says.

"Okay Alex, what exactly would you like me to start on this morning?" I ask blushing and hoping that he doesn't notice.

He just smiles and replies, "I'm finishing up a website for a clothing store this week so I'd just like you to take care of all the filing and finishing up all the invoicing for this job this week. That should be enough to keep you busy this week, and if you have any questions or problems just come on over to my office and I'll be more than happy to help you."

"Alright, I get started right away," I say as I sit at my desk and start to look at the paperwork.

The week really does fly by quickly. Everything is pretty much self explanatory and I only had to go to him once for direction. I start to think that this job won't be so hard after all. If I can just keep Alex out of my thoughts until I get home then it's not so bad. Of course that means that I've gone through more lube at home this week than I normally would in a month. I long for 5pm each day when I can go home, strip off my clothes and lay in bed naked with my hand around my cock. Tonight is Friday night and for some reason I'm extra horny. I can't get to my bed fast enough. I start to strip my clothes off as soon as I'm inside my apartment door. By the time I make it to my bed I'm completely naked and hard as a rock. I lube up my cock along with my big red dildo. I feel like getting it from both ends tonight. I lay on my back with a pillow under my ass propping me up and my legs spread as far as I can stand. I run the dildo in circles around my asshole imagining it is Alex's fingers. God I have dreamed of him fucking me every night since my interview, but tonight it's almost as if I can actually feel him sliding his fingers around my asshole just waiting for that moment when he can push it in. I slowly slide the dildo in and then out and each time I push it in further until it's in all the way and I can't take anymore. I'm moaning so loud that I'm sure my neighbors can hear me. With my left hand fucking myself with the dildo I run my right hand up and down my lubed cock jacking myself hard. The harder my hand on my cock goes the faster and harder I fuck myself with the dildo until I can't take it anymore and scream Alex's name as I shoot cum all over my chest and neck. I let go of the dildo and my asshole slowly relaxes and forces it out onto the bed and I stop jacking myself as all the cum is gone from my cock. Each night the masturbating myself to thoughts of Alex get harder, rougher, and faster. I imagine if I ever actually got him to fuck me I wouldn't last 2 minutes. I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep instantly.

The rest of the weekend I spend doing household chores I've been putting off all week due to self fuck sessions to thoughts of Alex. Come Monday morning I'm at work on time but I'm so tired I'm not sure how I'll function. At 10am on first break I go to the break room to get another cup of coffee and I'm so focused on what I'm doing that I don't notice that I'm no longer alone in the room. It isn't until I feel breathing on my neck that I realize this. My body stiffens as I get a whiff of Alex. I'd recognize his cologne anywhere. I'm not exactly sure what's going on and why he's this close to me but I'm not about to complain.

"Sam, I was wondering if you could come to my office and help me with a project I'm working on for a very specific website," he says next to my neck.

I gasp and catch my breath before I can reply, "of course I'll be right there."

And by the I'll be right there I meant as soon as he leaves the break room and I can get my raging hard on to go back down. There is absolutely no way I can go in his office like this. I pace back in forth in my office trying to think of anything that will release the blood from my cock so it goes back down. I start to wonder if Alex is setting me up, if he found out why I was fired from Gold & Stein Accounting. Is this a test to see if I was honest in the interview when I told him it wouldn't happen again? That thought alone is enough to make my hard on disappear. You know that old saying "Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place" well that is exactly how I feel right now. Only I'm afraid I'll be stuck between a desk and a hard on to die for and then lose another job because of it. Damn my hormones! This will prove to be the hardest test of my life if I'm right.

After about 10 minutes I step into Alex's office and see him setting behind his desk looking so intently at something in the box on his lap that he doesn't even notice me yet. "Alex, I'm here, what did you need my help with?" I ask.

He sets the box on his desk, gets up and goes to his office door and shuts and locks it. Okay I tell myself, don't freak out it's just a test. Then he goes to the adjoining office door and does the same. He turns around and pauses and just looks at me. It's as if he has something he wants to say but he's not sure how to say it. He sets in the chair next to me in front of his desk. Turns to me and says, "Sam, I have this website I'm working on, they offer very particular items. In order for me to properly promote and design the website I need to know exactly how each of these items is used so I know what categories to put them under."

"Okay that doesn't seem like such a bad idea if it will better help you know how to design their website for them." I tell him.

"There is only one problem with that logic," Alex says.

I wrinkly my nose in confusion and ask, "What problem would that be?"

"The items would work better if two people use them together." He pauses before he goes on. "Thing is, I'm afraid of overstepping my boundaries with you. I've tried very hard not to overstep them and now the time has come when I have no choice and I just don't know how you feel or how you'll react."

Okay at this point I'm thoroughly confused and I'm not sure what the hell he's talking about so I decide to just tell him that, "Alex, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Why don't you just tell me what's going on and we'll figure it out together."

He gets out of his chair and starts walking over towards me, "Okay Sam here's the deal. I'm designing a website for a company that sells sex toys. I want to try them out, and I want to use them on you. I want to strip you down bucked naked and lay you on my bed and fuck you with each and every one of the toys until you can't stand it anymore and beg for me to fuck you. How do you feel about that?" he asks.

Holy shit! In my mind I'm telling him yes take me, take me now, but I don't know if this is a test or not and can't take any chances, so I simply say, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to you Alex but the thing is I can't afford to be out of another job. I guess I might as well just tell you know the reason I was fired from my previous job was because I was caught with another employee having sex. It's not something I'm proud of and don't want to ever experience the humiliation and embarrassment again of talking the walk of shame at work. I don't know if this is some sort of test you're giving me, but I'm barely making ends meet now and to be out of another job right now would not help my situation any, I'm sorry."

"Sam, I'm not testing you. I want you. I want to take you home with me every night and lay you on my bed, kiss and lick every inch of you until you're begging me to fuck me. I want to wake up next to you and start all over again. This has nothing to do with work, we never have to do anything here if you don't want and you're job is never going to be in jeopardy because of it. I want a relationship with you outside the office. Come home with me tonight, let me show you how much I want you," he tells me while kneeling in front of me holding my face in his hands.

I lean into his touch and he kneels up more and kisses me. God his lips are so soft on mine and the kiss is perfect. I want so much more from him that I can't help but say yes, "yes."

The rest of the day was a mixture of anxiety and nerves over the ending of the day. I was going to go home with my boss. What the hell am I thinking? Well I'm thinking fuck it, I want this man and I'm going to have him!

I follow him in my car to his house that way in the morning I can drive home and change my clothes before work.

I walk up the sidewalk and follow him into his front door. He has a beautiful 2 story home. His tastes are almost dead on to mine. He tells me he'll be right back with some wine and to make myself comfortable in the living room. So as I wait I look around and notice we have most of the same movies and music. I would have never thought we'd have so much in common. He certainly hid this side of himself. Hell I didn't even know he was gay! He walks in with two glasses of wine and invites me to sit on the sofa next to him. I instantly feel like I'm on my very first date all over again. I'm just as nervous now as I was back in high school. I'm so nervous that I down my wine in one drink and look over and notice Alex has done the same. He takes my glass and sets them on the coffee table. He then leans over, puts one hand on my chin and tilts my head up for an amazing kiss. God I could spend hours just kissing him, I never want this night to end. He moves his mouth from mine and kisses my check and then my ear and whispers to me, "I want to take you upstairs to my room and fuck you."

I gasp because gauging from the massive hard on in my pants I definitely want that to so I tell him, "Yes, I want that too."

He grabs my hand and pulls me up off the couch and I follow him as he leads me up the stairs and down the hall to the nicest master bedroom I've ever seen. The huge king size bed dominates the center of the room and I can't help but moan a little as I imagine up fucking on that perfect bed. Once inside the room he shuts the door and comes up to me and loosens my tie and takes it off. Once that's done he unbuttons my shirt and slides it down and off my torso. He starts to kiss his way down my neck to my chest and kisses my nipples until they are hard little nubs. While he grabs one with is teeth and pulls on it I moan and then I notice he has taken my neck tie and tied it around my hands at my waist. I moan because this is incredible and I've always wanted someone to tie me up but never been comfortable enough with anyone to allow it. But tonight I want it all and I want it all from Alex.

He makes his way with his mouth back up my neck to my ear and whispers once again to me, "do you want me Sammy? Do you want me to tie you up and fuck you so hard you scream for me?"

Oh my god no one has ever called me Sammy before and hearing the man of my dreams say it is enough to almost make me cum in my pants. I can't tell him how bad I want him fast enough, "yes I want you. Fuck me. Fuck me now, hard. I want you so bad Alex!"

He drops to his knees in front of me and unbuttons my pants and in one move pulls down my pants and boxers. My dick is so hard that it almost hits him in the face! He moans at the sight of my leaking cock. He leans forward and runs his tongue around the head tasting the precum that is steadily leaking from me. Then that amazing tongue runs up and down the underside of my cock hitting all the places that set me off. He then wraps his beautiful lips around my head and instantly sinks down my cock taking all of me to the back of his throat and swallows.

"Holy shit yes! Suck my cock! Just like that. Oh Alex yes take it, take it all," I almost scream he gives head so good I'm almost ready to explode.

He keeps moving up and down and then uses both of his hands to grab my ass and squeeze each cheek hard enough to make me moan with pleasure. He comes back up off my cock and sticks his tongue in my slit as if he's fucking it. God I love that feeling, it's enough to make me blow and just when I'm ready to he backs off making me whimper.

He looks up at me with those dark erotic eyes and says, "don't worry, I'm not anywhere near finished with you baby."

I'm excited both because I can't wait for me and because no one has ever called me baby before.

"Kneel on the center of the bed. Put your head down on your arms, ass in the air and spread your legs as far as you can comfortably," he orders me.

And being told what to do just about made me cum right on the spot. I take a few deep breaths and climb on the bed and try and position myself as he told me too. I hear him undressing and turn as much as I can to watch him. There is no way I want to miss seeing that gorgeous body as its being exposed. I watch as the shirt and tie come off and then his pants. Holy shit he is as sexy as I imagined. Wide muscled hairy chest and dark brown tight little nipples. Oh my god that little treasure trail of hair leading to the biggest dick I've ever seen. How in the hell is that monster going to even fit in my ass. The thought of him plowing me with that massive stick is going to make me cum before he even touches me again. I turn my head back around and try and control my breathing when I feel big warm hands running up and down my back and ass. I feel the bed dip as he crawls on it behind me. He leans over and runs his tongue from the top of my spine to the bottom of it. He then kisses each of my ass cheeks while kneading them with those strong hands. I then feel him pull my cheeks apart and blow on my now quivering asshole in anticipation of what he is going to do to me. I noticed at some point he put a tube of lube and then some condoms on the bed next to my legs so I expected to feel cool lube on my asshole, but that's not what I got. What I felt next was the single most incredible feeling I've ever experienced. He swiped the flat of his hot tongue down my asshole and then circled it. It was like being a single piece of food in the ocean being surrounded by sharks just waiting for them to attack at any given moment, and that's what he did. The next moment I felt his tongue shove into my ass and I screamed it felt so good. He kept fucking me in and out with his tongue and I kept rocking back and forth trying to get his tongue further into me if felt so fucking good.

"God yes don't fucking stop, don't stop. You're gonna make me cum Alex. Fuck yes that feels so good," I moaned out.

And to my disappointment he did stop, I should have kept my mouth shut, but he said, "I want to be riding this tight fucking ass when you cum." So he knelt up put a condom on and lubed up again and put the tip of his monster dick at my hole and pushed. Holy shit he was huge and I sure felt it. He pushed in and out just a little and then would pause to let me get used to him and then he'd go further until he was in all the way and I could feel his hips, balls, and pubes against my ass. He stopped letting me get used to his size stretching my hole unbelievably wide. When I was fine I started rocking to let him know I was ready. He gripped my hips and started riding me for all he was worth.

"Fuck yes harder Alex harder!" I screamed.

His grip got harder and I knew I'd have bruises tomorrow that I would love. He rammed me harder and harder each time and got faster and faster. I was so close to blowing and each ram would nail my prostate and fuck it hurt so good I would scream, "YES, YES, YEESS, YYYEEESSSSS AAALLLEEEXXX!" and I came all over his sheets.

He kept up ramming me until he couldn't take it anymore and on the last thrust he screamed, "OH FUCK SAMMY!" I could feel the heat fill the condom in my ass as he blew his load in it. He then leaned down on my back until we were both laying flat on the bed, me on the bottom and him lying on top of me until I felt his cock slide out of my abused ass. He grabbed the condom, tied it off and tossed it somewhere. He then lay next to me on the bed and pulled me to him until we were lying chest to chest, hips to hips and then leaned in and kissed me ever so gently on the mouth. This was by far the best sex I'd ever had and I knew I was addicted after only once and would continue to want more. I closed my eyes and just let him hold me. I felt so safe and cared for even after are first time together. I didn't know where or why I was feeling this way but I didn't care, I just knew that I wanted to be with Alex always but was afraid it was too soon to tell him that, so I drifted to sleep in the scent that I knew so well was Alex.

The next morning I woke to warm all around my body as I lay in a bed I knew very well wasn't mine. I almost panicked wondering where I was when I smelled that all familiar scent of Alex and relaxed into his embrace. I loved him holding me and comforting me, it just felt right. I loved the way he ran his hand up and down my arms and would breathe on my neck when he talked. I turned my head around to meet him for a kiss that had us both getting hard again. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling at me and I knew there was never anywhere else I'd rather be than with this man. How had I fallen for him so fast, was it crazy to tell him that?

"You're thinking way too hard this morning love," he said so sweetly while smiling the biggest smile ever.

Love, he called me love. Now I know I'm a goner! "You know we never brought that box of goodies with us to try out," I told him.

"Maybe another time love, right now I just want to hold you and tell you that this is what I want everyday for the rest of my life. I want you with me always. Please tell me you want the same and that you want me as much as I want you. Tell me you'll move in with me and be with me always love?" he asked.

"Of course I will Alex; I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life loving you. Alex, I love you." I whispered to him.

Alex just smiled really big again and said, "I love you to Sammy, always."

The longer he runs his hand up and down my arm the more my cock begins to fill. I can't believe I am finally lying in bed next to the man of my dreams.