Spider's Dance

His fingers became

A spider's lags,

Dancing across

A web of thin

Metal strands.


Eyes half closed

In a half trance

The spider creates

It's web.


One small mistake

Can be easily fixed

And all will go



But a web

So delicate

One large mistake

May cause destruction


But the spider continues

To dance and to spin

It's delicate, fragile

Web of sound


And then-

It's completed

The perfect web collapses

Now done


Only leaving

An iridescent glimer

memory of sound

To let the people take.

A/N: So, there is this guy that is in this music club with me. He played this gorgeous and fast peice. For a long time, I couldn't get it out of my head. So I wrote this... Thanks to him, for being my inspiration. And thanks to the composer, for creating such a beautiful piece.