THE WORLD USED to be nothing.
At least, nothing but darkness, desperation, conflict, and mystery. It was awful. Or, at least, I've heard it was. You see, I wasn't born yet. I doubt you, dear reader, we're alive yet either.
But then my mom came along. She was everything anybody could have hoped for, along with one of her closest friends. They were peace, prosperity, light, and truth. They brightened the world. Everything was okay.
But not quite yet.
You see, conflict, dear reader, is a good thing. Earth would simply not be Earth without it. So if now the world was engulfed with light, what happened?
Mom and her friend also had a dark side. A side of conflict and darkness. But this was a good kind of conflict. Not evil, mind you.
So the world was okay. My mom met my dad, and gave birth to my sister, Zandra. A little while later, I, Xoa, was born.
Zandra, otherwise known as Zan, and I inherited Mom's powers. Zan, as first born, earned control over light and peace. Myself, as youngest, earned control over darkness and conflict.
Trust me, though, I'm not complaining.
I'm fourteen years old, fifteen in a couple days. When I was four, my mom and her friend died. They, the rest of the world, hates us. They believe us to be children of the gods, practicing witchcraft and dark magic.
In my family line, the only two of us left are my sister and I. Then my Mom's friend, before she died, had a son named Nick. Nick has a cousin named Zayn. Nick has powers over darkness and conflict, like myself, while Zayn has peace and light control, not unlike Zan.
The four of us are best friends, and we work together to, well, you know, not die.
They kill us in order from youngest to oldest. Right now, I am the youngest of us. I am the next target. I am next.