Chapter 2: Zayn

I laid in bed, but refused to sleep. It was only 10:50 then. Since when was Zan the boss of me? I could handle myself. In fact, I would be much better off if Zan could just keep Xoa in line. That would be paradise, I'm telling ya.
I held my right hand out, and instantly dim light filled the room; not bright enough that the others would notice, of course. Xoa slept in the room right next to mine. If she found out what I was doing, I'd be dead.
'Why does Xoa have to be like this to me?' I couldn't help but think.
'But that's why you like her, is it not?' a part of my mind whispers back to me.
'Shut up,' I tell it, 'Only Nick knows about that.'
'But I guarantee he'll eventually tell Zan.'
'SHUT UP! Xoa cannot find out.'
'Well, whatever makes you happy.'
I sighed and put a hand on my head, running it through my dirty blonde hair. I was arguing with myself again. I swear, I was going crazy.
"I AM crazy," I said out loud to myself.
"Yes, yes you are, Zayn."
I jumped at Nick's voice. I turned over in bed and noticed Nick on his bed in the corner of the room.
"Ya know, Nick," I said, "I always forget we share a room."
He chuckled. "I know you do. And I guess I'm just really quiet, so you can't here me."
"You are. Quiet as darkness. Which upsets me, because Xoa isn't that quiet."
"Zayn, do you want me to say something about you and her?" Nick smirked.
"No, no no no, I'm fine." My voice suddenly dropped to a whisper. "Dude, Nick, Xoa's in the next room over. If she's not asleep, I'll bet she's listening in to our conversation right now."
Nick sighed. "Fine, Zayn, then I'll go check if Xoa's asleep or not. Will that make you happy?"
I shrugged as Nick quietly got out of bed and walked outside to go check on Xoa. She'd better be asleep.
When Nick came back, he said to me, "Dude, Zayn, Xoa's fast asleep."
I breathed in a sigh of relief. When Xoa fell asleep, it was always next to impossible to get her up the next morning. So since Xoa was fast asleep, when we're supposed to get her up tomorrow morning, I'll have to take out at least 45 minutes out of my day in order to even get her eyes open. Xoa's crazy stubborn, even when it comes to mornings and sleeping.
"Well that's good," I whispered.
Nick was nodding, and he opened his mouth to say something. But before he could, we heard a scream from near the front door.
Nick's eyes widened and his face paled. "Zan," he whispered, running out the door.
But then Zan ran into our room, before Nick could run out. "Zan, what's wrong?" I asked.
She was breathing heavily, hyperventilating. "We all have to leave, RIGHT. NOW. They're here, and we're in danger. We have to get Xoa up."
"Well, there's almost NO hope in that," I whispered.
"Fine, fine! Let's go," I said, and we ran to get Xoa up.
I swear, nothing comes out right for the four of us.