A/N: Hey! Summer holidays people! So happy :D My exams just finished today and it's all just writing and all that :D ..just saying.. Anyways, this is..weird.. I hope it makes sense to you guys. I swear! It made sense in my head..

She passed by quietly, surveying the garden maze. Various colours dotted the maze, serving as a make-shift direction to the fountain found in the center. A girl passed by her, clothed in a white sundress and oversized hat, a smile evident on her face, as she joyfully skipped through the maze following a lone butterfly.

The patio in the backyard served as her next destination. She sat on a white bench as she quietly watched the children splash about on the family pool, all clad in swimsuits of varying colours, each holding an inflatable float of some sort, serving as their life-line. An old woman sat by the edge of the pool, a smile crinkling her eyes as she observed the children, making sure that they would not drown. She was dressed in a light shirt and a pair of shorts, clearly enjoying the sunlight as it played on her skin.

Inside the beach house she found a man and a woman, seemingly in their late 30's, involved in a hushed exchange of secret words and vows of love and care. A soft smile graced her features as the couple shared a look of love and adoration for the other, seemingly unaware of their surroundings.

She walked up the familiar wooden stairs as she followed the sound of carefree laughter echoing from down the hall, her feet taking soft steps, making little noise, almost as if she was floating up the stairs. She followed the sound of laughter, now joined by two others, into the last room in the hallway, the door ajar as if beckoning her in. She slipped through the door easily and found herself staring softly at the sight of a girl and two boys sitting comfortably on the plush carpet, exchanging inside jokes and stories. The girl was wearing a halter top, paired with blue striped shorts, her hair put up in a side ponytail, mirth and laughter clear on her azure eyes. The boy on her left was wearing baggy shorts and an oversized shirt, his shaggy hair swept casually to the side. The other boy on her right was wearing a pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt, sporting a red sports cap. She decided to exit the idyllic scene before her and headed down to the front of the beach house, a single tear escaping down her left cheek. She payed it no heed, however, and continued her journey to the front of the house.

As she reached the front door of the house, she once again saw the young girl from the maze earlier on, running past her to the door, that ever present smile still on her face, her aura radiating warmth and peace to the rest of the house. She followed the optimistic girl out of the house, closing the white, wooden door behind her, leaving behind the house and the memories with it. She looked ahead of her in time to see the young girl join the children and the old woman from the pool, the couple from the kitchen, and the teenagers from the upstairs bedroom; her family.

In the future, that young girl would grow up to be a mannerly young woman, loved and cherished by many. She would attend college in order to prepare for a course she never got a chance to do. She would come back to this beach house in time to join her family as they were encased by the heat, oblivious to the flames licking the sides of the house eventually engulfing it, all safe in each other's embrace.

She threw the burned down, dilapidated house a long, nostalgic look, the ever present smile gracing her features one last time, and let the wind carry her off to her new destination.

I could've sworn this was longer..