She walks – alone –

On the knotted green grass

That she carved with her eyes wide


To the darkness where she can hear them

Calling her beckoning

The want her love

Need her touch

They want to feel the way she does

She was born to make them feel

She walks – alone –

Around the corner to where the dragons live

To where things

Make no sense at all

Kami would not like it here

In this land

Where nothing is real

Where nothing ever was

The caves are made of sunlight

The temples never stay in one place

The people were frozen

She walks – alone –

To the land where here dreams are real

Where she can grow pterodactyl wings

Where she can make her toes webbed

In the water that leaves her at peace

In the water that takes away those feelings

That the others crave

Feeling that she can't take away

She dreamed this up and now it lives

She walks – alone –

To where she met her brother

When he had no body

She had never met someone with more height

Than here own eight feet with six inches on top

But he had no limit

No stopping point

Her own blue skin looked pale under the glow

Of his eyes that she couldn't see

He told her who she was

And she listened

She walks – alone –

To where she danced

And moved

And felt

And kept feeling

For the longest time

By the side of her Guardian –

The second one –

To where they danced

And she sleeps – by his side –

Under seven stars

That shines brighter than anything

She has ever known