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"You Could Throw a Rock"

It was my weakness. It was going to be my downfall. I'd already decided that. It was just…well…they were so alluring. That's a fact too, it's completely provable. When you imagine baseball players, don't you see them surrounded by girls? I'd say groupies, but I don't want to be considered a groupie.

I can even remember all of my old crushes in elementary and middle school, most of which were little league baseball players or something. Where I lived during my first seven years of school, it was a hoity-toity type of place, and you could throw a rock and hit a boy who played baseball. I would have rather thrown a rock at a girl who was a cheerleader or played soccer, because those girls were annoying.

I remember how the boys were all the same. For those who played the aforementioned sport, of course. Most were kind of short, none of them with noticeable muscle toning, and the rarer tall ones were the same way. At least 99.9% of them were smart, and witty, and definitely cocky. It never changed.

When I was in seventh grade I moved to a place where there weren't a lot of my eye-candy. Of course, the ones that were there weren't cute enough, and I was bored. I laugh as I remember the conversation I had with my best friend Rae.

"Notice how almost none of them are particularly tall, and if they are, they're nearly six feet," I whispered pointing to the perfect examples. Rae laughed.

"I never noticed that before," she confessed, still smiling.

"They make up for their size though. The smaller the physical size, the bigger their egos are. The blonde ones are the cockiest." I briefly thought of my longest crush, a perfect example.

"They have every right to be, too. They're cute, even though we won't admit it. Most of them are smart, and they're talented. However, I don't think they're very smart." Rae brushed a lot of that information off.

"Well, then I'm safe from their 'charm'. I only date funny guys." I scoffed.

"You mean funny looking guys," I retorted. Rae playfully bumped my shoulder and I bumped her back. Then I went back to staring at the two boys who were tossing a tennis ball back and forth.

"I don't see why you find yourself so attracted to them, Rose," Rae told me as she ogled her then "boyfriend".

"Sometimes, I don't know either. I think now is one of those times," I tell her as one of the boys snorts a laugh at the other boy's joke.

"You don't even talk to them very much. Why don't you go and talk to them?" she asked me. I shrugged.

"Maybe I'm afraid I'll fall in lust with them," I told myself, thankful that Rae couldn't hear me. The boys were going back to throwing the ball.

"Rose! I need another shot, now," my best friend, Mel exclaimed as she hit the bottom of the shot glass to the wooden bar. I rolled my eyes. This was her plan: get drunk, dance with a guy she hardly knows, and then go back to his apartment and do a more extreme version of their dance on his bed. Mel was a slut, and even she knew it.

"Coming right up, Blondie," I joked. She rolled her blue eyes. We were all kind of stereotypes, she was a blue-eyed blonde, Jade was a blackie with sea-foam green eyes, and I was a ginger. We were the Powerpuff Girls without the super powers. Of course, you couldn't tell from looking at us, since I died my hair black, and added a few red and purple streaks. I was kind of running away from my past.

"You know what? Throw in a shot for me too. I see a hot and mysterious boy over there with my name on it," Jade told me, eyeing a guy who was sitting at one of the tables in the back of the bar. I could hardly see him, due to the wild dancing in the middle of the giant room, but I knew Jade could see her next victim pretty well.

"Two shots, here you go!" I slid the tiny glasses over to them, and they caught their drinks simultaneously.

"Ooh-ooh! Cute boy alert, okay girls, I'll see you tomorrow, I'm going to go hit that!" Mel slid off of her bar stool and drunkenly walked over to a guy who just walked into the club. Jade and I shared amused glances.

"So how many are you going to have before you go 'hit that'?" I asked her, wiping Mel's shot glass with my little towel. Jade shrugged, but kept smiling. I gave her another shot.

"Enough to feel a buzz, but not enough that I won't remember tonight. Whoa, I think two is it! This stuff is strong! I'll see you back at the apartment tomorrow." Jade stumbled slightly as she started to leave her seat. I chuckled to myself.

"You've got some friends, there," a voice spoke out, breaking the barrier between the background noise. I looked up at the young man, a very handsome young man, who just had the best hazel eyes you would ever see. His hair was slightly messed up, and his shoulders looked a little tight, like he was stressed about something. I looked down at the glass I was cleaning as I replied to him.

"Yeah, they're hectic, sometimes. You look like you've been through something hectic yourself, care to talk about it?" I was only being a good barmaid.

"Aw, it's nothing. A few of my buddies and I just lost a game." A game?

"What were y'all playing?" I asked him. He smiled at me, and oh my gosh, cutest dimples ever!

"Baseball. I've been playing since I was little, but half of my buddies haven't, and, well, you know." He was playing baseball. The hotness level he was to me just went up, and obviously because of that. I flirtatiously leaned in towards him on my elbow, my eyes half closed. I smiled at him the best way I knew how.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that," I breathed. His eyes held a new dose of excitement that I hadn't noticed before. I'm sure my eyes did the same.

"Hey, Rose! I need a nice daiquiris, think you could help me out?" a very familiar feminine voice called out to me. I closed my eyes, and frowned in frustration. Then I opened them, and smiled apologetically at the man whose name I didn't even know.

Rae Moore was, without a doubt, a buzz kill.

"Rae, I kind of hate you right now," I growled once I walked six feet away from hot baseball guy. She rolled her eyes.

"Don't do this to yourself, you saw the look in his eyes, you know he isn't just a baseball player." She gave me a look. I rolled my eyes.

"How many of his type have I dated? Several. Don't I always come out mostly on top? Yes. All I've got to do is turn off my emotions and I win. You know this Rae." It was her turn to roll her eyes.

"Hon, that's exactly what I talk about. You can hardly control your emotions once you turn them off. You become meaner and a whole lot more distanced. It takes you a month at the least to function like a proper social butterfly, which I know you love being. Don't date him." I scoffed.

"I've been getting better at it. Don't worry; I'll only go on a few dates with him. Now here's a daiquiris, strawberry, so Mr. Hotness over there won't think I've been ignoring him on purpose." I shoved a drink in her hands, and sauntered back to where my guy was.

"Here I am again Mr.…" I trailed off, letting him know I wanted his name. His dimpled smile appeared again.

"The name's Andrew. Hey, you want to go out with me?" He held out his hand to shake, and I took it.

"I'm Rose, if you haven't figured that out already, and yes, I would love to," I told him. I could practically feel Rae's glare burning into my back.

"My shift is right about to end; you want to leave with me when it does?" I questioned him, drawing a circle on his forearm.

"Sure thing, honey bee." We both stood up, and I took the mostly empty glass from Rae's waiting hand. I smiled sheepishly at her.

"You're sick. Seriously." I blushed.

"I know."

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