Chapter 3

"Hey Maggs!" I yell from a few feet away.

"Hey Holl I want you to meet my friend! Hollister, this is Steven, Steven this is Hollister." She says introducing me to a good-looking guy about seventeen years old. He looks like one of those basketball types, you know like really tall. Probably around 6" 2' which is like a lot taller than Maggie. From the way she was looking at him, and he looked at her, I could tell he was more than a friend.

"Hi," I say as I shake his hand. Then I turn to Maggie and ask if she's ready to go. Steven gives her a peck on the cheek and she climbs in the car.

"So what do you think? Isn't he cool!" she squeals.

"Uh sure, but I need to tell you something. So call me crazy, but I think I'm having déjà vu or something." I say hurriedly.

"You are crazy, but what do you mean?"

I roll my eyes and then continue, "In my dreams I am always running right? Well, I was running and it was pitch black and I was being chased by Jason. Do you think that means anything?"

"I don't really see the connection, I mean yeah you are running I guess but other than that, why would he be following you anyway?" she asks getting sidetracked.

"That's not the point but if you don't believe me, then whatever because nobody else will. It was probably a stupid idea anyway but yeah he seems nice."

"What? Oh you're talking about Steven! I know right and he is so nice!" she exclaims, nearly screaming.

"Yeah I hope things work out with you guys. Then at least one of us can be happy!" I mumble the last part almost inaudibly. We get to her house and we agree to meet on Monday in our usual place to talk about what happens when I get home (i.e. what freak situation will my mom start?). I wave goodbye and drive off towards my house. I sneak up the stairs going unnoticed by my mom and her friend in the living room. I guess I should tell you a bit about Jean. She is my mom's best friend, and it shows. They are health freaks and they act like teenagers and sadly dress like them. Anyway back to Jean, she is a middle-aged lady with blonde hair (dyed), blue eyes, and she fake bakes, a lot. So they're like Siamese twins. When I get upstairs, my room is in disarray. That's when it hits me; my mom had been in my room. I check my bookshelf and find my diary, untouched. Thank goodness she didn't find it. However she had found everything else imaginable in my room and she hadn't even tried to be discreet about it! Just then my phone rings.


"Hey Holl!" Jake says flirtatiously.

"Hey Jake what's up?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to come up to the beach with me, Maggie, and a few other friends," he says avoiding saying Logan.

"I'm guessing that other friend is Logan? However much I wish I could believe it wasn't, I know it is but I think I can handle tolerating him so yeah, I'll go with you." I say with a smirk.

"Okay, if I knew you would guess that quickly I would have just said it but I know you guys don't exactly get along especially since what happened when you were younger," he says trailing off. The aforementioned comment is true. Logan and I hadn't gotten along ever since he turned into a jerk in the seventh grade. That's when he decided (with the influence of some friends) that girls couldn't be your friends unless they were your girlfriends. We definitely weren't in that situations, so he blew me off for like ever. I was upset at first and didn't really understand, but once I got the message, I was peeved. I haven't had a decent conversation since then.

"Okay, well I have to go so I'll talk to you later."

"Okay see you Saturday!" he says excitedly before hanging up. Great let's just hope I lasted that week and got a new lab partner.

I shouldn't have jinxed it. As soon as I walked into science class, the teacher called me and Logan over and told us that we would just have to 'resolve our issues' and grow up. In response, I stalk off to my chair and wait to hear Logan coming by. After about ten minutes of bickering, he sits next to me and looks in the opposite direction.

"Do I smell or can you not stand the sight of me? Frankly I thought we could get past this, you know just move on like she said," I say pointing at the teacher.

"You know you'd have a lot more fun if I didn't though. But yeah, you do." He says with a smirk. When I realize what he meant, I hit him on the arm with a look of shock. "I was just kidding!" he yells before nudging me back with twice as much force.

"Hey!" I cry as I fall to the ground. "You jerk! Can I go to the nurse?" I whine at the teacher. After writing me a pass, she ushers me out the door before I can get a good glare in. As I mumble and walk down the hallway, I bump into somebody, knocking me on the ground, again. I get up and try to walk but find myself walking at a tilt.

"You need some help? I am really sorry, I didn't mean to knock into you," the person says. I look up and see him. Yes him. Tall, like 6 foot 2 with black hair and a slim frame to top it all off. I try not to stare as he grabs ahold of my wrist lightly and walks with me. "I'm guessing your heading to the nurse's office, although I don't really know where it's at. I guess you should lead." He says following me with his hand still on my wrist.

"Err, I'm fine, it's just down the hall but thanks anyway. I'm Hollister, but you can call me Holl."

"Okay, well I'm Liam, and you can call me anything you'd like," he says with a wink before walking the other way. I feel the blush creep onto my face before I turn away and lay in the nurses office, avoiding gym class altogether. Filling my dreams, as I fall in and out of consciousness is none other than Liam. Sweet Dreams.

Authors note: I keep forgetting to do these! I just wanted to thank my first reviewer and say that I hope you (If anybody is reading) like where it's going, I don't even have an idea but if you do please just tell me an di will try to fit them in! Sincerely BrownieGirl3