This is a gift fic for Fuka-Chan! (Kafuka Megumi). This her idea but asked me to create it for her. This is for you!

Warning: Yaoi; Maybe lemons, it's up to Fuka-Chan. DogxCat relations. Don't like, don't read, nice critism is excepted, nothin to harsh please.

My name is shun. I'm a dog and I've spent my whole life with my Master, Kyo. Life was great. We had a scheduel, a strong bond, just the two of us everyday hangin out and lovin our quiet, peaceful, home. All of that was ruined when HE arrived.

Aaaah, rainy days. Shun's favorite type of weather. He lay in his favorite spot infront of the front door, waiting for Kyo to come back from making sure everything was safe from a flood as he usually does, because when it rains, it RAINS. Shun thought about all the things they were going to do for the rest of the day. Hopefully they'll be able to jump and play around in the rain. Shun hopped up when he heard the door click. "Hey Shun, I'm home boy!" Kyo exclaimed as he opened the door. Kyo didn't pet Shun like he usually did. Instead, he stood there holding the door open. "Come on, I know you don't want to sit out in the rain." Shun heard a voice say, 'Well it smells like mutt in there. You better give me a better reason to come in cause I'll sit in the rain.' Shun saw a cat glaring at him. 'Um yeah cat you gotta go. Kinda messing up the groove me and Kyo got goin on here.' he said to the cat. 'A groove huh?'


Shun barked. 'The hell is wrong with you? You tryin' to get us caught here? He doesn't know we talk human!'

'Oh he doesn't?'


'So he doesn't know about us?'


'Ok,' "Hey-"

'No don't do that! I'll do whatever you want, just don't do that. I love this place. I was born here, raised here, and I want to stay here. If you ruin this for me, I will bite your head off.'

"I'm heading off to work! You two behave now ok?" With that, Kyo left the dog and cat alone.

As soon as the door closed, the cat became human and flopped down on the couch. Shun also became human and picked up the cat by his shirt. "Listen cat, don't think you're staying here for long. Kyo just took pity on your stupid ass cause you played him. But just know that you are out when he see's you're ok." Shun jumped back when the smaller male licked his nose. "First off, my name is Fuuka, ok mutt? Second, Kyo seemed to like me so I'm not leaving anytime soon. So you better get used to it."

Shun lowered himself into the warm water of the tub. 'Maybe a nice soak in the tub will calm me and-' "Hey mutt, are these your blankets?" Fuuka called from the laundry room. "Don't touch those!" Shun yelled as he hopped out of the tub and ran to Fuuka's location. Fuuka looked him up and down. "Well hello to you too. Someone got alittle to happy." he said. Shun blushed. "Just don't touch anything." he growled. "I should say the same for you but I guess since it's not me..." Shun just ignored him and returned to the bathroom.

Fuuka chuckled to himself when he heard the door slam shut. "Not to touch anything he says." he mocked as he began to move stuff around. "It's so cluttered back here, you wouldn't be able to tell I moved something." He organized the closet then brought out a blanket that was warm enough for him to sleep with. Fuuka frowned as his stomach let out a low growl. He wondered into the kitchen and looked around. "What do you have for food here?" he mumbled as he rummaged through the cabinets and fridge. Finally he just settled for a big bag of unopened chips and some toast. 'It's not food but it's something.' he thought to himself as he layed down on the couch. "Going somewhere mutt?" Fuuka asked when the door opened. Shun ignored the feline as he walked to the door. "If you go outside don't walk out human or the neighbors will see." was all he said to Fuuka before leaving.

"Hey Shun, how's it goin?" the waitress asked as she placed a cup of coffe in front of Shun. "Mimi, it's horrible. There's a new cat in the house." he said. Mimi looked hurt. "Well you don't have a problem with me." she said. Shun looked up at her then rolled his eyes. "Mimi, you know I didn't mean it like that. It's just that this cat said he'd expose us if I don't do what he says." everyone went quiet in the cafe.


"Expose us?"

"Is he crazy?"

"The hell is his problem."

"Sounds like a woman problem."

"Shut up David." Mimi hissed. She diverted her attention back to Shun. "Do you want me to do something Shun?" She asked him. Shun shook his head. "Nah it's alright." a dark haired guy sat down next to Shun. "You do know that he's a threat to us right? You either have to be his slave, or we kill him." Mimi smacked the guy with the wash cloth that rested in her apron pocket. "Ichiru, don't kill him." Ichiru rubbed his cheek as he got up and walked away. "Mimi, you didn't have to do that." Mimi just sat down across from Shun and sighed. "It's been hard these past few weeks. Is a divorce really the right answer?" before Shun could answer, someone familiar walked into the cafe.

"Nice place you got here Shun."

"Fuuka, what the hell are you doing here?"

"It's a welcoming place for all, says the sign outside."

"How did you get here?" Shun asked as he stood up. Mimi stared at the two men. 'Is that really him?' she thought to herself.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Me? Not my fault you got a dirty house and you smell like shit!"

Mimi continued to stare at Fuuka. "Sorry Shun, I gotta go." She said as she got up and ran out of the cafe. "Huh? Mimi?" Shun stared at the door even after it closed. "Wait, what was her name?" Fuuka asked. Shun ignored him as he ran after Mimi. "Mimi wait!"

Shun returned home drenched by the rain. He got undressed infront of the door so as to not wet the floor, throwing his clothes onto the floor in frustration. Mimi had ran away in her cat form forcing Shun to return to his dog form to search for her but, there was to much rain and it made it hard to pick up Mimi's scent. He called out to the cat, searched, he even went to her house but still couldn't find her. When he did catch her, she was human, still trying to run away.

"Mimi, what's wrong?" Shun asked as he held her so she couldn't run. "Let me go!" she yelled trying to break free of Shun's grip. "Not until you tell me why you left after Fuuka arri-"

"NO NO NO! Let me go Shun! Please... just... just let me go." Shun let her go.

"Just tell me." Mimi sniffed. "Just know I'll never forgive him... Never." With that, she ran away in her cat form. Shun tried to chase after her but the rain began to blur his vision and he eventually gave up.

"Damnit Mimi." he growled. He spotted Fuuka asleep in his cat form on the couch. "How do you know Mimi?" He growled out as he threw a pillow at the feline. Fuuka glared at Shun. "None of your business. It's all in the past anyway." he said then turned the other way. "No it's not in the past, you saw how she acted when she saw you." Fuuka suddenly became human. He grabbed Shun, forced him down onto the couch, then straddled his hips. "Listen Shun. I know we've gotten off on the wrong foot here and I really want to get along with you, but when I say it's all in the past," Fuuka placed a knee between Shun's legs and pressed slightly getting a light moan from the dog. "it's all in the past, got it?" The feline licked Shun from his ear to his cheeked then got off of him. Shun was to stunned to move until he heard the door click.

"Shun, I'm home!"

Shun looked back at Fuuka. "Remember what I said, whatever I say." he said as he changed back into a cat. Shun soon followed by resuming his dog form. What monster has Kyo brought into the house?

DOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNEEE! I hope that was satisfactory Fuka-Chan. Also you and Fuuka's name was just coincidence. But I hope its alright with you. Apple-Chan out. I edited it so it won't be to confusing.