Well it's been about 5 months since HE arrived. He's still threatening to expose us, and has become a huge problem in the house, well for me. Kyo doesn't notice a thing. He must be angry as I am but is just holding it in, yeah that's it. Things have also been weird. Kyo has been staying out later than usual, not that it's a problem but, I was just getting used to the new schedule since that cat got here and I'm starting to get worried.

Animal: '

regular: "

Today was a "special day" as Kyo put it, so Shun and Fuuka were helping him clean as best as a dog and cat could. Shun happily ate the food that was on the floor, Fuuka dragged a folded sheet into Kyo's room so he could make the bed, and Kyo called his sister over to help cook dinner. 'Why the hell are we doing all this cleaning?!' Shun growled as he carried a pillow into the bedroom. 'I fink it's a food impoofmint.' Fuuka said with the sheet still in his mouth. Shun made sure Kyo was occupied before gently closing the door then taking on his human form, with Fuuka following close behind. "This house looks so much better ever since Kyo became a neat freak." Fuuka exclaimed as he spread the sheet over the bed. Shun scoffed, "It's been horrible! the house was so much better with stuff lying around. It was easier to find, and it had that 'manly' smell." he growled as he placed down the red pillows. "You mean 'stink'. This place smelled worse than where I lived and I lived near a dump... What's up with the red anyway?" Fuuka asked as he tucked the sheet into the mattress. "I don't know... I don't even remember Kyo buying the red set." The two stepped back to admire their work and ended up brushing against each other. Fuuka quickly crossed his arms then resumed his cat form. "Well we're done now, I'm going to sleep." he said as he disappeared under the bed. "Um yes, I guess you're right." Shun mumbled as he opened the door then resumed his dog form.

The cat and dog were awakened by a strange creaking sound. Fuuka looked around with blurred vision then went back to sleep. Creak- 'HOLY SHIT! OH GOD! MUTT HELP ME! I'M STUCK! SOMEONES SITTING ON THE BED!' he yelled. Shun dove under the bed and pulled Fuuka from beneath it before he was completely crushed. 'You're safe now so stop shaking.' he said as he dropped the feline. 'You don't understand... It was horrible, you don't know what it's like to be crushed mutt. I thought I was gonna cough up my heart.' 'Yeah yeah.'

It was silent for a moment until-

"Oh God..."

'I thought we had a d-'

'It wasn't me.'

Fuuka hopped up onto the bed-side table to see what was going on. 'Hey cat, it doesn't take that long to check what's-' Shun was cut off as Fuuka dropped onto his head then ran to the corner of the room. 'D-don't look up there...' he warned. Shun could hear the blush in Fuuka's voice. He placed his paws up the bed and lifted himself up. 'What do you mean dont-' Shun's mouth hung open then he fell, accidentally becoming human and joined Fuuka in the corner. "T-t-t-t-t-t-that's Kyo's boss... A-a-are they doing what I think they're doing?" he whispered. Fuuka's eye twitched assuring Shun that what they saw, is exactly what's going on. Fuuka snickered. 'Someone seems excited.' he said. Shun blushed darker and glared at the cat. "Not the time." he hissed. 'Hey, if you ask me, Kyo's boss got a good looking ass.' Fuuka said. "Will you shut-!" again Shun was cut off by the cat. This time, he had to repress a moan as Fuuka pressed his paws down on the tent in Shun's pants. 'You should know better by now mutt.' With a growl, Shun was back in his dog form, just as Kyo got up and left the room leaving the door open. Shun and Fuuka looked at each other. 'FREEDOM!' they shouted (which came out as a bark and a meow). "Shun, Fuuka! I'm so sorry. I forgot to let you two out on the patio. Don't want you ruining my 'special' night."

"It feels so much nicer out here." Fuuka stopped cleaning himself and looked at the sky. 'Whatever.' Shun looked at him then back at the sky. "No really. The stars are out, the night is cool." he said.

'What do you expect? It's October.'

Shun rolled his eyes. "That's not what I mean cat. Just look up at the sky, it's so clear, the crickets are chirping and the fireflies are flying peacefully. Can you believe how beautiful the real world is?" he said with mesmerized eyes.

Fuuka looked at him then at he sky and stared at the twinkling stars. Closing his eyes, he changed into his human form and re-opened his eyes. Shun saw a rare look of sadness in the feline's eyes. "I've never seen a sky as clear as this. I wasn't lying when I said that I lived near a dump. There were always clouds in the sky and I rarely even saw the sun. The last time I saw a sky like this, I was with my family, snuggled between my mother and... my... sister..." Fuuka tried to hold back his tears but they fell when he closed his eyes, reliving the memory. Shun wasn't sure what to do. He put an arm around the cat's shoulder's and sighed deeply. Fuuka rested his head on Shun's shoulder and kept his eyes on the sky, connecting the stars in a mental game of connect the dots. "Don't think this means anything mutt." He mumbled before falling asleep. "Never even crossed my mind, Fuuka." Shun replied, kissing the smaller male lightly on the forehead.

Fuuka awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sun on his face. He enjoyed the warmth and the steady sound of a heartbeat beneath him. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the person under him, thinking how familiar it was. He looked up, blushed, then jumped back in surprise. Shun sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes. "Hell's wrong with you?" he asked.

"W-w-w-we slept together." Fuuka said.

"What about it?" Shun replied with a yawn.

"No you don't understand. I woke up, lying on your chest *gasp!* y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you, TOUCHED me!" this time Shun didn't feel tired any more then blushed when he remembered what happened last night. He covered his mouth and silently gasped. "W-what? What did you do to me after I fell asleep?!" Fuuka demanded as he grabbed the front of Shun's shirt. Shun slowly turned to look at him, a smirk creeping it's way onto his face. He resumed his dog form and ran into the woods that bordered the backyard. "Get back here!" Fuuka yelled as he chased after him in his cat form. 'Gotta catch me first stupid cat!' Shun shouted among the trees.

'Stupid mutt! What did you do?!'


Shun jumped on Fuuka, both ended up becoming human, then Shun kissed him on his forehead. "That's what I did." he breathed. Fuuka opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when they heard Kyo call them. "Shun! Fuuka! Breakfast!"

Three days later, Shun watched Kyo run around the house while he talked on the phone. "They should be ok, I've left Shun before..." Fuuka yawned and sat next to Shun. 'What's going on? Why is he making so much noise?' Shun wagged his tail. 'Kyo his leaving for his yearly business trip. He's usually gone until January, March the latest. It's better then Christmas!' Fuuka stared at him, still not understanding why the dog was so excited. 'So we'll have the house to ourselves?' Shun got up like he had ants in his pants, er, fur. 'Yes! I get to do whatever I want and-!' he sat back down them layed down. 'And I'm stuck with you.' Kyo quickly pet Fuuka and Shun then left.

The house was silent. It started raining a few hours ago and that was the only sound there. Shun stared at the floor and sighed. Getting up in his human form, he grabbed his coat then went to the cafe.

"Hey Mimi."

"Afternoon Shun. Haven't seen you in a while." Mimi looked tired and sounded upset. "What's wrong Mimi?" Shun asked her. "The divorce is hard, the kids are having nightmares, and he... he..." Mimi rolled up her sleeves and showed Shun the bruises. "Who hit you?!" the two turned around and were surprised to see Fuuka glaring at the black and blue marks. "Who hit you Mimi?!" he asked again. "Why do you care?" she yelled as she quickly rolled her sleeves down.

"Mimi, dis-moi ce qui s'est passé aujourd'hui!" Fuuka yelled.

(Mimi, tell me what happened now!)

Mimi hissed at him. "Pourquoi êtes-vous maintenant? Pourquoi ne pas alors quand j'ai besoin de plus?! Pourquoi Fuuka! Donnez-moi une bonne raison de vous faire confiance Putain nouveau."

(Why do you care now? Why not then when I needed you most?! Why Fuuka?! Give me a good Goddamn reason to trust you again.)

Fuuka hugged her. "Parce que tu es ma soeur et je veux faire les choses ... S'il vous plaît Mimi, dis-moi ce qui s'est passé ..."

(Because you're my sister and I want to make things right... Please Mimi, tell me what happened...)

Mimi began to cry and glared at him. "Vraiment Fuuka? Etes-vous vraiment désolé? Pensez-vous vraiment? Voulez-vous vraiment de réparer le passé? Parce que la dernière fois que j'ai vérifié, il était impossible de ressusciter les morts. Maintenant, laissez-moi l'enfer seul ou rester en dehors de mon café."

(Really Fuuka? Are you really sorry? Do you really care? Do you really want to fix the past? Because last time I checked, it was impossible to raise the dead. Now leave me the hell alone or stay out of my cafe.)

She turned to Shun. "If he comes with you, keep him away from me." she said as she snatched her arm away from Fuuka then stomped off.

After two weeks, Shun was sitting in the same spot as he did when he came home. "Look mutt, I'm so-rowrow... I'm so-thee..." Fuuka gulped. He really hated saying it. Sigh. "I'm sorry ok? I'm sorryall that happened. I-I just didn't want to be alone. Mimi and I have a horrible history and I've always been protective. It was just instinct-" Shun waved him off. "Fine. Sorry for trying to be a good person for once and think about someone who wasn't myself! See if I care!" with that, the cat stormed off with a huff into Kyo's room.

Shun wondered around the house, feeling a little lonely. He was used to having arguments with the feline and the quiet scared him. Fortunately it began to rain and with it came thunder and lightning. With every vibrating thunder, there was a loud thumping sound in Kyo's room. "Look Fuuka, I should be sorry. I know you was trying to explain and be nice and all-" said male jumped at every rumble of thunder. "What's wrong?" Shun asked as he crawled over to him. Fuuka jumped again at the even louder sound of thunder then latched onto Shun. Shun comforted the cat and smiled. "It's ok, it's just thunder. Nothing to be afraid of." he soothed. "It's to loud and scary. Reminds me to much of the past." Fuuka said as he jumped again. Another loud clap of thunder and Fuuka now had his face buried in Shun's chest. Shun kissed the top of the trembling cat's head, taking in the scent of his damp hair. "You are so cute." he said. He laughed at the dark blush on Fuuka's face. "Don't be stupid mutt." the cat mumbled. "Close your eyes." Shun whispered. With a sigh, Fuuka did so, the blush still on his face. Shun almost had a nosebleed because of how cute the feline looked. He held his breath, then kissed Fuuka. It was a passionate kiss and Fuuka slowly began to kiss back. But then he pushed Shun away and looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry... But I can't." he said. His hair covered his face as he kept his head down, trying not to see the hurt look in Shun's eyes. "What do you mean?" he heard him ask. "I don't deserve it. If you knew what I've done, you'd understand. I already can't live with it. I won't deny that I have feelings for you but, I don't deserve to have someone return my feelings. I'm really sorry Shun but you should find someone else." Shun could tell he was crying by the way droplets of tears plopped on the floor. He hugged Fuuka and let him cry. Not insulting him or teasing him about his crying.

Fuuka hated how Shun cared for him. He didn't deserve sympathy. Especially by the way he's treated him. He how Shun tried to comfort him. It was pointless. He wasn't surprised to have Mimi push him away. She got the worse end of it years ago which made her leave, which made her hate him. Fuuka wanted to die right now. Right in the warmth that was Shun. But he didn't deserve anything that made him happy. He took up his cat form and disappeared under Kyo's bed.

Another three months has gone by and Fuuka hasn't come out from under Kyo's bed. I thought having the house to myself would be fun but now, it feels empty without him. He wouldn't even come out when Kyo came back. We would leave food and water in bed but when we checked on it, the food was still there. I'm to big to actually go under to grab him and he's to far away for anyone to reach their arm to grab him. I've tried to talk to Mimi about it but she would say that he deserved it or that Fuuka should stay there or she'd refuse to tell me what happened. I think I have truly fallen in love with Fuuka.

After a few weeks, he began to walk around. When Kyo left, he'd come out and clean the house. He lost a lot of weight. His clothes were to big for him, he looked sick and tired but he never ate or drank anything except for water when he'd take an asprin over a head ache he'd complain about under his breath. Then after a few weeks, he'd sit in front of the front door after cleaning, wait for Kyo to get home, then go back to sitting under the bed. Today, I'm going to try to get him to talk to me.

"I'm really worried about him. I took him to the vet and they said that there's nothing wrong with him... I won't miss our date tonight, I'm just worried about him... I'll have Miku check on them while we're gone. I'll be over in a sec." I heard Kyo say on the phone. It was obvious that he was talking about Fuuka. If he only knew what was really going on. I don't know either but still. He put down the phone and looked at me. "What are we gonna do Shun? I gotta go, make sure you watch out for him. Later." Kyo pet me on my head then left. I transformed into my human form and entered the kitchen where Fuuka was already washing the dishes. "Why won't you talk to me?" I asked. He shook his head. "Please talk to me Fuuka. You haven't spoken in months!" I pleaded. He turned off the water and looked at me with tired and sunken eyes. He walked up to me and made me sit down.

Oh yes, before I forget, umm lemon up ahead. Fuka-chan, I'm sorry it didn't come out the way we talked about it but rest assure it will be in the other chapters. If you likey lemon, you keep on ready, thanky! Also, this is my second lemon in first person on the seme (top) view so please take pity on me if it sucks. I still think it sucks even after editing...

He didn't say anything as he unbuckled my pants. Just the sight of his flushed face made me horny. "Fuuka what are you doing?" I really wanted this but I just wanted to know if he wanted it too. I repressed a moan as his delicate hands stroked me. "Fuuka, you don't have to do this if you don't want too." I said as I wiped away a tear with my thumb. His skin was smooth and soft. He leaned into my touch for a moment then continued. I gasped as his tongue darted out and licked me. "F-Fuuka..." He kissed the head then licked the sides then under. I couldn't help it, he was just to good. That skillful tongue of his, and that mouth was driving crazy. It took all my control (or what was left of it) to not thrust into his mouth. It worried me that tears were still flowing from his eyes but, he kept up his actions. He made such a cute face, when I watched him continue, I ended up biting my bottom lip, trying to hold back a yell as I came. "What has gotten into you?" I asked as I began to get my breathing under control. I looked into those beautiful green eyes before they closed as Fuuka kissed me. His lips were already parted, waiting for me to explore, and I did. I tasted myself which wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, but what I really tasted was him. It was like a bubblegum like taste and very intoxicating. It felt like the kisss lasted forever even though it was a few seconds. The need for air soon became to great and the kiss was broken. I looked into those emerald green eyes again, one of the characteristics of a cat but still beautiful. Tears were still falling though and it hurt me me, not knowing what was wrong. I kissed his forehead which made more tears fall. "What is it?" I asked. He just shook his head then walked away for a moment then returned with a bottle of lotion. I was exhausted but I kept my eyes open, curious on what he was planning to do. He popped open the top and squeezed some into his hand, then without making any eye contact, he placed the bottle onto the counter then walked over to me and spread the lotion onto my spent cock. I was hard again at his touch. When I was completely covered, he stripped off his pants and boxers, revealing his own excitement, and the sight just made me even more aroused. He straddled my hips and seated himself. Extra tears sprouted up in his eyes as I completely filled him. Yet he didn't make a sound. Me on the other hand, was aboout to pass out by the tight heat around me. Fuuka felt so good, so warm, so goddamn tight! He wrapped his arms around my neck, resting his chin on my shoulder. He sighed in my ear then lifted himself up then rushed back down. I held in another moan. Why was he so good at this? I heard a whine in my ear. I think I hit that spot. "Oh God Fuuka." I whisper. His grip got tighter as his body bounced up and down, I couldn't hold out much longer. The heat around us, the immense pleasure, oh dear God, I don't know how long I can hold it. I felt a sharp pain but at the same time pleasure as Fuuka dug his fangs into my shoulder while he came. He definately drew blood but I didn't care. I ended up coming into him shortly after. "I love you." I whispered. After I said that, I felt more tears on my shoulder. "Please don't say that mutt... Please don't say that." he quietly sobbed. That was the last thing I heard him say before I pasted out from exhaustion.

Shun opened his eyes. 'How did I get into Kyo's room? Was it all a dream?' he threw off the blankets and layed there for a moment. 'It couldn't have been a dream. I never sleep in Kyo's bed.' he glanced at the bed side table at a note. He picked it up and began to read:


I hope you don't hate me for what I've done. After you fell asleep, I cleaned you up then layed you down onto Kyo's bed.
I really do love you. When you told me that you loved me, I was happy but at the same time it hurt. I've done very horrible
things in my past that are catching up to me and are unforgiveable. That's why I've decided to leave for good. Don't look for me,
I covered my tracks. I hope you understand. Whatever bad happens to me, I deserve it. Thank you for loving me and tell Mimi

I'm sorry

Shun jumped out of the bed (he's wearing underwear, not nice to be naked in another person's bed) and looked underneath it. No Fuuka. He ran around the house searching for the feline, he even spent a few hours in the woods. When he returned to the house, he collapsed onto the couch, arm covering his eyes as he cried. Fuuka really was gone.

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