The day was beautiful. The sun was close to setting, making everything golden. The sky was clear; there was no clouds or threat of rain at all. The windows, of the '87 blue mustange, were down; since there was no AC in the rundown car. The warm summer breeze made Sutton's dark brown hair go slightly wild. She tried to tame it holding down with her hands, she wished she remembered her hair-bow.

"Today was great wasn't it?" said Luke, his dirty blond hair was shaggy but thick.

"Wonderful." she said, smiling. "I needed the beach."

"We both did. I wish we lived closer to it." he said. "There's always the peace near the water."

"I know. Everthing's so chill." She said. "I hope one day we can live there."

"We will." He looked at Sutton. He was alway's amazed at the fact that her hair seemed to be more then brown, auburn and blond with all colors inbetween. Her green eyes had hints of yellow and brown. "Wow, don't you look beautiful?" He thought aloud.

"Yeah, unbrushed frizz ball of my hair really fits." She said, sarcasticly.

"Beach hair is in right now; didn't you know?" He said.

Sutton laughed, blushing. "You're so sweet. I can't believe it's been whole three years."

"I know, right? It's going to be our senior year." He said, getting a hold of her hand.

"We're almost all grown up." She said.

"Yeah." He was quiet for a second.

"I love you, Luke." She said. It wasn't her first time saying it but she didn't know why; it just came out.

"I love you, too. Very much." He smiled gently, rubbing her hand.

She smiled, and kissed his stubbley cheek. "You need to shave."

He laughed. "I forgot to this morning."

"It's noticable." She toached his cheek.

"When did your mom say she wanted you home?" He asked, forgetting.

"Ten thirty."

"Hm. We have a whole three hours. Do you want to see the sunset?"

"Yeah. Sure.".

"We need to eat anyways. The next exit we'll get something and see if we can find a good place to see it."

I smiled. The next exit had only a Mc. Donold's. "Kids meal." she said, always concious of what she eats.

"I know." said Luke.

They found a place with a great view of everything, tree's and caves, you could even see a glimpse of the far away ocean. The sky wasn't so clear anymore, clouds were coming in fast from the east. Still Sutton and Luke got down and watched from the hood of the car.

"This is so pretty." Sutton said, amazed at the veiw infront of her.

"Yeah, this veiw is pricless." She looked at Luke, and smiled. He looked deeply into her eyes, he had the deepest ocean eyes .


"I want to ask you something." He said.


"You said we were growing up. We're going to finesh high school this year, then...we're going to collage. I love you and you love me. Maybe you're mom won't like it, my mom won't but... You're my best friend... You're my first crush... You're everything I want and need. The only person who knows me. Yeah we fight, sometimes I annoy the crap out of you and sometimes you have a really big head, but I want to spend the rest of my life you... We don't have to now or this year but...Will you marry me?"

She paused for a second, shocked. "Marry?"

He nodded.

"Of course." Sutton said, shocked still. Then happiness bubbled inside of her. "Of course!" She kissed him, and he kissed her back softly. His lips were familuar something she had almost everyday for three years. Warm and soft, never rough or mean, never with bad intentions, and never wanting more then what she could give him. There was so much good to him. She believed she wasn't the best for him. She was selfish, and couldn't let go of him even though she thought it would be for the best. She knew she didn't diserve him, but she loved him so much, wasn't love enough. He was the only guy Sutton ever loved, and Luke only loved her.

He pulled away. "I have a ring." He said, getting down. Grabbing his bag from the car. He pulled a black case out, and got on his knee. His hair shades of gold.

Sutton's face dropped. "Oh my."

He opened it.

"Oh my. Oh gosh. Luke. How could you afford this?" Staring at the beautiful gold ring with diamonds all around, and the classic big diamond in the middle.

"I didn't have was my great grandmothers."

"Luke." She hugged him. "" Sutton smiled. "Aw...LUKE." She let out a weird giggle. He put the ring on my finger, then kissed it.

Luke looked out the sun was down giving away the last hints of day. "Come on, let's go."

She nodded getting down.

He smiled, driving out.

"We're gonna get married." She whispered, looking at the ring.

"Yep." He said, we were on the road. We found our way to the highway. Then it started to rain.

"It's so pretty." She said, looking at the slight drizzle.

"I know. I wish it started when we were at the beach."

Sutton nodded... "Yeah, that would've been amazing."

"You make me happy." Sutton sang along, alittle while later and the rain was coming in alittle harder every ten minuets.

"Wheather you know it or not." He sang, looking at me with those blue eyes.

"We should be happy."

"That's what I said from the start."

"I am so happy." She sang.

"That you are the one that I want for the rest of my days. For the rest of my days." Luke sang pointing to Sutton, and pulling into the exit.

It was an insane exit curving sharply up to the brige. Not only that but trees covered the veiw of the road that weaves into the middle of the curved road. A car can suddenly appear out of no where, and wreck with someone that just came out of the highway making them run into the steep hill on the other side. For some reason they didn't put a stop sign there. All the locals know it's there and know to stop and listen for cars. Luke's mom was trying to get a sign there, already. No accidents had a occured there before, luckly, and they hadn't seen it as important...

Sutton laughed, at the face Luke made like he was singing into a micophone. Her laugh made him laugh because her laugh was terrible. His eyes were on the road but still bright.

All of a sudden the car jerked, the terrible sound of glass breaking and metal bending. She screamed at the terrible feeling of being suspended in the air. She could see the windshield break as it hit the ground, holding her upside down. The car felt like it was being jerked from side to side down the hill. Sutton's seatbelt held her tightly, The force of her chest not being able to move at all cutting her. She couldn't help the rest of her small body from being moved like a rag doll. Sutton's head hit the window with alot of force, breaking it. Then everything went black...

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