The wind blew fiercely, rattling the frost covered windows. It had finally stopped snowing, but the roads were covered in several feet of the snow. Inside of a small apartment, four friends, Adam, Tyler, Nathan and Nick were gathered around a coffee table playing cards, each dressed in heavy winter coats. The four had spent the night at Adam's place after a party, and woke up the next morning to find the entire town in the grip of a massive blizzard. The roads were covered in the white powder, trapping them all in Adam's apartment. To make matters worse, the storm had knocked out the power. The four had been stuck inside for two days, and they were running out of food and ways to pass the time.

"I don't know how much longer I can take this," Tyler said, throwing down his cards. "we've been playing cards for two days, we've got to find something else to do."

"Well, if you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them." Adam said with both frustration and sarcasm.

"Why don't we tell each other stories?" Nathan causally said as he shuffled the cards back into the deck.

"I don't have any stories."

"Oh come on Tyler, we all have our stories." Nathan said.

"He's right." Adam said, intrigued. "I'll go first." Adam scratched his chin, wondering which of his personal stories to tell. At first he thought about the time he won first place in a fencing tournament, but he had already told them that tale, in fact they had been their cheering him on. Then, he thought of something he hadn't thought of in years.

"How about I tell you all the story of the sickest I've ever been?" The three looked at Adam, surprised.

"I remember that day, it was on the same day as midterms of my sophomore year. I woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and went to school. I was at the halfway point when I started feeling off. My stomach began rumbling loudly, and I started feeling slightly nauseous. At first, I dismissed the feeling, thinking I was just nervous, or my breakfast was off. I thought I would be better in no time. Boy was I wrong." Adam paused for a drink. One glance at his friends, and he saw that he had them attention.

"By the time class had started, I really was sick. We hadn't even started the test, then I had to run to the bathroom. I didn't even ask, I just ran out. As soon as I got in the bathroom, dropped my pants and sat down, I lost it. I had the worst diarrhea of my entire life, and to make matters worse, I started trowing up, both went on and off for about fifteen minutes. Eventually, the teacher sent someone to check and see if I hadn't run off, of course they were in for an unpleasant surprise. The floor outside my stall was covered in vomit, and I had stunk up the place pretty bad."

At that, everyone burst out laughing. Adam had never seen his friends laugh this hard, even when he told them his funniest jokes.

"Once word of my condition got out, they closed the bathroom, and called my parents, of course I was in no condition to leave. The nurse tried to get in to examine me, but I was in such bad shape, I couldn't stop throwing up long enough for her to do anything. For another two hours, I continued having attacks on and off. Strangely enough, it was when I had breaks in between attacks that I felt worst of all, like someone had punched me over and over in the gut. Eventually, the attacks stopped, but I was still in pain, and it only got worse and worse, I was quite certain that soon I would be dead."

Adam paused for dramatic effect.

"Then, I let out one long, incredibly loud fart. I was sure that could be hear from outside."

"It was." Nathan said. "I was there."

"Yes. Anyway, that fart must have lasted for a whole minute, but the second it passed, I felt a hundred percent better. I walked over to the sink and washed myself off as best I could, and went outside. Needles to say, I was surprise that the school had called an ambulance. The second I stepped out, the paramedics put me on a stretcher and rushed me to the hospital. The next day, I actually felt better than usual, like I had gotten all the toxins out of my body. I went to school, and found that the bathroom was still closed. Strangely enough, no one said a word to me about yesterday, maybe everyone thought I had suffered enough."

"That was hilarious." Tyler said, catching his breath from all the laughing.

"All right, how about you tell use about your worst experience?" Adam said, suddenly Tyler stopped laughing. He took a drink, and as he reshuffled the card, he said in a somber tone. "For the longest time, I though my dad didn't care about me. This was before I moved here, before I meet any of you. It seemed like my dad wanted nothing to do with me, I mean he didn't beat me or anything like that, it was more like he didn't even seem to notice or even care that I was around."

"That must have been tough." Adam said as he drew three new card for his poker hand. "I never had any problems with my dad." He added three chips to the pot.

"Well, not everyone can have a loving family." Nathan added cynically, as he matched Adam's raise.

"Well," Tyler continued. About ten years ago, when I was sixteen, the two of use were out shopping. My mom was sick, and she asked my dad to run out and do the shopping, and since I needed the driving practice, I was to drive him there. After we left the store, we crossed the street to the car, and..." He paused, obviously having trouble talking about this. "I don't know exactly what happened. All I know is that one moment I'm walking quietly next to my dad, the next I'm being pushed out of the way as a car rammed into my father and rolled down into the ravine. The autopsy on the driver showed that he had died of a brain aneurism behind the wheel; he died seconds before the crashed, which is more then I can say about my dad. Eventually me mom re-married, and we moved here, but ever since that day, I've wondered what I meant to my dad."

Everyone stared a Tyler, as he collected his winnings, not sure whether to be moved or disturbed by his story.

"That has got to be the most disturbing story I have ever heard." Nathan said.

"But you can't deny that it was engaging." Tyler said with a smile. "So Nathan, lets hear about your worst experience."

"My worst experience was actually spread out over a year and a half. My dad had lost his job as a cop when he got shot in the knee. To make things worse, it turned out that the investment fund we had most of our savings in was a big Ponzi scheme, we lost nearly all of our lives savings and had to live off of dad's workers comp. For a long time, we had to stretch every penny we had; and I was the one who made the most sacrifices." Nathan discarded three card and drew three from the deck. He then put his hand down on the table, forfeiting the round.

"For over six months, I skipped lunch, sold some of my stuff to help my parents pay the mortgage, and in between classes, I would wonder around campus and check the coin slots of the vending machines for any change that people left behind. Tell you the truth, I'm surprised how often people forget their change."

"Really?" Nick asked intrigued.

"Yah, on average I found roughly a dollar seventy a day, sometimes a two. At the end of the year, I had found well over a hundred dollars, all of which used to help the family. It wasn't until the following spring that my dad got a desk job and we were able to get some income, but our saving still haven't recovered from the Ponzi scheme." Nathan took the deck, shuffled, and deal. "So, Nick, that just leaves you. What was your worst experience?" To everyone's surprise, Nick chuckled.

"My worst experience happened in high school as well." He picked up his hand, and threw away three cards. "I had this lab partner Jessica, she was gorgeous, easily the hottest girl in school" He drew three cards from the deck. "for some reason we started hanging out after the assignment, and people though we were going out, so I just went with it." He added five chips to the pot. Tyler and Adam folded. Nathan matched Nicks wager.

"One day, Jessica came up to me and said that her parents were out of town for the week and she'd like me to come over, but when I told her that I had plans to hang out with my brother, she told me, 'just bring him over as well.' I was confused to say the least, but I agreed, and when I invited Alden to hang out with us I had no idea what I was getting us into." He put three chips in the pot, and Tyler matched. The two showed their hands, Tyler had a full house, put Nick had pulled off four Jacks, and collected the pot.

"Alden and I went to her house, and when she opened the door I nearly screamed. She was wearing nothing put panties, and a peephole bra. She smelled like booze, and she had a Whisky bottle in hand. I don't know why, but we went inside, and the first thing she said was, 'so, do you guys want to take turns or have a three-some?' Now, I was scared but Alden was exited, and more than willing for one-on-one session with her. I tried to stop him but he insisted that this was the best opportunity he was going to have, and told me not to ruin it. Jessica took him up stairs, and a few minutes later, I heard her shouting, 'come on you pussy, hit me harder!' and then I heard a lot of banging around. I tried to block it out, but the two of them just kept getting louder. A half hour later, Alden came down looking depressed, and Jessica had me come up. She brought me into her room, and tried to take my pants off." Nick paused for a drink.

"When I stopped her, she had no idea what I was doing. She couldn't seem to wrap her mind around the concept that I didn't want to have sex with her. When I told her that I valued our friendship, and I didn't want our first time be like this, she just burst into tears and started crying on my shoulder. She started talking to me about her issues at home with her dad, and how people only seem interested in her for sex, and how the only times she ever felt accepted by other people was when she was having sex. This went on for a while, until she fell asleep. I tucked her in, and Alden and I went home. Funny thing is, the next Monday, during break, I overheard her telling her girl friends about how I was the best sex she ever had. I heard her saying, 'I don't remember any of it, but I woke up feeling better than I ever felt after having sex, so it must have been fantastic.'"

The whole group burst out laughing at this, and Tyler said threw teary eyes,

"You should change majors and study psychiatry."

The friends continued telling their stories all throughout the day. By the time they had told their last tale, the roads had been swept, and they were able to part ways with a better understanding of each other.