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"F*ck yeah!" Dyce shouted as the slot machine started spitting out coins.

"I do not get it, Howlett. How the hell do you always win? I don't think I've seen you lose once," the security guard commented.

"I'm just lucky I guess," Dyce said with a smirk as he gathered his earnings and walked off to a poker table, just as the dealer was beginning to shuffle the cards. Over the past few months, Dyce had become the most popular- and envied man in the Clover, Sacramento's biggest casino. He went there almost every day, and always left richer.

"Mr. Howlett. Back to rob us again, I see," the dealer joked as Dyce took his seat.

"Don't worry, Watson. You can always count on me to come back." Watson dealt the cards to the players and the game began, but it only lasted a few minutes before a woman falling into his lap interrupted Dyce.

"Hey Dy-dy!" the girl exclaimed, wrapping her orange-tan arms around the gambler's pale next.

"Do I know you?" Dyce hissed, upset by the nuisance.

"You mean you don't remember me?" she responded, her brown eyes looking upset while her glossy lips formed a frown.

"No, I don't. Now get off of my lap you dumb whore!" the spike-haired man instructed as he shoved the girl off. It was only seconds before her straightened blonde hair was flowing down his chest, her chin resting upon his shoulder.

"It's me, Ashley. We met the other day when you came to my school," the girl explained.


"Dyce- your move," Watson interrupted.

"Look, here's a hundred bucks- it's yours if you leave me alone," the spike-haired man stated, throwing the bill at her. She took the money, and slipped it into what little space was between her chest and her tight dress, and replaced her chin on her crush's shoulder. Dyce shook to girl off of him, and took a look at his cards. Without making a single facial expression, he pushed a stack of chips forward.

"Is it good to have three kings like that?" Ashley asked, and Dyce's black eyes shot open. All the other players announced that they folded, and Dyce shot up and whipped around to face his annoyance.

"Bitch, just who do you think you are?" the gambler shouted, anger building up inside him. The girl smiled and leaned in close, pressing her lips to his ear.

"Your new lover," she said seductively.

"Get the f*ck out of here! Security!" Dyce exclaimed, a few guards came, and began to pull Ashley out, her only response a high-pitched scoff.

Dyce continued onto another game of poker, winning that one easily. Hours later he left the casino a couple thousand dollars richer, and returned out to his motorcycle, only to find Ashley sitting on it.

"There you are! I've been waiting her for forever!" she exclaimed.

"Get off of my bike! That thing is worth more to me than your life!" Dyce shouted, pulling the girl off.

"Oh, you don't mean that Dy-dy!"

"Yes, I do. And quit calling me Dy-dy! I don't even know who you freaking are. Why don't you just leave me the hell alone?" Dyce shouted, getting onto his bike, and driving off.

"I'll never leave you alone. I want you, and I always get what I want!" she shouted after him, but he kept driving.

Dyce walked into his house, quietly closing the door behind him. He crept through the foyer and into the kitchen. He swung open the fridge door and began to rummage through the leftovers.

"Someone's home late," a voice said behind him. Dyce spun around to see Toni standing in the doorway, dressed only in a skimpy black nightgown. "Good night at the casino?" she asked, taking a seat on the countertop.

"Eh, you could say that." The redhead looked at her boyfriend suspiciously. "I made tons of money, but some dumb whore wouldn't leave me alone."

"What dumb whore?" Toni asked, jumping off the counter and walking over to Dyce, arms crossed sternly.

"I don't know, some high school chick. Wouldn't shut up about how she wanted me, and she always gets what she wants."

"And you responded… how?" Dyce smiled a little at his girlfriends jealousy, grabbing her by the waist.

"I told her to go to hell, that I already have a girlfriend." Toni smiled approvingly, winning a chuckle from her boyfriend. "A girlfriend who's smart," he kissed her lips softly, "strong," his lips trailed down her neck, "and damn sexy," he finished, his mouth now sweetly kissing her chest. As the heat of the moment grew, the two quickly made their way upstairs to their bedroom, slamming the door shut behind them. They quickly made their way to the bed, clothes were shed and tossed aside, and the couple began their fun.

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