Our laughter and smiles ceased and were forgotten. The light and happiness had escaped from the house. It shocked me more that my mother was actually home, for the past 2 weeks she's barely been home, she comes home to change after work then she leaves to go do whatever she does now. I guess that's because she knows that Dad is here to do what she doesn't. Her face was thinner than I remember and her eyes were sunken into her face and there were black circles around them.

"What do you mean?" I try and not let it show that I'm scarred out of my wits.

"What do you mean?" She imitated in a high pitched snobby voice. "What do you think I mean you little weirdo?!"

"I don't know wh-"

"Bullshit!" She stomped close to me a pointed her long boney finger in my face. "I know everything! You can't hide anymore!"

"What exactly is everything?" I screamed back at her. I was sick and tired of her and everything she was doing, all the drugs and partying.

"oh I think you know! What were you just telling your father the other day?"

It dawned on me what she was actually talking about. "That was two weeks ago! Why are you bringing it up now?" behind me I felt Sybil take my hand for comfort.

She smirked. "So I guess its true then," she said in a sickening and calm voice.

"Yeah mom it is true! I'm a lesbian and I have a girlfriend who really cares about me! I don't see the problem with that!"

"Well I do!" Her face grew angry and her hands were balled into tight fists.

I was scarred but I couldn't let her win, I couldn't let her know I was screaming on the inside and being pretty close to shit my pants. That would be letting her win. That would be letting all of them win. I had to stand up. "And what's so wrong with it?" I screamed. "What's wrong with me loving a girl who loves me back?"

"It's unnatural," She said it so calm like it was true.

I let go of Sybil's hand and took a step forward, "What?"

My dad looked up from the floor and my mother's flat line lips turned up into a wicked smirk, "It's unnatural. A man should marry a woman and not a man, same goes with woman. Marriage should be between one man and one woman, not two men or two women. It's completely unnatural," she was getting total enjoyment of saying these things. I could see it in her eyes, she was high. Crystal. Her monster of choice.

"You're wrong," I could feel the fire of pure rage burning in my eyes, I could hear the tears and whimpers from Sybil. I looked at the monster before me. "A man loving a man isn't unnatural. A woman loving a woman isn't unnatural. And a woman loving a man isn't unnatural. But you know what is unnatural and completely heartbreaking?"

Her eyes were examining her perfectly painted nails, she looked up, "What's that?" Her voice was laced with doubt.

"You. You and everything you've done. Neglecting your kids and leaving them in the care of your ex-husband while you go and get high! You weren't even here for Christmas! You don't give a shit about your kids or anyone but yourself any your drugs!"

Her hand whipped across my face in a millisecond, no hesitation, and I fell to the floor. I heard Sybil scream. I heard the my little twin siblings rushing down the stairs to see what was going on, I heard my dad yelling at the one that was my mother, and lastly I heard the one named mother say "The ones you love most will pay for your unnatural decisions," and her high-heeled boots walk out the door.

I felt my eyes widen. I felt Sybil beside me crying and I heard my father go to the twins and comfort them.

Everything went black.

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