Tension is generally associated with pain or aches or some other kind of madness. But the tension I get from him is different from all of that. It's a tickle at my side that I cannot contain. When you feel that tension, you will forever look at it differently.

Tension Butterfly


by XxmickeyTxX


I tell him to stop,

The sensation is just too much for me the bear.

It's that little tickle by my ear,

As he gently brushes away my hair.


There's a tension at my side,

My right side

My left is in pain.

A sweet pain,

A joyous one at that.


Which is why I tell him to stop.


It's those sweet little nothings,

That make my heart flutter.


There's nothing better than this tension at my side.


I think this is what you call a butterfly.

There's a butterfly in my side,

And it's waiting to be freed.


Which is why I don't tell him to stop.


My pain is a butterfly,

Waiting to be freed.




There's this tension again,

But I know he cannot see.


His sweet little nothings

Cause my little butterfly to go loca.

She goes flut-flut.

She makes my heart bump-bump.


Pain can be a beautiful thing.

He causes my butterfly to give me pain.

She comes and goes at my side,

It tickles.

The tension inside me tickles and aches,

Until I explode and melt into him.


It hurts me to tell him to stop.

So I don't,

And my tension rots

and my butterfly is freed again.


I'll never tell him to stop.

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