Riah, have we ever been happy?
Or have we always been bruised?
Did mommy and daddy love us?
Or have we always been abused?

I didn't know what to say,
I didn't know what to do.
I really didn't have
any answers for you.

As we walk hand and hand,
I almost started to cry.
I couldn't tell you the truth,
but I couldn't lie.

Riah, what's wrong?
Why are you crying?
I love you, sissy.
I know you're trying.

You look deep into my eyes,
and I look back.
I'm trying so hard
not to crack.

I can't speak,
I can't talk.
All I do
is continue to walk.

Riah, please. Why are we running?
I don't want you to cry,
please, sissy.
Please just try.

That's when I notice how hard I'm running,
still holding your hand.
So I slowly stop,
and just stand.

We stand there together,
and a tear falls from your eye.
I didn't mean
to make you cry.

Riah, were you running cuz' you were scared?
Because when they hit me it makes me scream,
and sometimes I wish I could wake up,
and that it was all just a dream.

I take you into my arms,
and I hold you tight.
I wish that I could make
everything alright.

Finally, I answer you.
"There once was a time where we were okay,
but that was long ago.
But, baby, life doesn't work that way."

That's when you showed me your arms,
all black and blue
I really wish
I knew what to do.

Riah, when will Jesus come?
I want us to be alright.
And you take my hand,
and you hold it tight.

The next night, we were abused.
I tried to protect you, to take all the pain,
and you sat there and cried
as I went insane.

Hit after hit,
blow after blow.
You tried to run,
but had nowhere to go.

You came back that night,
and crawled in my bed.
You started to cry
as you looked at my head.

There were giant gashes,
and my whole head was bruised.
Oh, Riah!
You don't deserve to be abused!

And we fell asleep,
you in my arms.
I promise, baby.
I'll keep you from any more harms.