I want to burst,

Loudly and spectacularly,

With sparks and rose petals

And light and noise-

I want to set

Clouds on fire

And dance among the debris.

I want to shout

And scream my lyrics-

I may burst eardrums

And shatter some windows-


At least,

I'll be heard.

I'll flirt

Like a sparkler at night

And learn to cartwheel

Without that sinking fear

Of falling down.

Life will become

One ruined pair

Of grass stained


And the sun will wear

Black sunglasses

And speak like a blues singer.


Will take a long vacation

In Bermuda shorts

And abide by its

Restraining order.

Oceans and oceans

Awaywas the deal.


Will have an unhappy relationship

With self-doubt

And turn to a retreat

In the far mountains

Of the Himalayas-


It'll freeze to death.

Finally- with bare feet

And a purring heart,

I'll pack up

A suitcase,

Walk out my little red door

And never look back.