I was running as hard as I could; the blazing hot dust cloud was closing in behind me. I saw the edge of a cliff come over the horizon. All sorts of things ran through my mind as I contemplated over what was to come next. There were a few options I could go with. I could jump off the cliff and risk whatever was below. Or I could stop running and get deep cuts and flesh wounds as a result of getting caught in the highly toxic cloud. Both of these options proved to be unappealing, but it was one or the other.

I didn't have much time to think... I was still running toward the cliff, either way it was impending doom. So my next process of making a choice was to think about which way I would rather die. I'd always pictured myself dying in battle but that currently wasn't an option. However if I lived through any of those outcomes, the enemy would surely come after me. I decided I'd rather be remembered as the girl who did anything she possibly could to flee, than the girl who was too weak to continue and decided to let the toxic substance overcome her.

I'd made my choice

I kept running, the edge becoming closer. "Here we go," I thought and I held my breath as I leapt out over the cliffs edge. A rock ledge appeared beneath me and I grabbed it with both my hands, clutching onto it as if my life depended. "So far so good," I thought "Now don't be a coward, time to move." My heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour as I let go of the ledge and prepared to grab a lower one. I continued until I reached the bottom moving quickly when I realised the dust was slowly pursuing me. Once I reached the bottom my eyes darted around for some form of refuge. I decided the nearby cave my eyes had spotted would suffice.

I reached the cave and collapsed onto my knees, my calf muscles giving out from exhaustion. Sighing, I realised I would have to keep moving, should I want to escape.

But as I stood, I wished I'd just stayed in the dust. I heard the breathing of at least thirty hot mouths breathing heavily behind me. Their presence becoming obvious and their breathing becoming louder, I turned to face them. Looking into their deep black pupils, I inhaled deeply and prepared for what promised to be one of the toughest fights of my life, prepared to face thirty ravenous vampires.