I strolled through the lower floors of the chemical lab toward the elevators thinking about what assignment or mission would await me when my elevator escorted me to the ground level floor. Surprisingly there did not appear to be one, it seemed that my busy and frequently interrupted schedule was finally being left alone. Something that did not happen often, to my dismay, my director was usually looking for me to be put on a special assignment and if not there were always some students in training hounding me with questions. For once, it seemed I was to be left in peace. "Thank God," I muttered.

"Piper!" a shout sounded from across the room.
"Perhaps not," I thought aloud.
The director himself approached me "Ah good afternoon, how are you?"
"Fine thank you," I replied "You know…. you're twenty seconds late."
"And what is it you would say I was late for?"
"Interrupting my day," I sighed.
He laughed "I know, I know! But I need you for a job!"
"Why don't you just sack me as an agent and hire me as a footman?" I said, sarcasm leaking through.
Exasperated from talking to me, he grabbed my arm "Come on!" he hissed.

We reached his office; also imprisoning one Robert Wilson, my colleague and friend. "Ah, they trapped you too."
"Of course they did," he sighed. Marty cleared his throat across the room.
"Well get on with it then!" I urged.
Shaking his head he powered up the holographic projector.

Turns out, times were getting tough in the Brazil; apparently a couple of rogue agents had targeted the public there. Rogue agents were a sore and uncomfortable topic for all in the room. They had left their life here to commit crimes in the larger scale world. Many of them were old friends or colleagues of mine, who had decided that the agency that was once their home did not use enough violence. But violence was nothing to be excited about, some of those whom I had grown close to in my time at the agency had fallen victim to it. That kind of pain wasn't something uncommon here.

The holographic projection showed where recent attacks had occurred. These rogue's whoever they might have been were clearly unorganised. Attacks had occurred in no particular pattern, some were large and some were small and some appeared to be just….wrong and sickening at that. "Ok then," Robert said "What's the plan?"
Marty's answer was long. "The two of you as well as an assailant group will be flying into Brazil in an hour. The rest is up to the two of you; your group is to eliminate the rogue's as efficiently and secretly as possible. Your time is unlimited. You should be able to determine the amount of time you'll be there once you actually reach your destination, when I'm assuming you will contact us. Be resourceful and good luck! Remember you leave in an hour."

Once dismissed from Marty's office Robert and I walked down the long staircase and verged into the hallway leading to the east wing.
"I'm gonna go pack, how bout' you?" I asked.
"Yeah same, I'll say goodbye to Kaitlin as well."
"Probably a good idea," I teased.
"Yes I thought so to," he replied faking a posh accent.
We were both silent for a moment until then he spoke "We're idiots."

The apartment was empty when I walked in, surprisingly; Shaun was almost always here. I prayed that he would be back before I left, it was always hard to leave but it would be harder without saying goodbye. I retrieved a small backpack from the under the bed and began to place a few of my belongings inside. Clothes suiting the climate of Brazil, Toiletries, a knife, a handgun, a first-aid kit, my mobile phone and my iPod all made their way into the small bag. I was fully packed within ten minutes and decided to kill time by the means of watching television while I waited for Shaun to return.

He was cutting it fine; it was ten minutes before I was due to be at the tarmac when he strolled through our apartment door. I pulled him into an embrace so tight, that it probably had the ability to choke somebody and kissed him as if I never would again. This behaviour was unusual for me, it wasn't that I never showed him that I loved him but it was that I never showed him quite so abruptly. He realised something was going on almost immediately.
"What's wrong," he whispered, concern evident on his face.
"I'm leaving, I was issued a mission in Brazil….. I don't know when I'll be back."
He sighed, this situation wasn't uncommon "How soon are you going?"
My face saddened "In about ten minutes."
Sighing again, he grabbed me by the waist, sat me down on the couch and kissed me again "I'll miss you."
"I'll miss you to," I replied snuggling into his embrace. And for the rest of those ten minutes we sat with each other, happy as we were and stayed as close as possible.

But the time came as it always did for us to part. "I have to go," I said.
"I know," he sighed "I'll walk you."
He grabbed my pack in one hand, my own hand in his other and we started for the tarmac. This had happened on a countless amount of occasions yet it never got any easier, it was always a melancholy event; leaving him. Even if I was only leaving for a day or two his absence always pulled at my heart until I was with him again.

We reached the tarmac and he placed my bag inside the helicopter for me. Turning around, he grabbed my hand and placed a single kiss on it "Be careful."
"Aren't I always?" I replied.
Laughing and shaking his head, he took hold of my hips and lifted me onto the craft "Goodbye."
The door closed before I could return his farewell so I kissed my fingers and waved, Bye I mouthed.

We needed no more words than that to explain what we were feeling, we already knew. As the copter took off and began to fly away, I could hear his voice echoing in my ear Be Careful….
I smiled.