this darkness does not have a name
takes no form, claims no destiny –
it is slick black, onyx oceans sounding endlessly
crashing waves distorting, devastating
cold water filling your lungs
weighting your body.
it is not called upon
instead, hunts your essence
wraps its long fingers round
your throat, your wrist, your ribs
and bids you follow it into the night.
you are not darkness
no inky stain upon the daylight
you are breath and bone and delicacy
thought and heartbeat.
the waves boom, still, round your ears
as the darkness waits for you to answer its call.
you are not darkness
but a twin mirrored in its haste.
you are not darkness
but it knows your name
and your eyes and your heart
and the way your voice cracks when you call to it,
seeking out the comfort only it can bring.