Ah yes, springtime. A time of life and new beginnings, yes? It was a wonderful time. Under a tree, a young elf slept in the shade. He enjoyed the breeze and loved to take these naps. The elf was pale, had silver hair and his ears were pointed and pierced. He wore a white shirt that had an odd black design on it, loose, black leather pants and large boots. On his left arm were three black lines, which meant that he was only three seasons old. With the elves, a season means five years old. So, in human years, he was fifteen.
He finally awoke, yawning and stretching his limbs. How long was he asleep for? It didn't matter. He put his arms behind his head and relaxed a bit, ejoying the fresh springtime breeze. No more cold, no more snow, no more gathering firewood for his sisters. No more winter.
Something stirred in the bushes. The young elf sat up, taking note of his surroundings. Something was here... He stood, getting ready to fight off what was stalking him. Again, the noises of evergreen rustled in the leaves. He tenced, and balled his hands into fists. He was ready. The creature leaped from the treetops and landed onto him. Only it wasn't a creature. It was his sister. The youngling (what elves called their youg one) giggled and looked up at her elder brother. She, too, had silver hair and pierced ears. Her skin was tanned and she had the same eyes as the elder. She also had missing two front teeth, so she could not "thay proper wordth".

"Lukath! Lukath!" The youngling chimed, hopping excitingly on his chest. He sat up, picking her off of him. "What is it Annabell? Is everything all right?" He asked, trying to calm her. He knew that nothing bad would happen in this area, but it was better to know now... The youngling, known as Annabell, shook her head.

"Nope! Crythta wants you! She thaid thomething about a book." She shrugged. "I dunno..." Lukas stood up, dusting off any dirt that could be on him. "All right, all right. Where is she?" He asked. Annabell pointed towards a hilltop. "Inthide." He nodded and smiled.

"You wanna come with me?" Annabelle giggled at his question and imediately clung onto his leg. He chuckled and picked her up, planting her on his shoulders. "Hold on!" He warned, as he started walking to the little hut. Annabelle was giggling all the way, wraping her arms around his head.

The three elves lived peacefully in this forest area. There was always a constant smell of some kind of fruit. Normally in the springtime, there was a scent of cherries. A river was close, but it was small, so in the summer, it would shrink down. Luckily, there was a small lake close by, so they never had to worry about droughts.
Lukas didn't know how long they have lived here, nor where his parents were. Yet, he didn't care and he couldn't be any happier. He dropped Annabell down and looked inside. Crysta was sitting on her small cot, a large book in her hands. The hut was small, but it was large enough to fit two bookcases and three tiny cots for each one of them. Lukas made many repairs on this hut, and it irritated him nonetheless, but he still like living here. Annabell skipped off, distracted by a small animal near a tree. He smiled at the youngling and turned to his other sister. She was almost as tall as he was, and she was only two seasons old. She constantly wanted books, hence the bookcases, and she read all of them at least twice. How could she want to sit inside and read all the time, Lukas did not know.

"Ah, hello elder brother." Crysta chimed, shutting the book down and putting it to her side. He folded his arms in front of his chest, not that he was getting impatient, but he was concerned. Normally, his sister wouldn't call for him, unless it was something important. Crysta smiled, seeing her brother's concern. "Lukas... I was reading the large book dad had bought me three years ago, and... Well..." Now Lukas was really concerned. His sister would never stammer like this... "I think... Annabell might be in some danger..."

A/N: This was an old story of mine, and, well... I hated it. XD So, here's the reboot, and I'm a little more proud of this one. Just a little though. I figured since I love elves so much, I would re-write this again and see how people like it. So, yeah... Reveiw please! ^^