First story! So, yeah. Based on a shop in Whiterun (Skyrim FTW!) Read, Review and recommend.

Arcadia's cauldron

The wind swirled around the mountains and whistled across the snow covered grassy meadows of arentelus a mini-hamlet in the middle of nowhere riddled with wolves, bears, and dragons. Yes, dragons. It was a cold brutal winter night so my sister Annisis, my mother, the cowardly family cat Millia and me, arcadia curled up near the fire. The logs crackled and the hut smelt of a homely pine smell. It was perfect and peaceful. Suddenly from outside our warm hut a wolf howled shattering the peaceful silence. I looked at the door. "Mother, Alex should be home from hunting by now," I muttered.

"Go check for yourself if you're worried about your brother," she dismissively mumbled, flicking her coal black hair over her shoulder. So I stood up boldly, picked up my tattered bag and pulled open the heavy wooden door, stepping out into the icy blizzard. The houses were covered and the moors where like cakes with perfect icing. I raced through the perfectly iced fields leaving crisp footprints. I shivered as the fresh snow fell. Another wolf howled. I heard wings flap. Big leathery wings. I gulped. But still I ran on. I ran on through the woods and I waded on through the fierce river, until I got to his hunting spot. He wasn't there, but something was.

A dragon. Uh-oh. I backed off, eyes wide. "Oh okay, nice dragon, pretty dragon," I stuttered. I backed away tripping on roots and logs, but the dragon stalked forward. He puffed out his hood like a cobra. I squealed, heart thumping like a drum. The something hit me. In almost sudden death I remembered my cat getting told off by my mother. Helpful, I know. Then the thought sparked. I boldly yelled at the flaming red beast "Bad dragon! You bad bad dragon!" To my surprise the dragon flinched back and whimpered. "Ok that is just weird," I remarked, slightly worried. I put my hand out at arm's length so if the dragon came back I could be ready to slap it. Not that it would work or anything. The dragon stepped forward. "Don't. I will slap if provoked." I warned it. It snuggled its muzzle into the palm of my hand. Wow, That. Is. AWESOME! I'm so ready to lose a hand so I can tell this story to everyone. It stepped back. "Whoa, can you read minds or something, because that does not give you permission to use my hand as a chew toy," it whimpered. "I said no," I sternly snapped. It quickly retreated and spread its wings. One was close enough to touch. So I rubbed my hand along his scaly wings, accidentally snapping off one scale.

"Whoops, sorry, so sorry!" I quickly apologized, but the dragon was already nuzzling its head into my stomach. "I need my stomach so please don't rip it out or anything." The dragon suddenly took flight. I turned away, scale in hand and walked home slightly triumphant.