First chapter! :D Soooo exited! Please read, it's a middle school story, but with the same characters that are in my planned College story that I am writing. :/ That'll be up soon, so yeah . . . Read and Love it! Thanks!

Chapter 1 - Lyndsay

I slammed my head against the desk "You're an idiot, you know," Lil said from behind her manga book. I lifted my head off the desk and glared at her. God! Like life isn't hard enough!

"Lil," I warned her. "Don't push it," She grinned using her book as a shield. I leaned back in my chair and sighed. Another year of English. Yay. Karla sniggered loudly as she paraded into the classroom minutes before the late bell rang, spotting me and Lil stuck on the same table as last year. She sat herself next to Lil and looked around the class.

"Same seats as last year," she gawped, smiling. Lil and I span to face her and looked at her horrified. That meant . . . We all glanced at the door as Midnight flounced in with her wing-girls Lisha and Tia. I smacked my head off the desk again and moaned

"If we're stuck with Midnight again, I honestly will strangle her, I mean ..." I was cut off as She slipped into the second last chair, unfortunately placed right next to me, smirking.

"Hello buddies," She sarcastically sneered, swinging her arm around the back of my chair. I hid my face as she glared at Lil. "So I'm stuck with the wanna-be Goth," She sneered at Karla, "The horse nerd," And then she lifted her venomous glare to me. "And you. Well you're just a freaky mega-freak. Wait, you're Lyndsay or something. But why would I care, I'm just here to copy off you nerdy folk." She finished with a grin. I pulled my chair back and started to get out of it to ask Mrs Glendinning to move her when Karla angrily whispered,

"Lyndsay, don't. We don't need any more fuss." I looked at her. Please Karla, don't lose your mind now, or I'd be stuck next to either Midnight all year or Kate, Amelia, Jess and Bella. And that would be an epic combo. I looked over to where they were sitting and the spare seat next to Bella called to me. I whined

"But it's ..." Karla glared at me before I even finished the sentence and pointed her perfectly painted shiny, turquoise blue nail at my chair. I slinked back into my chair exasperatedly. My fate was sealed. Good luck Lil mouthed. I mouthed back Thanks chick. I would need all the luck I could get this year. Damn Midnight. I hope her hair straighteners break.