Chapter 4 – Karla

"Lyndsay, you're going to fall off the saddle in a minute," I said. I trotted up to Lil. She was on a perfect Chestnut horse that was absolutely HUGE. I was just trotting next to her on Reiver, a grey Pony and Lynsay was right up front, slowly slipping off the saddle of a big black horse. That got very grumpy. But I hadn't told her that bit. "Lynz, Slow down. You'll fall off If's you're Not . . ." I tried to say. But she wouldn't listen.

"Karla, I know what I'm doing," She grumpily said. Suddenly, Lynz's Phone started blaring out "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park. The huge Black mare, reacting to the Phone bucked and bolted, leaving Lyndsay kind of like frozen in the air before flopping to the floor . . . Right in front of Reiver. Reiver reared up and threw me off. "Ow," Lyndsay moaned. She pulled her muddy fringe out of her eyes and fumbled for her phone "Hello? Hello?" She said into the receiver of her mobile. I looked at her with disbelief in my eyes when she said "Max . . . Yes I know Midnight . . . And I know Erin . . . OK OK I'll get there once I've got up out of this Goddamn muddy puddle . . . Because I like the feel of mud . . . Ok I'll explain when I get there . . . can you believe it but I'm horse riding . . . I know, Karla dared me . . . ERIN DID WHAT? . . . Fine . . . Just let me go change my jeans first . . . Because they're wet . . . I'M IN A BLOODY MUDDY PUDDLE! . . . Ok see you in a bit . . . bye," She quickly hung up. "Stop the hack, Erin's punched Midnight and she's currently crying her eyes out. She's also threatened to get us involved,"

"I bet she still has a hoof print on her butt," I said. Lil's moronic giggling was honestly annoying me right know. I walked into Rockcliffe Park with Meghan, Lil, Beth, Chelsea, Midnight and Lyndsay who was moaning about how she didn't think she should be able to walk.

"Midnight, Is your eye o.k.?" Lyndsay asked through her teeth. "Oh and by the way Karla, if you're going to talk about me DON'T DO IT INFRONT OF ME!" She screeched across the park. She had hit boiling point, which wasn't that rare. But I knew something bad would happen. I could feel it. Everyone turned to look at her. I turned too. I was being harsh and it was quite unfair. But she wasn't there. She was already leaving, calmly walking across the road and heading towards the rocks.