Just the way it goes

When you hit that breaking point

You unable to recover from what has happen

Your hope seem to fade away with all memoires of happiness once felt

You start sinking into darkness you once fought

Becoming monster swear that you will never become

Let go of everything you once held dear

Until you're nothing here but empty shell of have been

With darkness grows you start to hate those who are able to feel anything

You become numb

Until point you neither be died

With no reason to carry on with this live

That when you find your diamond in dust

Your reason to try live again

A reason to remorse for all you has done

A reason to find yourself again

To let yourself remember all memoires of happiness and sadness

You once block out

You learning from your time in hell

Like phoenix you will rise from this ashes

With scars from flames

That will haunt you forever

But it also bring you peace of mind

Knowing that you can survive from it

There saying go

What doesn't kill us only make us stronger

Not entirely true

You become stronger from whatever happens

But you still lose part of your innocence's

Even if for the better

It still gone and nothing you can do to get it back

Losing believes that nothing will ever harm you

The true is people will get hurt and there nothing you can do bout it