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Not as easy as it seems:

Chapter 1:

I'm gonna start the way it really started. I'm not gonna start "I woke up with the sound of birds singing" because it didn't start that way. It actually started the day of my 13th birthday party, my first teenage party without my parents constantly nagging about the music. Thank god for that. Anyways, when I got there, almost everyone I knew was there and some I hadn't even met. It was super awesome to say the least. My friends did a very good job throwing it. When Taylor and Caroline saw me, (my best friends since we were in kindergarten) they gave me the biggest bear hug ever.

"Can't breathe, you guys." I told them and I wasn't lying at all.

"Sorry. But come on, it's your 13th birthday, how can we not be excited?" Caroline said. This was typical of her. She was the very girly girl type and Taylor just rolled her eyes. This was also typical of Taylor, she was a tomboy and I was in the middle. I played basketball and I liked skateboarding but I also liked dressing up sometimes while other times I just put on a t-shirt from one of my favorite bands (yes, I mean a rock band, people. I love rock.) skinny jeans and my old converse. This annoyed Caroline very much but she was used to it. Today I was wearing a lot of make-up (it actually wasn't but it was more than I was used to.) a mini skirt, a blue blouse and a pair of black high heels. Taylor actually looked nice. She was wearing a strapless dress and a pair of cute sandals and some make-up. Caroline was wearing a very short green dress and a pair of green high heels and more make-up than me.

"Alright, but I wanna party and I want you guys to help me since this is our first party without our parents." I said and we all laughed. I looked around and I saw a few people that were obviously in high school. Caroline just shrugged and said, "My cousins helped me a bit." I looked around some more and saw a group of very cute guys coming our way and I got nervous. But I relaxed a bit when they were next to me, much to my surprise.

"So you're the birthday girl. I thought you said she was turning 13, James." Said the guy with jet-black hair and green eyes. They all looked to be around 16 and 17 but the boy with brown hair and eyes, called James, looked to be around 18 or older.

"Well, that's what Caroline's cousin said but I think he heard wrong. This girl's gotta be at least 16, I mean, look at her, Jason." James said. I smiled at that because everyone said the same thing when they heard my age.

"I actually turned 13 today. But don't worry, people always say the same thing every time." I told them and James flashed me a smile that was really cute.

"I know that, since I'm at your birthday party, I should at least know your name but I would be lying if I said I knew it." He said and I couldn't help but giggle.

"I'm Amanda Delgado and I guess you're James, right?" He smiled and nodded as he extended his hand for a shake but was shocked when I gave a kiss on the cheek. Well, it wasn't really a kiss; I just touched his cheek with mine. It's like a thing in my family when you're introduced to someone and old habits die hard. I blushed when I noticed what I did and quickly apologized.

"I'm sorry, it's just when we meet someone my family and I do that." I was blushing, I was sure but James just laughed saying it was nothing to worry about.

"Well, I'm surprised that your cousin didn't say how hot this girl was, Caroline." James told her and I blushed even more. God, today was just getting better and better.

"He sees her like a little sister, not like a hot girl and besides, she's way younger than you guys. I don't think her parents would let her date any one of you guys. No offence, of course." She responded sweetly like she always did around cute boys.

"None taken, right Jason?" He asked the boy next to him.

"Yeah, I mean, it would look weird if we picked you up at school. Teachers would look at us like we're crazy or something. Besides, you could wait a while for dating, just a little advice." He said and flashed one of the most perfect smiles I've ever seen before. He had very straight and white teeth. I couldn't help but smile back. We talked for a few minutes… okay, we talked for half an hour and my throat was a little dry. James noticed this and brought me a cup with water and I told him thanks. I remember talking for about a minute or two but don't remember much. I opened my eyes and noticed I was in a strange room and I was in the bed. I was still sleepy and before I noticed anything else I fell asleep again. When I woke up again, I was in Caroline's familiar room, since the party was in her house, and Caroline was next to me. I thought that maybe I had a dream and that I never was in another room. Caroline told me I fell asleep almost at the end of the party and that she told James to put me in here. I believed her and went on like nothing happened but it wasn't until later that I knew something was wrong.