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Chapter 3:

"YOU'RE WHAT?!" Taylor yelled at me when I told her.

"I'm pregnant." I told her calmly. I knew not to lose my cool whenever she got like this; she only got madder when I did lose it.

"How could you do something so stupid?!" When she said this something in me snapped. I don't know if it's because she didn't even know what happened or because she thought I would do without even telling her.

"Would you at least let me explain how it happened?" I asked her with a glare, "Because you didn't even give me a chance to explain myself." She must've realized I was very mad because I rarely glared, and when I did it was because I was beyond angry. She didn't say anything so I started to explain everything.

"Remember those guys I was with in my birthday party?" When she nodded I continued, "James, the one with the brown hair, gave me a glass of water when I got thirsty. I- I really don't remember what happened next, I just remember waking up in a strange bed and room and falling back asleep. Afterwards, I woke up on Caroline's bedroom so I thought that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. This morning I went to the doctor because I felt I little sick and he told me I was pregnant.

"I am so scared right now, Taylor. I have no idea what I'm going to do when the baby is born, because what is a 13 year old supposed to do in a situation like this? I haven't even told my mom, I'm scared of how she will react." I broke down crying and Taylor held me. She kept telling me everything was gonna be alright. I just kept crying until I felt myself dosing off to sleep.

I woke up with the smell of pancakes and bacon so I got out of bed, well air mattress, and went to the kitchen. Taylor and her mom, Michelle, were already at the table when I got there. I sat down next to Taylor and began to eat from the plate in front of me. It was so quiet I began to grow worried and right when I was gonna ask what was wrong, Michelle began talking.

"Honey, are you alright?" She asked me, "You look like you've been crying lately." I looked over at Taylor and she just nodded.

"No, I'm not alright, and yes, I've been crying. All night, actually." I told her honestly because I knew she wouldn't yell at me or anything

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I found out yesterday I'm carrying the child of a bastard that raped me." I said angry as hell but not at Michelle. Michelle was just worried about me. I was mad at James for doing this to me. Michelle was so shocked because of what I said and how I said it. I've never swore in front of her. Yesterday I just wanted to cry but today I feel like throwing things, screaming, shouting and swearing because my life was totally ruined. I wanted to punch him for doing this to me. It wasn't fair that I had to go through being pregnant at 13 and raising a baby while I'm still a kid myself. Well, maybe not raising the baby because I'm thinking of giving him/her up for adoption but all of this is too much for me to handle.

I was so lost with my own thoughts the next thing I know Michelle had her arms wrapped around me in a tight hug.

"Everything is gonna be alright, you'll see. God does everything for a reason, you just wait and see, baby." She whispered into my ear. I sure hope so, I thought to myself. We were like that for a long time. We were still like that when my mom came to pick me up. I didn't wanna let go but I knew I had to because my mom would get suspicious and I wanted to wait for my doctor's appointment to tell her. I'm just afraid of how she will react when I tell her. My mom is very unpredictable like that, you never know how she's gonna react when you tell her something. Sometimes she may be happy for you, other times she may be disappointed or sad or even angry.

I didn't talk to my mom and she didn't talk to me the whole ride home. Hell, we didn't have an actual conversation until it was the date of the appointment at the doctor. I had told her it was important that she came. She found it weird that we were going to a gynecologist but she didn't say anything about it. When we got inside the doctor's office the doctor came in and told me to lie down and raise my shirt so I had my stomach exposed. Mom had a weird look on her face but didn't say anything until they already put the gel on my stomach and we were looking at the monitor.

"Is that a baby?!" My mom asked and she looked surprised and angry at the same time.

"Actually," The doctor said, "2 babies. They're twins." Okay, now that was unexpected. Now I'm scared as hell because it's 2 babies involved and not just 1.

"Why are you so stupid?!" Mom yelled at me. I felt tears in my eyes and I knew I was gonna break down any minute now.

"If you could let me explain maybe you would understand." I surprised myself when my voice came out so strong.

"Explain what? I know how a baby is conceived!"

"Could you at least listen to her?" The doctor told my mom, "She's been going through a lot already and since I'm a mom who has a daughter that's a teen mom I know how you feel but listen to what she has to say." She was angry at my mom's reaction, that much was obvious, but it was because she knew how I got pregnant and that happened to her sister. She knows just how serious the situation is.

I took a deep breath and explained everything to her. She just looked at me and rolled her eyes when tears came down my cheeks.

"You're lying; I know that, so skip the bullshit and suffer the consequences of your actions. You no longer live in my house. You're gonna walk home and take all your stuff. The stuff you don't take, I'm throwing it out." With that said, she stood up and left. I broke down crying and Dr. Smith held me while I did. When I calmed down I told her I was gonna go to take my stuff out the house.

"Do you have a place to stay?" She asked me. She looked so kind and concerned, just the way Michelle had.

"I think I'll stay at my best friend's house. Thank you for trying to help me out." I smiled sadly at her.

"Come back in 2 weeks, I wanna make sure you and the babies are okay."

"I'll come. How much do I owe you?" I asked her taking out my wallet.

"Nothing, baby girl, you save that money for when the babies come, okay?" I told her thank you again and left. I called Michelle and told her what happened. She told me I could stay with her and Taylor. She called a few of her friends that had vans to get all my stuff out. Since they were good friends of her, they didn't ask any questions. I hope everything gets better because, if not, I'm gonna lose my mind.