[Warnings: Rated T: Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes ]

Don't take this the wrong way but I'm not so happy that is Friday like the others… no today. I think it's because all the drama that occurred this week… Let me start since this morning.

[6:40 am High School]

"D301… D302… D303 here!" I said as I walk in the classroom

"Javier" Angel said as I greet him. "Hi" I said, I left my backpack and left the classroom, I arrived early than others day today so I think I can walk in the school until class start. I try to connect my phone to the Wi-Fi of school but like I think it doesn't work… So I decided to return to the classroom maybe somebody else has arrived.

I go to the classroom and nobody else than Angel and myself has arrived. I don't know why Angel is always so early. He and Lina always arrive early, I was thinking to go to her classroom but there will be Kevin and I don't wanna to see him… not today. Meanwhile I was thinking Fabiola arrived

"Hello" she said as she put her things in the seat next to me

"Hi Fabi" I said I think is weird… that she left her things next to me … she always seats between Angel and be but whatever

"You know what? I am in the second level now," she said very exciting; she is going to that school to know more languages but I don't think it's so exciting…

"Great!" I answered her as Iris arrived and greeting us

"Hii!" she said she took seat behind Fabi

"Are you ok?" I tell her without Fabi can hear it

"Yeah thanks" she said. I only asked her because it's no her week, she first almost fail yesterday exam and Beto (Fabi' cousin) tell her that he loved her… but he has girlfriend and he was drunk when he tell her (Seriously who does that!)

"Yesterday I sleep until 1:00 am and I'm SO sleepy now" Fabi interrupted us

"Why did you sleep until 1:00 am?" I asked her

"Well you know I was reading this story and I checked and it was 10:00 am and I said only one minute more and then it was already 1:00am!" Fabi said

"Who has the fault then?" I said

"What grade do you think you are going to get? Iris asked

"I get 9.. She already told me yesterday… I forget to write my name in the exam" Fabi said

"I think I'm going to get a bad grade" Iris said with her sad face

"WHAT HAPPEN?" Chayane said as he enter in the classroom, he always said that loudly to try to scare us… iris always jump a little (between his name is not Chayane.. that will be weird… his name is Josue but nobody tells him Josue everybody tells him Chayane … even me

"Hi Chayane" we said… Chayane left his things in the seat behind mine

"Javieeeeeeer lend me your phone" Martha said as she, Lina and Kevin enter in the classroom; I don't know what they are doing here they have Physics in the fourth floor.

"Hi Javier please lend me your phone" I said as Martha gets angry

"Whatever just let me use your phone" Martha said … they really all have to come here only for that?,

"You can use mine" Fabi said as Martha called Armando, I think she is calling because Armando hasn't arrived yet

After the call they greet us well except Kevin, he doesn't greet me… only me… if I care…

"Lina!, Do you bring my ring?" I tell her, she borrow it because she thinks that it has my intelligence and it will give her good luck in her Math test, I don't really care about it but she borrow it the Monday and it is already Friday!

"Sorry I forgot… I was already late and I have to run to school" Lina answered

"Mmmmmm" I said

"Well I forgive you only if you do what we talked yesterday!" I said

"I… I… don't know… I think he doesn't like me" she said, we talked yesterday about her crush on Kevin and that she has to tell him about it…

"LIIINAA!" I told her "Remember what we talked yesterday! You don't have anything to lose" I lied obviously she can lose his friendship with Kevin but I don't know….

"Well we better go now" Martha said and they say bye and left. Then the teacher comes in, I was kind of worried about my test because she told that I was wrong in one exercise… and I think get all wrong in the exercise about mixtures… I'm good at Chemistry so I was worried…

"Do you think she will let us to go out after she tells us the grade?" I asked

"I don't think so! She will give us something to do and don't let us leave" Fabi answered

"Buuu!" It's all I said

The Teacher Miriam was a good teacher, she was teacher of Fabi, Iris Chayane, Karla and the others in the last quarter (In Our school the calendar is for quarters.. weird don't you think?) but no mine but she quickly identified who I was… it was good and bad In the same time.

"I don't think that Karla will come today" I said

"Yes, if she doesn't arrive early it's because she won't come" Fabi said, that is so true! She sometimes doesn't come to school at all! And she always gets good grades, how does she do that? But I think today we can forgive her… after all her birthday was yesterday.

The class started and the Miss Miriam give us the exam one by one, luckily for me I get 9.5… 10 because they left the grade in the next one if it is more than .5 so YEAHH!

Then Martha was in the door making weird signals… until I discover she wanted to tell me something so I asked the teacher if I can go out for a moment strangely she left me.

"What do you want Martha?" I asked

"Can you open the locker so I can take the Physics Book please?" She said, Iris and I rented a locker together this quarter (You have to rent the locker in the school -.-) but the other always put thing in it so I gave up and let them use it too.

"Mmmm no… I'm gonna give you the Password and you open it ok?" I said

"Ok…" She answer and I tell her the password

"Ok see ya!" I said and returned to the classroom

"V stress me so much sometimes" Fabiola told me

"I know" I said, V is a codename (we have A LOT OF code name by the way) that I used to refer to the person I have a crush… nobody knows who is… well except of Fabi of course… she only knows because there was a time I can't take it anymore and I have to told someone who was… no the best idea but whatever.

The rest of the class was bored, Fabiola complaining every one minute about how much she want to sleep, Miss Miriam finished to give the grades and she makes us write a new topic.

I go alone to my next class, I really don't wanna arrive late Math class the teacher won't let us in, and the others go to the cafeteria.

After a while the teacher arrived and Martha, Armando and Chayane too, I have some classes with somebody of us and others classes with another of us.

The class goes on and like the other Math classes, Chayane and I were the only ones to pay attention, we do some exercises and the class finish not so fast as I wished.

Martha, Armando and I go to the History class left our things and we go to the cafeteria (we go A LOT to the cafeteria), I was hungry after math so I buy a chocolate muffin :3 and Martha Armando buy some potatoes chips we meet Iris in the cafeteria and returned to the classroom… Lina was already there sitting in the desk.

We go with her and then they asked about how the Lina-Kevin thing [or what I like to called it "Kina"] was doing (Lina and Kevin had a free period meanwhile we were in Math) and she said the almost kissed because they were playing truth or dare or something like that… I really don't paid and don't wanted to pay much attention of this…, then Ximena arrived and greet us, at first she was only friend of Kevin but we all started to talked to her… she is funny actually in the history test she told me that she was gonna kill me today…. I don't know if she was just joking ._. I hoped so…

Then the teacher comes in and we left the desktop

"It's still warm…" she said referring to the desk, Teacher Janderine it's a great teacher! She is so sarcastic! And she eats white chalk (color chalk not because she says that are disgusting) .

"I have bad news!"…. she said…. ._.

"There were a lot of 10…." She added ¬¬'

Well she is no so funny sometimes but I get a 10 in the test, everything was fine until she said "You have to make a summary of pages 0 to 999" well it wasn't exactly 0-999 but I was something like that… , only I have the History book so Lina asked me if we can do the summary together I said yes so we started it. Sometime after that Kevin go out in order to find a book to use then Lina asked Ximena if he told her something about the "Kina" thing.

"Well I asked him what will happen if one of your friends have a crush on you?, and he says Is Lina right?, and I asked him did somebody told you?, No I was confirming it" she told us

After more conversation of Ximena, Lina asked me

"In a few word he said no…. right?"

"…Yes…." I told her, I feel so bad about Lina, the worst part it's that I all know that he doesn't like her all along…

"I think I'm gonna stop talking to him" Lina said

"Lina don't do that!..." I said

Later in the class, Martha take out Kevin with the excuse to buy something to eat in class but with the propose of talking to him about Lina; finally class was over (Miss Janderine run out like there wasn't a tomorrow) and Martha told Iris and me what he talked with Kevin

"He told me he wasn't interested in her and he can't do anything about it…, and I agree with him about that, you cannot be with someone only for sorry" Martha said

Iris and I agreed…

They were planning to go out to some place but I really wasn't in mood… so I left without saying good bye… I only wanted to finish this Friday soon as possible… because I know that if I confess my feelings for V It will be exactly what happen with Lina… Kevin going away…

A/N: I know nobody is gonna read this TT_TT but I do it anyway, this is my first story so sorry for any grammatical mistakes u_u, I will update later this weekend