Escape from Thirteen-C

My name is Emma Crane. I live in the ruins of a once prosperous civilization. We're ruled by a group of four men called the Council. They live in prosperity while the rest of us are poor and oppressed. Children are taken from their homes to training facilities where they are trained to be soldiers and brainwashed into supporting the Council. My family is part of an underground rebellion determined to take down the Council.

Jordan, my brother, and I were training when a soldier, who was sympathetic to our side, came in saying; "The Council has taken Alba! She's on her way to a training facility right now!"

Jordan and I froze. This was the worst thing that could happen to our little sister. Children taken to training facilities are rarely see their families again. Children who fight the training or are known relatives or members of the rebellion are tortured. Our parents had been captured during one of the rebellion's raids on a facility. They were tortured and killed by the Council. Alba would probably suffer the same fate

"What do we do?" Mimi, our trainer and head of our regiment, asked when Alba's capture was brought up at the leader's meeting.

"Do we know what training facility she's at?" someone else asked.

"Thirteen-C," replied the same soldier who told Jordan and me the news.

Everyone at the table shuddered, even Jasper who after years of leading the rebellion was hard to frighten. Thirteen-C was the worst of all the training facilities. It was the closest to the fortress where the Council lived and was ran by Castor, the worst of the four. He was the cruelest and quickest to punish. Children and prisoners in his facilities had worse punishments and more painful deaths.

"We're going to break her out," Jasper said surprising everyone, "We had been planning on raiding Thirteen-C anyways." The group began planning the raid ignoring the fact that Jordan and I were there.

"We're going too," Jordan responded when Mimi left our names off the list of those partaking in the raid.

"It's too dangerous," Jasper responded, "We can't risk losing you and Emma as well."

"She's our sister and the only family we have left," I retorted.

Jordan and I did end up going. It took a lot of arguing and convincing but Jasper eventually gave in. The plan was simple Mimi would enter the facility with reinforcements, take care of security, and begin to free the children and prisoners free. Jasper, Jordan, and I would bring up the rear helping to get out prisoners and find Alba.

We waited about a half hour before entering the facility after Mimi and the others. They had taken care of all the guards. We saw almost everyone on our side was still alive, but Mimi seemed to be missing. Jasper figured she was probably in a different part of the facility. We started looking for Alba. It didn't take long to find her. She was in one of the high security cells. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous putting an eight year old there would did she think she was capable of? Her blonde hair was matted with blood and she had scars on her face, arms, and neck. Her blue eyes were full of fear and she was shaking.

"Alba, come here. We've come to take you home," I called out. Alba tried to stand up and walk over to us, but her legs gave out before she had even moved a step.

"I don't think she can walk," Jordan said stating the obvious.

"I'll get her," Jasper said before entering her cell, picking her up, and carrying her. "Now come on, we need to hurry. Castor has probably figured out that there's a raid going on."

We had almost made it to the gate when we were surrounded by soldiers and guards. I heard dogs barking and heard his voice before I saw him. "Stop there Emma and Jordan Crane. You too, Solomon."

Castor walked down the steps that led into the training facility's main building. Behind him were a group of guards. The last two were holding a woman. She looked familiar, but the blood on her and her hair covering her face made it impossible to tell who she was. Castor beckoned the two forward before addressing us.

"I'll make you three a deal you give me young Ms. Crane and I'll give you this one in return. I'll allow you and your remaining reinforcements to walk out of here alive. Or you can attempt to leave with the girl and I kill you all starting with her." Castor jerked up the woman's head revealing her to be Mimi.

Jasper looked at us for a minute before looking back at Castor. He seemed to be weighing his options. I had a bad feeling that he was going to give into Castor's demands and hand Alba over. Mimi was one of Jasper's best lieutenants and he loved her too much to let her die.

What Jasper did next shocked all of us. He handed Alba to Jordan and said, "If you let them all go, including Mimi, then I'll sacrifice myself."

"Very well, let them all go," Castor smirked before handcuffing Jasper and leading him back into the facility's main building.

"No!" Mimi shouted before grabbing hold of Jasper's arm. A guard grabbed Mimi and threw her across the courtyard away from Jasper. I rushed over to Mimi and led her out of the facility telling her the whole way that we'd find a way to get Jasper back.