Ch. 1 The Coming

I slowly opened my eyes it was 8:00 in the morning and everyone was still asleep. I sat up and slid out of bed. My feet hit the cold tile and I changed into jean shorts and a tank top. I walked out to the kitchen. I opened a pop tart and put it into the toaster. Then I sat on our big black couch and searched for the remote. I found it and clicked on the T.V. It lit up and the news was on another report about the supposed tsunami that was going to crash on the island and kill everyone and everything on it.

My parents didn't believe it. Somehow global warming had caused the tsunami to form and it also caused the tide to rise a lot so much that the roads and bridges off the fabulous island of Big Pine Key Florida were flooded so you had to take a boat to the mainland, as We call it. The screen first showed the weather near the tsunami, how big it is, and how it is formed then it cuts to scenes of poor helpless citizens being brought by boat to the mainland. I had to admit I was a bit scared what if the tsunami really did come and kill us.

My thoughts were cut off by the pop of the toaster and I jumped. I changed the channel to some random music station and listened to One Direction. I walked to the kitchen and got my POP tart. I sat at our small table and ate then my sister came out. "Ugg shut that crap off!" She said. "No and it's not crap Lola I love them" I argued. "Whatever" Lola said as she sat down at the table with an uncooked POP tart. She was small and three years younger than me. I was 17 in highschool. I finished my POP tart and walked to the bathroom to get ready. I looked in the mirror if you asked me I would say I was pretty I have straight long blond hair and blue eyes.

Once I finished brushing and parting my hair, brushing my teeth, and putting on a little eye shadow and mascara I walked outside. It was dark and cloudy the sun didn't shine it looked like a bad storm I started to panic and ran to my parents room. Shook my mom awake." Mom, mom I think today is the day" I said. "I already told you Hun' there is no tsunami" mom said.

I took her arm and dragged her out of bed and pulled her outside her jaw dropped and when We looked out to the water from our porch We saw it, it was far away but huge. It would be here soon. My mom ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. I knew it was too late. But my mom shoved us into our black Land Rover and began to drive away my mom and dad sat in the front then it was my sister and me in the very back was our lab Baily.

When We drove down our street and reached US1 We realized our parents weren't the only ones who didn't believe the news. But my mom was desperate she just pulled out into traffic. An S.U.V slammed into the back of our car We spun and I heard Bailey whimper. The car stopped moving luckily everyone including Bailey was ok. We got out of the car and tried to hitchhike but everyone was in too much of a rush. We were walking in a crowd of people and most looked homeless. My family started walking and I tried to keep up but I started to get pushed back into the crowd. My family got farther and farther away Bailey following behind but keeping up. I screamed for my parents but they couldn't hear me.

I turned around and a boy ran into me I fell but somehow he caught me. I looked at him and he looked at me. "Do you know where to go?" The boy said. I shook my head too scared and embarrassed to say anything. "Follow me" He said taking my hand and leading me through the crowd. Then We crawled and ducked through the mangroves. We stepped through the mucky seaweed water until We reached a small island...a very small island covered in mangroves.

The boy who still held my hand showed me to a path where the mangroves were cut out by what seemed to be a machete. We walked on the path until We reached a small concrete circle with thin metal handles. When he lifted the heavy lid off by the handles I saw that it led down into what looked like a room. The tide was rising quickly and water now dripped slightly down into the room and moistened the sand beneath our feet.

The boy let go of my hand and He began to,climb down the concrete latter when he reached a hand out to me. " it safe?" I asked. "Yes but please hurry" he said. "Are you sure?" I stuttered as I talked. "Trust me" he said his arm still outstretched for mine. And for some odd reason I did even though I didn't know his name, how old he was, or who he is but I trusted him. I took his hand and he helped me climb down the latter which I was grateful for because at this point I was shaking so bad I could barely stand.

He climbed down and went to a small chest he opened it and pulled out a flashlight. He handed it to me and climbed back up the ladder to pull the concrete lid back on. I turned the flashlight on and I was surprised when it lit the entire room. It was so bright it hurt my eyes I set it down in the corner of the room. I turned and looked at the boy for the first time he was handsome. He was wearing a short sleeve that showed his muscular arms. His blond hair swished slightly to the side and he had light blue eyes.

"So who are you anyway?" I said. "My name is Piers". "I...I like that my name is Gayle" I said. "Nice to meet you Gayle and uh welcome to Case De Piers". I cracked a small smile but I was upset. "What's the matter" Piers said lifting my chin so my eyes met his. I pushed his hand away from me and looked down at the ground. "I don't know where my family is what if they didn't make it to safety don't you have any family to worry about?" I said on the verge of crying. "My mother and father died in a plane crash three years ago I have been living with my grandma since then but she refused to leave the house or even look outside she said there is absolutely no way a tsunami was coming so I had to leave on my own" Piers said. "I'm sorry about that". Don't be it wasn't your fault" he said.

I walked to the wall and sat down it was getting warm in the small room and sweat pricked at my hands. Piers sat next to me and picked mangrove leaves out of my hair. "Is this even safe?" I asked. "Is what safe?". "You know this room?". "I think" Piers said. "Ha you think so that probably means We are going to die!" I argued. "I don't know" Piers responded calmly.

Suddenly the room shook this was it, it was coming. There was a loud crash I guessed to be a house. I grabbed Piers and held him tight and he held me his strong arms wrapped around me I The room shook more and more until it finally stopped I let go of Piers and looked at him. I sat against the wall again. It was over but that didn't mean that We could just open the lid and leave the tsunami would cause a major flood the water above us could be deep as a large house.

"So what do you use this room for?" I asked. "Well other than sheltering us from a tsunami it was my quiet place where I could play guitar and sing" Piers said. "You play guitar and sing?" I asked. "Yea" he said as he got up and walked to the chest he pulled out a guitar and a pick. He walked back over and sat next to me. He began playing a song I recognized. It was moments by One Direction. He stopped playing after a few verses. "That's my favorite song" I said. "Mine too" He agreed "Just a warning it gets pretty cold in here at night. The room 'was' starting to get chilly. "How would you know?" I asked. "Cus' I stayed here overnight once I had a fight with my parents". "Oh" I said.

We sat in silence for a while so when Piers stood I was surprised. He carried his guitar to the chest and placed it in carefully. He walked back to me and sat down. "You should get some sleep" Piers said. "There will be plenty of that who knows how long we'll be in here for" I said. "Well I'm going to sleep" he said as he laid down laying his head on his arm and closing his eyes. I got up and walked to the flashlight to turn it off.

I was cold now very cold I laid down on the freezing concrete floor in the same position Piers had it was the most comfortable. I slowly drifted off to sleep. *I heard my mother and my sisters screaming my dad was yelling Baily was crying I tried to get them to move but they were limp too heavy to lift no matter how much I yelled, pulled, or pushed they didn't move boom the house crushed by the weight of the water* I screamed but this time it wasn't a dream. I felt strong arms wrap around me. I was safe. And I fell back asleep.