I kissed the forehead of the little blond haired girl then the forehead of the little blond boy. Both their eyes were as bright blue as Piers's. I then hugged Lucy, who was still my best friend after all these years.

"Bye guys" I said to the kids and Lucy who would be watching them Tonight.

I took Piers's hand and We walked outside. We climbed into his truck and drove down the road. We were going to a nice restaurant in town for our seventh anniversary. Piers reached over to take my hand and I looked down at the ring on my finger. It had a nice sized diamond on a gold band. But it didn't matter that the boy could have given me a piece of lint on a string and I would have said Yes. I reflected back On our wedding it was small but beautiful. It was held right in aunt Hera's back yard on the hill. Uncle Joe who I finally got to meet and loved walked me down the isle. Aunt Hera bought us a house down the road from her. It has three bedrooms and a big yard. Piers got a job as a mechanic, which he learned was his secret talent. I worked as a waitress, which I loved it was the best job ever. But Two years later I had to quit because Paisley our little girl was born and one year after that Wyland our little boy was born. I loved our small family I loved the kids and I loved Piers with a passion that never stopped. Thinking of our wedding made me think of wolf he passed just two days after the wedding. He had been the ring dog. I missed him just like I missed my family. We haven't told the kids what happened to us or how We met just yet but We will eventually. We'll tell them the whole story.

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