Part One

Moon was an eighteen year old girl; who like anyone her age that lived with her parents rebelled against them and did the opposite of what they told her. She lived in the same place with her parents, her two grandparents, and her aunt and two uncles. She lived in Romania in a huge house. Well if you could call it a house it was more so a mansion with a mix of castle. Her home had been rebuilt when she was five years old. She didn't remember the original design that much but now her home had about four floors. There was the basement which she wasn't permitted to go to. There was the main floor which had the lobby, the kitchen, a main dining room, and a study room. The second floor had a grand ballroom, another dining room that was used when they threw a party which was often, two more studies, plus a meeting room which was used for business when her father had men over to discuss things. The third and fourth floor where bedrooms, there were at least two master bedrooms on both the floors. Moon and her uncle Kaige where on the third floor on the fourth floor were her parents and her aunt Emily and her uncle Michel. She had heard the story about her aunt and uncle and how her aunt almost married her father. Moon was only two thirds vampire and was one third human. But her looks and everything else said she was vampire nothing ever told anyone she was human except for the blood that was in her veins. She didn't need to feed as often as other vampires.

Now outside her home they had about ten acres. There was a garden that took up about two acres, they had horses that were used for varies things but there stables took up two acres by itself and next to the stables was a ring to work the horses or to break new ones, there were trees around the back area that took up maybe three acres, the rest was really just open space. But around that area there was a giant stone wall with guard towers. At any time you could find five guards at five different posts. There was only one way in and out and that was through the gate that was carefully guarded. They weren't in these older times it was modern you just had those places that were still in the past a little. Vampires like to keep tradition but certain ones of them where well known. When vampires had wars with other creatures it was quiet to the human race but to everyone else it was loud and devastating. They had been in a war since before she was born and the war was over her and her mother. The reason why the guards were on high alert they couldn't relax yet not until this was solved.

Her grandfather and grandmother were Nathan and Mary. Her grandfather had just recently stepped down from being the king of vampires and turned it over to his son, Moon's father Nic. Recently being when she was thirteen her father took over. Making her mother the queen of vampires and Moon herself the princess that would take over at some point as well. Moon only knew her grandparents on her father's side on her mother's side they were killed before she was born. Her mother Rose had a step-mother which was her Uncle Michel's mother but that didn't count. She hadn't seen her ever and she didn't care to. She didn't wear the typical clothes she was supposed to.

Moon was walking down the stairs of her home dressed in black ripped up jeans, a black tight shirt that had a red rose with blood dripping off of it, black heeled boots on, and a black and red chocker around her neck. Moon had black hair that went to the middle of her back and her eyes were a light blue with a little silver in them. They were a mixture of her parent's eye color. She was only 5'5; she had a slim figure with curves that men loved. Between her father and grandfather she was never around men alone and even if she was one of them would throw a fit.

Moon arrived in the main dining room that they used when it was just the family her mother looked at what she was wearing.

"Moon I really wish you would wear something else," Her mother Rose said to her.

Moon just shrugged her shoulders and sat down in her seat eating her food.

"Moon listen to your mother go change," her father said to her before taking a drink from his glass.

"No I like what I'm wearing," Moon said.

Before her father could say something to her Mary spoke, "oh leave her alone she's just going through a phase it'll pass faster if you don't bug her."

"Do you not see what she's wearing?" Nic questioned Mary.

"I do and what is the problem?" Mary asked him.

Nic wouldn't answer the questionbut they all knew what the problem was. The shirt was tight and cut down low showing off some cleavage.

"This is why you're not allowed to go out?" her grandfather said to Moon.

Moon laughed slightly, "Yeah right this is totally the reason. You do realize I am going to have to go out to meet guys don't you?" Moon questioned.

"No you can meet men here," her grandfather said.

"And why would I want to do that you both choice them and there all boring. I want a more exciting guy one that's not so droll. Besides all the men here that you both choose are well known to you and everyone else," Moon said to them.

"The men we've introduced you to are good men and well off," Nathan said.

"Mother," Moon said turning to her mother.

"Yes sweetie?" Rose looked at her daughter.

"Please tell them to stop interfering in my life."

"There just doing what they think is best for you," her mother said to her.

"And if people did what they thought was best for you; you wouldn't be married to my father."

Her mother looked at her.

"You complain too much," her aunt Emily said to her after being quiet for a few.

"And you're a bitch," Moon said back to her aunt.

"Moon," her father said looking at his daughter.

Moon got up from the table and left the room she headed outside. She headed over to one of the guard towers and walked up it. She leaned against the wall as the person on duty looked at her.

"What are you doing up here Moon?" the guard questioned.

"Nothing Derek. What's going on?" Moon asked him.

"Nothing really quiet as usually. Oh did you hear where getting a new commander he's coming in today."

"Oh really now?"

"Yes he's supposed to be the best and he's very well known," Derek said to her.

"Looks I found something to interest me for a few then."

Derek laughed at her and Moon looked over at him, "It seems like you're always trying to find something to interest you."

"What's you point?" Moon questioned him.

"Your family in itself is interesting why do you need something else?" Derek asked

"Because it's the same thing every time with them. I need something new. Or to find a guy that holds my interest."

Derek laughed next to her. She looked at him and glared at him.

"Sorry princess that's just amusing."

Moon shook her head at him Derek then stood up and headed down to the gate as well did another solider. Moon followed him.

"Looks like our new commander has just arrived," Derek said to Moon as him and the other solider started to open the gate.