Part Nine

Moon put the bottle on the kitchen sink and walked towards the back door.

"You can't leave," her father said.

"And why not?" Moon said looking over her shoulder at him.

"This is the only place where safe," her mother said to her.

"Yeah I wonder why this is the only place where safe? Because of you two. I either get to choice my own life or I will walk out that gate and I'm not afraid to die," Moon said turning around fully to look at them. She was dead serious and they knew it.

"Nic," her mother said to her father.

Moon's father looked at her, "Fine you can choice. Damn where did you get this stubborn trait from?"

"Combination between you and mother," Moon said a smile on her face, "And now if you need me I will be in my room." Moon then walked past all of them and headed to her room. When she got into her room she shut the door behind her. She looked around the room. "I need to change something in here? Mh what is it?" Moon walked around the room and then laid on her back on her bed. She looked up at her ceiling and smirked slightly. "Totally need a man in here that would complete it," Moon said with a smirk still on her lips. She turned off the lights in her room and fell asleep.

Moon was going through her closet throwing clothes out. There was another party going on but it wasn't one of there usually parties. It was one for their guards. Which many were friends of the family. There were still going to be people at the towers but they would switch out with others after a few so they could attend the party. There was a knock on Moon's door.

"Come in!" Moon yelled from inside her closet.

"Wow look at this mess," Moon heard Kaige say.

"Moon need to know who you want to take you tonight to the party. You know out of the guards?" Kaige said.

"Well Derek is a no he's going with his girlfriend. Mh I wonder who I want to take me," Moon said coming out of the closet and looking at her uncle.

"Damon it is then," Kaige said giving her a smile.

"You know me so well," Moon said with a smirk.

"Yeah whatever just find something I'll have him come up in a few." Kaige said then left the room.

Moon went back to her closet and finally found a dress to wear. "Nice," she said holding it up as she walked out of her closet. She threw the dress on the bed so she could go take a shower. After she got out of the shower she came out to her bed and put on the dress she had chosen. The dress she had chosen was a dark red dress that had black glitter on the bottom portion of the dress that was see threw. The dress had one thin strap that hung off her shoulder that was on the right side, it was low cut like all her dresses, the dress went to the ground but from her mid-thigh down was see threw with the black glitter on it, and from her upper thigh down on the right side had a cut in it. Moon sat on her bed as she picked up black heel dress shoes. They had three inch heels and the straps went over her ankles. Moon then went over to her bedroom mirror and did her makeup and then curled some strands of her hair.

Moon was looking into the mirror when a knock came to her door. She walked over to the door and opened.

"Hello Damon," Moon said leaning against the doorframe.

"Princess," Damon said standing straight.

Moon rolled her eyes at him, "Come now Damon for the night can't you just use my name?"

Damon didn't say anything to her. She stepped outside the room and shut the door. "
Well let's go."

Damon offered his arm and she took it.