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Chapter 1

Hahahaha! What an idiot!What's...going on here..? Who are these two people...? Why...? Why am I on the floor..? Why...why are they laughing? How in the hell is this even funny...? I...I don't know what to do...

No...No...I'm...I'm not an idiot! I...I... I muttered as I slowly looked down at my hands. They are covered in mud as water continues pouring down on us. That's right...it's raining. What are we doing here...in the rain...?

See? I told you that he was the one! Hahaha! I can't believe this is easy! Easy...? What's so 'Easy' about this...? What the hell are they going to do to me!

I...I thought...you...actually... Ha!...'Thought?' Just what in the world did I think about these two...? Friends..? They are the same as every other ones I met...all... Hypocrites.

Hahaha! I see that! What an idiot! Shut up! Just shut up! I know...I know I'm an idiot...just...leave me...Please...

I-I'm...not...an Idiot... I closed my eyes as my hands began trembling. Heh... that's all I can say?... I'm such a coward... can't do anything at all...wait...no. I don't want to do anything... I've been doing everything I can my entire life...and yet nothing really happened...nothing changed... I would be better off dead...

This guy is hopeless! No wonder everybody bullies him! He's pathetic! Heh...'Pathetic?' My thoughts exactly...

No...I...just...wanted to... I began hearing small splashes as I slowly opened my eyes, still looking down at my hands. They're getting closer to me. Stop trembling...

Aww... is little Tanaka crying? Crying?... Heh... I'm afraid I cried out all the tears I had inside of me... Nothing will come out... but blood.

No...! I just..! One of the two people stopped right in front of me, a woman. She fell on one knee and moved her face close to mine. I still kept my eyes down on my trembling hands. Won't listen to me huh...? Heh...

Hey what are you going to do with him now? The woman asked as she looked over at her partner, a man. Me? The man sighed as he shrugged as if he was annoyed. I don't know... take everything he got I guess... Everything I got...? Heh...Sorry to disappoint you pal...but I lost everything I got...a long time ago...I'm nothing but a shell...

... I felt a sharp pain across my face. I quickly went on my back on the muddy floor as I grabbed my face, screaming. I have just been cut across my face by a knife. Heh...Is that all?

Hahaha! The woman stood up as she walked over to me with a big grin across her face. She gripped her knife as she began stabbing me repeatedly everywhere on my body. He's not even fighting back! She continued. Her grin, still the same. Heh... She seems very amused...This is just too easy! She kept on going, and going. Why won't my eyes roll back? I'm just staring at her, stabbing me. The knife always get bloody when she removes it from my body, but yet is removed by the rain... Huh... I can already notice the muddy water getting darker.

... My eyes focused on the knife. Going up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Am I going to die here? I've been stabbed 43 times already...oh now 44...45...46...47- Oh? It stopped.

Hey! The man grabbed the woman's knife and threw it away. Come on now! Let me have a shot! The woman laughed as she went through my pockets. Heh...too bad... I don't have anything... no money...no ID...nothing at all...She stood up in disappointment as she kicked me once and backed away.The man began kicking me everywhere. He has that same grin that the other one had...

...Why me? Really? From everything that has been going on... I can only mutter 'Why me?' Isn't it obvious? Ever since I can remember... I'm always the one who has to face all different kinds of pain... this is one is not compared to others... Heh... This is taking a long time...

Hahahaha! He continued on and on... until now. He fell on his knees and began pummeling me with his fist. My already bloody face, getting bloodier, but yet being washed away.

...From everyone in the whole world...why me? I can't escape this hell. I've been living in a nightmare. And now... It's all going to end. No more need in trying. No more need in asking. No more need in promises.

Hahahahaha! The woman continued laughing. God... how long has she been laughing? Eh... who cares... Keep at it! I see no cops anywhere... just keep at it! Cops? Heh...they better bring a damn body bag.

...I thought...the good people would be rewarded in a good way... What is it with me muttering all this nonsense? Good people? Really? We're being rewarded... Death is our reward. Not a bad reward actually...

Hahahaha! Keep at it!-Holy shit! Sirens? Huh... Whoa...for once...the cops got here fast... A shame. Why can't they be late like the other times I needed them? Hey! It's the cops! No shit Sherlock.

...I guess it was all a lie... Guess? My life pretty much answered that question. Of course in a way that I should just drop dead.

H-hey! Stop with the beating! The woman walked over to the man and began trying to pull him off of me, but the man pushed her away and continued with the beating. It's time to go or else the cops will arrest us! We got our fun! Let's just go! Fun huh?... Wish I was able to feel that feeling one last time... Actually... I looked at the man's face. His grin, now gone. Hahaha... He's frustrated huh...?

Why won't you just die! He screamed out as he landed a few more hits than got up and stood over me. That's all? Really? He took out a revolver as he aimed straight at my forehead. There we go. Go. Pull it.

...Nice guys finish last huh...? Of course! Nice guys do indeed finish last. This Nice guy is doing us a favor. I've never felt so happy in my life. Though...kinda sucks for the ones who have to clean up the mess... Oh well. Shoot. Now.

STOP IT! The woman shrieked as she grabbed the man by the arm. Telling him to forget me and just go. No need for killing me. I don't think he's going to listen... with that face he has... He's not going to listen to her. Let's go before it's too late! Hey!-I smiled as I closed my eyes. Curtains close.


"Agh!" The young man quickly sat up from his bed as sweat began falling off his face and his long black hair covering his eyes. "T-that...was...a dream...?" He asked as he looked over next to him to see a mirror, picking it up and bringing it closer to him. "What the...?" His light green eyes widened as they stared at the horrible face that lies upon it, A deep scar ran across his face from his upper forehead, down to his jaw. "What the...hell...?"

"Glad to see that you're awake Mr. Sadokawa." A man wearing a white coat walked in with a board in his hands and sat down. "I'm Dr. Yamato from Sagegawa Hospital."

"...What happened to me?"

"Police found you in a critical state, multiple of bruises, and even cuts, but mostly all are located on your head...which explain the scar you have."

"...For how long have I been out?"

"You have been out for a whole year."


"As you heard. a whole year. Main reason why is that you were shot in the head, point blank, and between your eyes... It's a miracle that you're even alive... but with the gun that police found, it appeared to be an old gun, but even so... a death blow is a death blow." He sighed. "They immediately took you to the hospital and the closest one was the Sagegawa Hospital, and I was the one who operated you to remove the bullet... that was all I could do, and the rest pretty much rested in your hands, and it seemed to have paid off."

"...I can't believe it..."

"Neither can I... but you're alive, and nothing seems wrong with you."

Tanaka sighed as he rest his head on his hands and shook his head. "This has to be a dream..."

"It's not. You were brutally beaten, stabbed and shot. You would've died. but you didn't. You're alive. That's all what matters. Live."

"...When can I get out?"

"Around a day or two, depending on how well you are."

"Alright... thanks Doctor..."

"No problem." He said as he stood up. "If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask." He yawned as he walked out of the room.

Tanaka sighed as he rested his back on the bed and closed his eyes. "I'm alive huh?... It was a miracle,,,Heh...what a load of shit... there's no such thing as miracles... it would have been better off if I had died...I got no one waiting for me at all, no family, no friends...no one." He smiled. "This world...really is a bitch to me huh?"

"Really? I don't think the world is like that at all. I think it's a wonderful place."

"Agh!" The black haired teen quickly jumped up and looked over at the direction of the voice. "W-who the hell are you!"

"Me? I'm just a normal person who just wanted to visit someone, that's all." The person replied with a smile on its face.

"Show yourself!"

"Oh... right..." The figure walked in to show her crimson eyes staring at the man, as she fixed her silver curly hair. "Where are my manners? My name is Teresa Mitsuru, Nice to meet you Sadokawa Tanaka."

"How the hell do you know my name!"

"Well...you're my patient."

"Patient? What the hell are you talking about? I don't recall the Doctor telling me I have a nurse..."

"Oh, no. Not a Nurse, or doctor or whatever. I'm something more...'Bigger.'" She said with a smile.

"Bigger? Big like what?"

The young woman placed a finger on her lip as she began thinking. "Hmm... I'm here to collect something from you."

"Collect something? Like what? My heart? My brain? My liver? Well sorry to bring the bad news lady, but I'm not dead."

"...You should've been. At least not without my help."

"What? Help? What the hell are you going on about now!"

"Hmm... you seem like a smart boy, tell me, do you believe in God?" She asked.

"Huh? Well... No. No I don't." He replied with a confused look on his face. "What does God have to do with this?"

"Not at all. Curiosity. Well... tell me, what do you think death is like?"

"Death? Well... I don't know. I never died before..." He replied with a blank look on his face. "What's with all these questions anywa-" His eyes widened as he felt a finger on his lips.

"Shh~ You're asking too many questions." She said with a smile on her face. "Let me ask you one last question, From what happened before you were shot, do you remember the ones who took part of the beating? Do you remember their faces?"

"Huh? Wait... How did you know about the beating...?"

"Ah, ah, ah. I'm the one who are asking the questions here. Do you remember their faces?"

"...I'm... sorry... I... don't remember."

"Are you sure? Please... Try to remember!"

"Ugh...I..." He closed his eyes. Two figures are shown in the middle of a dark alley behind a bar as rain is pouring down.. Hahahaha! What an idiot! One of the figures walks up and moves its hand towards him as lighting struck down.

Tanaka's eyes quickly opened as he placed his hand on his face. "I'm...remembering...something..."

"What is it?"

He closed his eyes again. The two figures are laughing in the middle of the dark alley as one is holding a knife and the other has a gun while the rain is continuing to pour down. Hahahaha! What an idiot!Lighting struck down as a sign behind the two figures light up saying "Mikuri Bar."

He opened his eyes again. "The place...behind a bar...the Mikuri Bar."

"Mikuri Bar? Where is it?"

"Well...it's in another town, in Shinohara Town, 3 miles away from here." He said with a sigh. "I guess you're going?-H-hey! What are you doing!"

The silver haired lady quickly grabbed Tanaka's arm and opened the door. "We're going there, now."

"Eh? But I barely just woke up! I don't think the hospital will allow me to-"

"Hey! Where do you think you're going with our patient?" A nurse called out as she stopped in front of them both. "Well?" She asked as her she moved her long black hair away from her face as she revealed her light blue eyes.

"Uh-oh..." Tanaka sighed as he looked at the silver haired lady. "Well? What are we going to do now Smart ass- Eh?" His eyes widened slightly as he noticed her taking something out of her pocket.

The young lady took out an officer badge. "Detective Mitsuru, I'm working on a case with Shinohara town's police force for the case of Sadokawa Tanaka. I am here to take Sadokawa to Shinohara town."

The nurse sighed. "Well nice to meet you Detective Mitsuru, However under the rule of Sagegawa Hospital, the patient must stay until they are fully recovered. Or if they are taken to another hospital-"

"Then under the word of Shinohara's police force, I am hereby taking Sadokawa Tanaka to Shinohara town's hospital."

The nurse sighed as she stared at Tanaka. "Are you in the condition to be able to walk?"

"Huh? Uh... yeah I am."

She sighed as she began walking away. "Alright then... Please take care of Sadokawa-kun Detective Mitsuru."

Mitsuru smiled as she bowed her head slightly. "Thank you, and I will." She said as she grabbed Tanaka's arm and began walking down the stairs.

"H-Hey! Don't tell me we're going there now!"

"Of course we are. It's no problem is it? After all... you are in the condition to be able to walk...right?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"...I've just met you and I already dislike you." He said with a sigh.

The silver-haired detective giggled. "I love you too~"

"..." Tanaka sighed. "She is going to drive me nuts-"His eyes widened as his vision blanked out. Hey! Sado-kun! A figure of a small girl with short black hair walked in, holding a bear in her arms.Sado-kun~! Where are you? She continued calling out as she begins walking away.

"Sadokawa? Hello~ Sadokawa~?" Mitsuru waved her hand in front of his face. "Anybody there~?"

"Huh?" Tanaka shook his head. "Uh...what?"

"Geez... you weren't listening at all?" She sighed as she took out her car keys. "I asked if you were able to remember anything else." She said as she clicked a button to unlock her car. "Get in now, don't be shy~ it won't bite."

"Uh...alright.." He sighed as he sat in the passenger seat. "Whoa...this seat is comfortable." He said as he put the seatbelt on.

"I know right?" She giggled as she sat in the driver seat. "I can relax in here and drink some coffee... Oh, how great that would be-" She stopped as she looked over at Tanaka. "W-what?"

"...You're weird."



"...You're mean..."

"Hahaha! Well... anyways... back to what you asked... I couldn't really remember anything else that involves the case..." He said with a blank look on his face.

"..." Mitsuru sighed as she turned on the engine. "I'm sorry... I don't want you to stress out by making you think about what happened to you a year ago..."

"No... it's not that... I want to help out as much as possible to find the bastards who did this to me..." He said as he clenched his fists. "Especially when they caused this scar to me..."

"Alright..." She smiled lightly as she began driving. "But if it gets to stressful for you, then I want you to stop."

"Yeah, yeah..." He sighed as he pressed his head against the head restraint. "...Thanks."

"No problem." She replied with a smile. "Let's go." She said as she drove out of Sagegawa hospital parking lot into the highway.

In the Sagegawa Hospital doctor room. A figure stood there talking in the cell phone, holding a gun. "They left just as you planned. They are currently heading to your direction Sir."

"Nice job. You did well Natsuki, I'll take care of the rest. You may go back to your home."

"As you wish sir. And a warning to you sir."

"And that would be?"

"The detective this time is Mitsuru."

"Ahh. I see... My, my. This will be interesting."

"I will be leaving now sir."

"Alright. Thank you again Natsuki. I'll talk to you later. Bye."

"Bye." Natsuki hanged up as she put away the phone. "Time to go." She said to herself as she turned towards the door but stopped when she heard a small moan. "My you're a stubborn one."

"..D-damn it..." The man on the floor slowly sat up against the wall as he placed his hand on his stomach. "Hahaha..." He chuckled as he spat out blood.

"Doctor... why must you refuse to die?" She sighed as she pointed the gun at him.

"It's Doctor Yamato to you..." He spat out more blood as he stared over at her. "I'm afraid this is my limit...but let me ask you a question..."

"And that is?"

"You had them both right in front of you. You could have killed them both right then and there. But yet...you didn't. Why?"

Natsuki moved her black hair out of her face. "Simple. My boss has personal business with both of them, and it will all be over by the end of today."

"Killing two birds with one stone huh..? Heh... not bad." He smirked as he slid his hand inside his bloody coat.

"Is that all Doctor?"

"Hmm... That's all... I can't move at all anymore..." He sighed as he closed his eyes and pressed a button inside his coat. "Do it."

"Gladly." She smiled as she pulled the trigger. Yamato's body sat there lifeless as his head slowly hanged low. Natsuki sighed as she walked out of the room. "He got my dress all dirty."

To Be Continued.

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