Chapter 4:

Mitsuru stared at them both with a confused look on her face. "Uh... Yaoi?"

Both Tanaka and Yuri looked at her. "NO!"

The detective looked down as she sighed. "S-sorry..."

"I... don't know you." Tanaka said as his eyes focused on Yuri's.

"Huh?" The man sighed as he began scratching his head. "Really? I thought the 'Sado' name gave it away..."

"And don't call me that!" He continued. "Only my parents could say that! No one else!"

"Huh?" Yuri's eye brow raised slightly. "Could? Your parents are...?"

"Dead." Tanaka replied. "So don't you dare call me Sad-" His eyes widened as he felt a hand on his head. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Sorry to hear that Sado." The man said with a small smile.

Tanaka's eyes widened as his vision blanked out. Hey! A young boy called out as he began walking towards Tanaka.

Is he... talking to me...?

I knew you were hiding here... The boy stopped in front of him. He had short black hair combed backwards, and his light green eyes.

He looks a lot like... Yuri?

He sighed as he punched Tanaka straight at his arm. You're always here whenever something is in your mind... He said as he sat next to him. What is it?


Yuri sighed as he placed his hand on Tanaka's head. You still have time...

"Time"...? Time for what?


"H-Huh?" Tanaka shook his head as he looked at Yuri. "W-what?"

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah... just..." His eyes focused on his. "I remember you...sort of." He said.

"Sort of?" Yuri chuckled as he patted Tanaka's shoulder. "It's a start." He said as he punched him straight at the gut.

"Ugh!" Tanaka looked down at his stomach then back at Yuri. "Why...?" He asked as he slowly closed his eyes and fell forward.

"S-Sado!" Mitsuru glared at Yuri. "What are you thinking!"

Yuri caught Tanaka as he began walking towards the ambulance behind him. He then looked at Mitsuru as he pointed at her. The four men all pointed their guns at her.

The detective's eyes widened slightly. "H-Hey!" She raised her arms up higher in the air. "I-I didn't do anything!"

Yuri placed Tanaka inside the ambulance as he closed the doors. "Oh really?" He asked as his eyes glared at hers.

"W-well..." She sighed. "I was just thinking about how you and Tanaka seem to be a little bit too close..."

"I don't believe it." The man said as he began walking towards her. "What were you doing here?" He asked as he slid his hand inside his trench coat.

"My job." She said as she took out her badge. "Detective Mitsu-" Her eyes widened as she heard a loud bang. "What the hell did he...?" She looked over at her hand, her badge was completely blown off. "How...?"

"Now..." Yuri blew off the smoke from the end of his cane. "Tell me. What do you intend to do with Sado?"

"...I already told you..." The detective said with a sigh. "I need to be careful..." "My job. I need to solve this case." She stared into his eyes.

"Case?" Yuri placed the bottom of his cane down. "What case?" He asked as his eyes stared back into hers.

"Sadokawa Tanaka's Case." She said as she kept staring at his eyes. "He was attacked a year ago, behind-"

"I already know that." He said with a smile. "Tell me something I don't."

"...I'm afraid you know everything already-" She stopped as she felt something pressing on her forehead.

"Come now." He said with a light chuckle. "You know there's more."

"...It's cla-" She felt the tip of his cane pressing on her forehead more.

"Don't say any of that 'It's classified' bullshit." His eyes now piercing hers. "You're putting Sado in grave danger by just taking him with you-"

"Then what the hell do you want me to say!" She growled. "You of all people should know that I cannot say anything else!"

Yuri's smile disappeared. "Don't you dare raise your voice at me." He said as he placed his finger on the trigger of his cane's handle.

"...Then what do you want from me?" She asked.

"I want..." He looked over at ambulance where Tanaka is then back at her. "I want all of your information."


"Detective Teresa Mitsuru... you were the one who was looking for Sadokawa Tanaka for the past 15 years..." He continued. "And is the only one that was able to contact him other than me."

"What are you asking?" Mitsuru asked with a sigh. "Just get to the point."

"You know who I am, and... the same occasion with me to you." He said with a light chuckle. "But... you do remember there are five people in total that still remembers Sado 15 years ago?"

"...Yes, however we've just found out that it's now down to three."

"Of course..." Yuri sighed. "Well... since you are starting to get to know where I'm getting at..." He placed the bottom of his cane on the floor. "In exchange for protection from Iron Claw, you MUST give me all the information of the other three people that are connected to Sado."

"You must be kidding-"

"Come on now Mitsu!" Yuri smiled. "I'm the same old Yuri, and you know when I'm not joking around."

"...How can you be sure that you can protect him?"

"Well... I don't know. How are YOU going to protect him?" The man asked as he began walking towards the ambulance which contained Sadokawa.

"W-what?" Mitsuru began walking behind him. "But didn't you just say-"

"I said I'll protect you two from Iron Claws, meaning I'll do my best to cover you guys from interference of the IC, but if they do manage to find you two..." He stopped as one of his men opened the door for him. "Which I highly doubt since I'm good at what I do..." He said with a light chuckle. "You Mitsu, will have to be the one protecting him."

"Ugh... You know... you're an idiot." Mitsuru said with a sigh. "But I'll do what I can." She said as she walked in front of Yuri. "Mind giving me a ride? My car kind of..." She looked behind to see a broken down, burning car and back at him. "Exploded."

Yuri sighed as he scratched his head. "Well... alright."

"Yay!" Mitsuru jumped inside the ambulance as she sat in the middle.

The man chuckled as he sat in next to her and closed the door.

"Yuri..." The detective looked over at him. "Why do you want to find the other three?"

Yuri placed his elbow against the side of his door as he looked out in the view. "Isn't it obvious? I'm going to start Dragon's Claw."


"Are you deaf?" He asked with a sigh. "I'm going to start up Dragon's Claw." He said with a smile. "Back to its former glory."

- To Be Continued. -