A/N: This is the first of a series of apocalyptic poems I wrote for poops and giggles. There will be 10 total.

God of War

The Earth
wild eyed
hears sirens salute the rising warheads
with a tremulous rumble; they scorch
heavy gray
skies above
arcing down

light cooks
open eyes
the malevolent Sun brought down
leaves flesh decaying off the bones
mangled to
a sickness
of heaven

dead silence
breathes as
cities drown in flecks of death
animals curl up and die alone
and forsaken
children scream
radioactive tears

A/N: Yes, I am a horrible person. Especially since I'm sure that this sort of theme is not what the inventor of the Trinet (the style of poetry used for this ten-part series) intended for it.

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