October would never like someone like me, a cripple. She's too perfect, too nice. Too good for me. It had been a almost three months since I had first met October and now we're really close. Plus I actually talk to people. That might be helping too. Who am I kidding? It's all 'cause of October. I was just being all full of myself, because a girl had finally picked me over Wade. A knock on the door pulls me from my thoughts.

"Andy, open up!" October says in a sing song voice.

"Don't come in, I'm not decent!" I holler back, just as she opens the door. Truth be told, I have pants on. Not that she knew that.

"Oh go- You're wearing pants." She frowns, dropping her backpack on the floor, "Meany. Now get a shirt on!"

"But school starts in two hours, lets just lay around." I argue, not wanting to walk around. Plus I'd been up all night.

"Please?" She pleads, her lip sticking out in a pout. She's lucky she's so adorable, else I would have fallen back asleep.
"Fine." I mumble, but a smile finds itself on my lips again as I laugh, "Only if you make me." Her expression went blank before a second before it finally sunk in.

"I'm not dressing you!" She squeals.

"I'm not moving than," I shrug, laying back down. I turn to the side and snuggle into my pillow, half expecting her to smack me with the other pillow. I hear her drag herself towards my closet digging through it. "What are you-" I start, but a pair of my boxers hits me in the face instead. I smack it away, thank God they're clean.

"That's gross." She mutters, her back turned to me. What is she doing? Wait! She might actually do it. I bite back laughter and smother myself with my pillow. I should just tell her how I feel, I mean it'd make Wade stop teasing me. I had kissed her once, but he didn't know about that and nor did I want him to. My thoughts ran back to my ex girl friend. She was such a slut and at the time I was just desperate. She used me. "Sit up." I peek up from my pillow, surprised to see October holding one of my shirts in her hands.

I stare at her dumbly, "Huh?"

"I said, get up." She repeats her face turning red. She was actually going to dress me. I sit up, swinging my legs off the bed carefully. I can be so evil sometimes.

"I was kidding, you know." I trail off as she raises an eye brow, "Ok I wasn't kidding." She motions for me to lift my arms and I comply. She slips it on effortlessly and when it's over my head I peck her on the lips softly. Surprisingly she didn't pull away, instead she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls us closer together. Jesus, she's a great kisser. I snake my arms around her waste and pull her onto the bed with me. I was glad I had been smart enough to put my braces on before or else that gesture would have shattered my left leg.

"Ow.." She mutters when her leg connects with the hard metal of my brace, causing me to chuckle slightly.

"Sorry." I sigh as she looks down at me, smiling.

She sticks her tongue out and says, "C'mon, lets go see the beach before anyone else gets there!"

"But it's warmer in here." I complain, "Why do you wanna go to the beach during winter?"

"Because that's what I did in La Push." She mumbles and throws herself next to me.

"Why are you so cold?" I ask as she cuddles up into my side.

"Because I was standing outside thinking about how I should tell you." She sighs, nuzzling into my neck.

"Tell me what?" I shiver slightly, she'd found my-you know-spot.

She pulls herself up and kisses my cheek, "That I like you, idiot."

"I like you too, moron." I joke, pulling her closer so my lips crash into hers. More like, I love you! Although is three months long enough to truly love someone? I sure hope so, because that's how I'm feeling.

"I'm not a moron." She mumbles into the kiss as I run my tongue against her bottom lip. She gasps softly and I take that as queue to invade her mouth. She squirms under my grip and pulls away. Laying my head back onto the bed I look up at her.

"What's wrong?" I question, almost breathless.

"Nothing." She reassures and our mouths are plastered to each others again. We struggle for dominance, but I'm pretty sure she let me win. She grinds against my soft spot and I let out a long groan, which causes her to giggle.

"God, you're so lucky I can't..." I trail off when I feel her hands stroke up my thigh, hard against my crotch. "Oh my- don't do that. Please." I almost growl.

"And why not?" She purrs in my ear.

"Because I can't make you stop." I groan inwardly as she rubs harder.

"Because you can't or don't want to?"


"In that case." She trails reaching for my belt.

"ANDREW, October! What the hell is taking so l-lon..." Wade storms in but stops dead in his tracks when catches sight of what we're doing. "Uh, uh, school. Me, yeah. I'm gonna go." He sputters, his face flushing as he nearly sprints out the door. October and I stare at each other for a second than burst into laughter. Today was gonna be interesting.

"I guess it's time for school?" I regain my breath as she crawls off of me. She nods, blushing just a little bit. "Oh you're blushing? What about me?" I ask sarcastically, fully aware that my face is probably redder than a cherry. I check the clock, only 30 minutes until school starts.

"So you wanna get breakfast at the school like normal, or Krispy Kream?" She questions loudly, from the bathroom.

"Krispy Kream." I answer her.

"Alrighty than," She smiles as she enters the living room, with her back hanging off her shoulder, "Let's go!" I nod, snatching my own bag from the couch, and trail after her.

Later that day

"So uh, you and October?" Wade mumbles nervously as he sits beside me at the lunch table. I decide not to rub it in his face and laugh, but in the end I end up nodding.

"Yeah?" I poke at my food, not really hungry, "Whats it to you?"

"Nothing." He answers stiffly, "I just-uh-always imagined that being you."

"I'm not following." I point my spork at him questionably.

"You know, like that." He says plainly, like I should know what he means.

"Like what?" I push, starting to get annoyed.

"You know, like THAT." He repeats and it finally sinks in.

"Well, tough freaking luck. October isn't like the other girls that bow down at your feet. She's different and I l-really care about her." I retort, not wanting to deal with my brother's moody crap today. "Oh, and Wade," I grab his arm before he gets up, "knock next time."

"Yeah," He pulls his arm away, rubbing the back of his neck, "I'll keep that in mind."