Together We Are
By: Angel

Together we are,
Two souls entwined
By some uncertain fate.

Together we are,
Two souls who's paths crossed
By chance, by an unexpected greeting
That was soon responded without care,
Or given a second thought about what was spoken.
And with that immediate reply,
Our paths already crossed,
Our fates sealed,
A new friendship begun.

Together we are,
Two of a kind,
With things in common--
Thousands of things--
That scared us both;
And yet we laugh and shrug it off.

Together we are,
Two souls too blind
To see the path our lives have taken.
Too blind to see
That perhaps our crossing was a product of destiny.

Together we are,
Too blind to see
The budding love that was in front of us;
Too blind to see
How much we mean to each other.

Together we are,
Two souls intertwined.
A friendship,
A love,
Enduring forever,
To last an eternity.

Together we are.