Life is a string of disappoinments, large and small.

It tastes like that hot and sour soup that tasted great going down, but not as great the second you realized it needed to come back up.

It tastes like that time when you were six or seven, and you just had to have that toy, but your parents said no.

It tastes like missing your favorite TV show's finale and not being able to find it online.

There are the bigger ones, though. There are times life tastes like when you find out last minute that the aunt that was healthy last week when you saw her is dead now.

There are times when life stings like the scratches from the obsidian arrowhead you tried to cut yourself with but chickened out.

There are times life feels like when you got punched in the face by your crush.

There are times when it feels like losing your voice before a performance.

Sometimes it feels like when you were twelve, and you had a very long animal rights argument with a boy who refused to kill that poor dying fish.

There are times when it feels like sitting on the bank of a river with your best friend, the one you'e secretly in love with, and saying goodbye cuz he's moving away.

Life also has its perks, of course, the moments you'll never forget.

Like that time you sat with your best friends on a hill in the middle of the night and sang your favorite song.

Or the time when you were twelve and you plotted out your halloween route with your best friend. Or that time, a few days later, when you found out he was going as a platypus.

It feels like that time you complained about not roasting marshmallows enough. Remember, the time you went out on that walk with your mother and grandmother? And then when you came back your grandfather offered you a perfectly barbecued marshmallow, and you sat on the deck and watched the sunset together.

It feels like all the nights you laid in bed with your cat, feeling her warm fur against your skin and listening to her purr.

It feels like when the boy you love tells you you're sexy. Or that time when you and your best friend were at a party, when you were about fourteen, the time you were listening to the song you both loved. Then when her mother came in to drag you guys out, you ran out singing and slipped on the wood floor while everyone laughed.

It feels like being onstage, when you get comfortable and start walking around and singing as hard as you can. It feels like the applause from three hundred people, half of them high, all of them clapping for you and the people you love.

It feels like sitting in a dressing room with the seven people that share something with you no one else does and singing a cappella Green Day songs. Or that time your bassist shoved a cupcake in your guitarist's face and you laughed so hard you cried. It feels like when you jumped so high you hit your head on the ceiling.

It feels like listening to your favorite song, when the singers voice fills your soul while the guitars shred your ears out.

It feels like seeing a beautiful boy, standing on the corner like an apparation.

It feels like standing on a bridge in the rain with a dramatic song playing, feeling so happy to be alive you could cry.

Living is the good and the bad, the small things you'll remember forever.

Just hold on.

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