most greet it with a large smile on a rosy visage,
coupled with giant embraces and cursive fonts.
most open the door after the first ring,
or easily pick up the phone with a cheery quality.
most swoon over the simplest things like scarlet
promises meant to be broken, or melt into kisses.
most stare out the window, hoping that they could
spot a vestige of it somewhere in the horizon.

everything to people in love seems suddenly
so romantic, all the trees have leaves full of starlight
and rivers twinkle and gush, winking because
they always seem to know something you don't.

but I approach it warily, I have layers of armor.
I am scared to be vulnerable, I have so many
weapons for ambush, I won't let you get close to me.
I always appear confident, with one trembling hand
hidden, permanently placed on the sheath of my sword.

Do you know why?
Because independence is survival, it is permanent.
love means dependence.
It is temporary.
Signifies weakness.