A/N: Hey whoever happens to come upon this! Please enjoy this new story, Addicted, which is written in poems and is the story of four teens who each struggle with their own addictions. Please, if you know anyone who is suffering from these problems or similar ones, encourage them to get help! My own family has been touched by alcoholism and things like that are very serious and can damage families forever, tear them apart. Also, remember to review, please!


By WordsxOfxWisdom

Addiction: Selena, Willow, Toby and Kyle


It's not a verb

It's not a noun

More like a state of being

It warps your mind

Completely possesses you

Turns you into someone

Or something

That you don't recognize

Addiction comes in varying degrees

Some people are just dabblers

They enjoy flirting with danger

They're smart enough to know

When it's time to stop

But not us

We are addicts

Living for the rush

Flinging ourselves into the belly of the beast

And addiction is a monster

With writhing tentacles

Reaching out

And slowly smothering everything in your life

It devours your loved ones

Sucks out the happiness and joy

Sunny days don't seem so full of optimism

Ice cream doesn't taste quite as sweet

Love has departed from your broken soul

It can stifle the bad things too

It fills you with burning hatred

A rage, indiscriminate to whom it strikes

Guilt, pain and remorse are all foreign

The monster wrote this book

Don't say we didn't warn you

Because this story isn't pretty