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By xSanityxIsxFleetingx

My First Cigarette: Toby Keith Parker

I still remember

That first drag

The first time

Smoke filled my lungs

And destroyed my life

It was a hot July day and a storm had just passed through

I was playing basketball in the parking lot

Behind Reid's Pharmacy

With Bobby Reid and a couple of his friends

I can still recall how a slight mist clung to the blacktop

Yo, Toby! Bobby said to me, want a cig?

Bobby was supposed to be cool

Standing there, smoking a cigarette like nobody's business

Of course, the logical answer was yes

And I've always been a rather logical person

Now, though, staring at the x-rays, I regret my choice

But I am a slave to nicotine

No way out of this grave

I've dug for myself

For the first time, I'm forced to look at myself

I have no choice

What I find is pain, and nicotine

Just pain and nicotine

Pain and more nicotine